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Join us as we provide a Spooktacular Savings event, delivering Desktop Essentials Tableau Training just for you.

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This training normally is priced at $2100, but for a Spooktacular savings, we are offering this training at $1900. Want to save more, bring a co-worker or a friend and get an additional $200 per person off. Just use the promotional code of BuddyDiscount when registering.

The Course:

Title: Tableau Essentials 1 & 2 Combo


Two e-manuals with accompanying starter and solution workbooks. Topics range from foundational to the latest Tableau features. See the Table of Contents below.

Time: 8:30 – 5:00 each day with appropriate breaks

The Instructor:

David Baldwin has worked in the Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing space for 20 years. For the past six years, his primary responsibility has been teaching Tableau classes. As a trainer, he has traveled throughout the USA and beyond teaching Tableau classes at over 200 organizations ranging from business to government to higher education to non-profit. David’s books on Tableau can be found on Amazon.

Table of Contents:

The course is split into two sections, each of which is 1 ½ days in length.

Essentials #1:


Tableau Family Workflow

Terms and Definitions

Section A: A Quick Build

Exercise 01: Bar

Exercise 02: Stacked Bar

Exercise 03: Simple Dashboard

Section B: Charts for Viewing Specific Values

Concept: Groups & Hierarchies

Exercise 04: Table

Exercise 05: Highlight Table

Exercise 06: Heat Map

Section C: Creating Data Sources

Concept: Metadata

Exercise 07: TDS (Tableau Data Source)

Section D: Charts for Viewing Geographic Data

Exercise 08: Symbol Map

Exercise 09: Choropleth Map

Section E: Charts for Viewing Multiple Measures

Concept: Measure Names & Measure Values

Exercise 10: Side-by-Side Bar Chart

Exercise 11: Bar-in-Bar Chart

Exercise 12: Side-by-Side Circle Chart

Exercise 13: Box-and-Whisker

Section F: Charts for Viewing Time Series

Concept: Continuous and Discrete

Exercise 14: Continuous Line Chart

Exercise 15: Continuous Area Chart

Exercise 16: Discrete Line Chart

Exercise 17: Discrete Area Chart

Exercise 18: Dual Axes

Section G: Defining Calculations

Concept: Types of Calculations

Exercise 19: Gantt Chart

Exercise 20: Dual Combination

Exercise 21: Scatter Plot

Section H: Table Calculations

Concept: Double Aggregation

Exercise 22: Circle View

Exercise 23: Pie Chart

Exercise 24: Bullet Graph

Section I: Charts for Viewing Breakdown of the Whole

Exercise 25: Tree Map

Exercise 26: Packed Bubble

Exercise 27: Histogram

Section J: Building Dashboards

Exercise 28: Sales Dashboard

Exercise 29: Interactive Dashboard

Essentials #2


Review of Tableau Essentials 1 Concepts

Section A: A Quick Build

Concept: Types of Calculations

Exercise 01: Mix Row & Aggregate

Section B: Parameters

Concept: Parameters

Exercise 02: Top N with Context

Exercise 03: Top N with Rank

Exercise 04: Parameter w/ Case

Section C: Geocoding

Concept: Geocoding

Exercise 05: Spatial

Exercise 06: Background Images

Section D: Table Calculations

Concept: Working with Table Calcs

Exercise 07: Compute Using

Exercise 08: From Scratch

Section E: LODs

Concept: LODs

Concept: Order of Operations

Concept: Filter Order of Operations

Exercise 09: Avg City Sales per State

Exercise 10: Customer Order Frequency

Section F: Merging Data Concept: About Joins

Exercise 11: Joining

Concept: About Blending

Exercise 12: Blending

Concept: About Unions

Exercise 13: Unions

Concept: About Relationships

Exercise 14: Relationships

Section G: Extracts

Concept: Extracts

Exercise 15: Creating an Extract

Section H: Dashboarding

Exercise 16: Sales Summary

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