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The dates are June 2nd (Saturday) and June 3rd (Sunday), 2018. It will be held during the first weekend in June.
For the 13th time the venue will be “Kodama no Mori,” which is in the village of Kiso, in the Kiso District of Nagano Prefecture.


*- Alfa Mist (UK)
*- FKJ (FR)
*- Hiatus Kaiyote (AU)
*- Iglooghost (UK)
*- Kiasmos DJ (IS)
*- Lone (UK)
*- Marcel Dettmann (DE)
*- Mouse On Mars (DE)
*- Nai Palm (AU)
*- Nathan Fake (UK)
*- never young beach (JP)
*- Nick The Record (UK)
*- Powder (JP)
*- Qrion (JP)
*- sakanaction (JP)
*- WONK (JP)
*- 6*3*N/A (JP)

Among Japan's numerous festivals, TAICOCLUB combines the most advances musicality and brand power, a music festival that garners a lot of attention from abroad.Since 2006 we have held various events both open-air and indoors and has become hugely popular as a music festival for Japan to be proud of, counting a total of 150,000 visitors.

As a result of holding events in Kiso, Nagano Prefecture, for 12 straight years, we have become the biggest music festival in Nagano Prefecture and reached an attendance of 10,000 visitors; in recent years attendance of children, women and younger visitors has been expanding.

■If you plan on using a tent please purchase one tent pass for each tent that you plan to use.
■ Free admission for elementary school children and younger when accompanied by a guardian.
■ General Admission ticket is valid for one person per ticket.
■ Parking ticket (in the festival venue) is package deal with admission ticket. Purchasing only the parking ticket is not available.
■ Parking ticket (Nomugitoge temporary parking) can be purchased separate with admission ticket.
■ Purchase of admission ticket is limited up to 10 at a time. Packaged ticket of admission and parking (in the venue) ticket are up to 5 sets, and tent ticket is up to 5 for 1 order.
■ No cancellations and changes of application can be accepted.
■ Information provided by the customers becomes property of the festival organizer.
■Due to the capacity of the venue, parking site, we limit a number of tickets to be issued. We recommend earlier application as it is to be sold out every year.
■ Parking charge for motorbike is at 500 yen per vehicle, please apply for the ticket at the entrance on the day of the festival.
■ Please be aware that within the venue, you may be photographed or filmed by staff or members of the press, and that these photos and videos may become publicly available on the TAICOCLUB official website, social media sites, or other media.


Can we re-enter the festival venue or parking area?
A. Neither Re-entry to the venue nor parking area is permitted.

Q. How far is it from the parking area to the venue?
A. 10 to 25 minutes by foot depending on the place where you park or 30 minutes from Nomugitoge (2nd parking area) to the venue by Shuttles Bus.

Q. Can I bring kids to the venue?
A. Entry for those who are under 20 years of age are not permitted, however, only when accompanied by a guardian, elementary school children and younger can enter the venue at free of charge.
Please let kids have ID (Nameplate or any) to identify their guardian.

We have a day nursery service in the venue. (Advance reservation only). We start accepting the order in/around April. Please wait for further info to be announced.

Q. Can I bring a pet?
A. Yes. It is under the full responsibility of the owner.
We don’t take any responsibility for any accident, missing.
Please note that the venue might not be proper place to be for them as some places get crowded and noisy.

Q. I want to get a refund for my ticket as my favorite artist cancelled the festival.
A. We don’t make any refund due to artist’s cancellation or changes.

Q. When is the Time Table announced?
A. In every year, we announce it 1 or 2 weeks prior to the festival day at official website, mailing list, SNS services.
Information flyer which has Time Table, venue map is also available at the festival entrance.
*Time Table is subject to change on the day.

Q. Any suggestions for what to bring?
A. Raincoat / Towel / Pokette tissues / Wet tissues / Flashlights / Headlight / Portable ashtray / Sleeping bag / Mobile phone / Battery / Bagpack West poach / Toothbrashes / Insect repellant

Q. Any suggestions for outfit?
A. The venue is located in a mountainous region and the temperature difference between night and day is quite extreme (i.e. day at 30℃, night at 6℃). Please be prepared with an appropriate outfit for cold weather as well as raining.

Q. Shuttle bus service is available?
A. Yes. Please be careful as 2 ways of buses are running.

1. Yabuhara Station (JR Chuo Main Line) to the venue. (20mins)
Running in accordance with the train arrival at Yabuhara Sta between 11:40 – 23:10 on 2nd (SAT), 5:30 – 16:20 on 3rd (SUN).
*Approximately two buses per hour are running.

2. Nomugitoge (2nd parking area) to the venue. (30mins)
Running between 11:30 – 23:50 on 2nd (SAT), 7:00 – 16:00 on 3rd (SUN).
*Approximately two buses per hour are running.

*Shuttle bus schedule may be changed depending on congestion situation on the day.

Q. Can I pitch a tent in the venue?
A. Yes. You can pitch a tent only at the designated area. Please also purchase “Tent Ticket” ( 3,000 yen) .
*Ticket is to be required per a tent, not per person.
*No rental service for a tent or delivery of outdoor gears to the venue is available.


Q. Can I use a tarp or leisure seat to make our space nice and larger.
A. Camping area is limited, have to be shared and be made good use of the area by everyone. From this reason, we ask for your cooperation not to use Tarp / leisure seats which take so much space.

Q. Can I have something to eat in the venue?
A. Yes, we have variety of food tents (more than 20 tents) including local traditional food. Enjoy!

Q. Can I bring food or drink in the venue?
A. No. To minimize rubbishes and keep the venue clean as much as possible, bringing food/drink in the venue is not permitted. We make possession check at entrance. If any foods, drinks or any prohibited items were found, security staffs are to confiscate and dispose of them.

Q. Can I do Barbeques?
A. No. Open fire is prohibited in the camping site. If you want to make bonfire, please make use of proper gear for fire prevention.

Q. I want to take pictures with my friends in the venue. Can I bring camera?
A. Yes. However, please note that shooting or recording artist’s performance is strongly prohibited.