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T7SR Entrepreneurship Workshop

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Fresh Ideas on Professional Selling Skills

Our Sales Training Course is suited to sales professionals of all levels who want to refine and perfect their sales preparation, pitch and closing techniques. Our trainer will apply real time life sales dealing while in training!

Whether you are a seasoned sales executive, or someone who would like to move into a sales role, you will take away versatile, relevant skills that you can begin to use immediately. There are plenty of opportunities to engage in both theoretical sales learning and practical discussion and role play during this 2 Days workshop. Each module of our sales training programme is designed to enhance your career as a successful sales professional.

We provide assessment before/on training and after training within 90 days. 2 major category assessment use, about Competency Enhancement and Cognitive Development Level.

Course Benefits
Effective Sales Techniques
Developing a Structured Approach to Selling
Confidence & Motivation
A Fresh Approach
Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Who Attends This Sales Training Course?
Business Owners
Account Managers
Sales Executives
Team Leaders, Managers, Supervisors
Complete Beginners

Do I need experience to attend this course?
You don’t need any previous sales experience to attend this course.
We recommend this course for anyone who is interested in learning

I have been selling for years. How will this course benefit me?
We find that experienced sales professionals use this course as a refresher and a source of new ideas and perspectives for their existing roles.

What do I need to bring?
Just bring yourself and your interest in learning! We will provide lunch, free parking, refreshments and course materials.

Is role play essential to this course?
Learning through role playing potential selling scenarios is the most effective way to cement your new skills and iron out any areas for improvement. Our trainers will make sure that you are at ease and gaining constructive advice at all times.

How to trace your communication?
You made client’s decision before you calling them!

Understanding Your Role
Planning & Preparation
Initiating the Sale
Pitching & Closing
Maintaining Relationships

Bonus Module ~ Course Content

Naturally human brain will be functioning at different percentage at different time.
Brain, Cognitive Skills And Universe Law
Conscious And World Leaders
Normal Brain State and T7SR Brain State

T7SR techniques will break the neurons pattern, thus allowing the individual to practical in imbibing (hands on) the policies at a highest level. Practical new neuron functioning area will allow neuron to register and execute new and higher objective and goals of individual as well corporate.
Best Extrinsic Practice – Easiest Natural Life Style
Meals (category, timing, eating methods)
Health (natural rejuvenating mode)
Emotion (its powerful source of energy if routed for development)
Intelligent (unfold inborn capabilities towards corporate advantages)
Action with Re-Action and Respond
End Results: Objective & Goals
FFGSD: Re-hacking auto pilot to take control of personal development (Food, Fruits, Greens, Space, Detoxified)

In working environment, individual need to be focus on multiple task to fulfill the job requirement at all time.
The question is how to be focus in each specific task with clarity in mind?
Our practical techniques will engage mind, body and spirit coordination.

Learnable creativity is normally perceived to be drawing, communication, cooking and so on.
Creative mind will produce safe and new action.
The innate creativity is essential to increase unfolding within fraction of time during much resting time.
Our techniques will unfold creativity each and every new moment.

Recalling ability always need to be improved for individual and all level of staffs, which will provide direct impact practically on any task execution efficiency.
It will improve staff’s performance at work by able to learn new technicality/syntax/languages/product knowledge faster with longer recalling ability.
The increase in recalling ability also improve in integrating suitable solution for industry requirement quickly.

Usually most working environment requiring left brain orientation for task executions over the time, individual merely loses the right brain advantages such as critical thinking, attention to details and intuition power.
Our techniques will promote quantum jump of both sides of brain performances which directly improves deliverable of corporate target in conscious.


Silent is the greatest power, individual can be in relax mode while working actively, fast with efficient performance.
All great invention in the world since time immemorial invented when they are just in relax mode. These techniques are totally forgotten, not known in lack within today’s commercial and developing country and industrialize or technologist states.
We the only training institute in the world provide the solution practically.


Science of T7SR
6th or 7th Sense Beyond 5 Basic Sense
Organization / Departments KPI and Possibility Achieving It.
Brain and Universe Law
Rewrite/re-template existing pattern to new, higher goals

About Us
THE SEVEN SECRETS RHYTHM (T7SR), MALAYSIA, since August 2007 we are the world’s first intrinsic corporate training practically to enhance cognitive development towards specific competency enhancement.
We have also obtain 50 Top ASEAN Companies awards from International Business Federation. Grand event held in Singapore.

About Professional Trainer
Elanggovan Thanggavilo, ELAN
Software & ICT Consultant
Psychologist & Conscious Expert
TCM Expert, Register with Traditional Complementary Medicine, MOH
(Ministry of Health Malaysia)

Founder and inventor of The 7 Secrets Rhythm, the world’s first intrinsic corporate brain training institute. Completed TTT at HRDF TTT, PSMB Certified International Professional Trainer.

He is a trainer in Human Psychology and Human Resource through The 7 Secrets Rhythm. Since young he is both best ancient essence student covering knowledge from India & China (Mind, Body & Spirit). Register member of Traditional Complementary Medicine within Ministry of Health. His program concentrates on Brain Activeness, Resetting Mind, Focus & Concentration, Creativity, Memory Power, Stabilizing both brains, Alpha Level Mind.

Elan have conducted 5 batches per year since 2007 of 2 Days The 7 Secrets Rhythm Entrepreneurship, Sales Psychology Workshop.

He has been traveling since 1999 locally and internationally. Prior to venturing into training he is Software Engineer, Software Consultant hold highest position Chief Software Architecture, Project Director in country like UK, India and Malaysia for large Government & Private ICT projects. Since 1992 for about 15 years he have 1000s engineers in developing human resources from various industry and different country in numerous projects. His working experience and exposure in numerous industries such as college university, healthcare, legal, finance, import export & ports, airline, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, insurance, government and customer service.

Software Project Consultant for Akauntan Negara (National Accountant) SAGA to Labuan Development Authority. (Lityan Berhad)

Software Project Consultant for Ministry of Education Malaysia for Math’s & Sciences e-Learning Development. (Pintar Media Sdn Bhd)

He also writes articles that are frequently published by BERNAMA, RADIO24, Sinar Harian, The Star, The Borneo Daily Sabah, Tamil Nesan, Malaysia Nanban, and Makkal Osai & Utusan. Some of his live interview are BERNAMA TV, RTM, ASTRO, ASHIKfm, TV3, RADIO24 and TRAXXfm.

His profound insights in human aspect of psychology, non-theory, non-motivation and 100% practical. His specialty has made him one of the most sought-after trainers in this industry. His specialization is routing emotion towards intelligent energy. The energy will be reducing emotional issues, which will enable you to respond rather than react. His passion is to bring the best out of an individual.


Speaker in KUALA LUMPUR ENGINEERING SCIENCE FAIR 2016, Mines. Topic “The 7 Secrets Rhythm, Rewiring the Brain” and Facilitator for T7SR 7G be Bold Graduate.
FMM Safety Conference On: “Fostering on OSH Culture Towards a Healthy and Productive Workforce”, Ramada Hotel, Melaka, April 10 – 11, 2013.
HRDF’s Conference on “HR Best Practice for SME’s”, The ZON Regency Hotel, 22nd September 2010
International Conference: 6th Asian Vegetarian Congress. 41st IVU World Vegfest, PWTC Kuala Lumpur, 2013. He spoke on topics “Vegetarian & Brain Towards Academic, Sports, Co-curriculum Excellence” which resulted his articles published in 50 over countries.
Speaker in Local University, Colleges such as Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 2014, for Career Advancement & Entrepreneurship
Presented a public talk to Malaysia Mental Literacy Movement (MMLM) and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) on REWIRING THE BRAIN" via The 7 Secrets Rhythm in July 2015.
Presenter in Zambia Delegates.
Consultant for Cambodia Princes Team on Private Public Partnership.
Consultant for Zambia on Private Public Partnership.
Tanzania President Office delegates PPP in Malaysia on December 2016 at Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Some of his corporate clients whom benefited are HRDF, Kulim High-Tech Park, KHTP Kedah, JPN Kedah, PPD Nationwide, Sunchirin Industries (M) Berhad, Malaysian Electronic Payment System Sdn Bhd (MEPS), Sarawak Energy Berhad, UEBERLEAP Academy Malaysia, Economic and Business Foundation (Tanzania) Ltd, Tanzania President Office Delegates, Sudan’s Health Directors, Nigeria’s Entrepreneurs, MOE, Pintar Media (MSC), Accountant Negara on SAGA, LDA, AC Interactive Solution Sdn Bhd, MKRS Group of Company, NIOSH BANGI, Training.Com Asia Sdn Bhd, NIOSH JOHOR, UTAR, MMLM, FMM Sabah, HOSPITAL KPJ SELANGOR, BERNAMA, LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, SEAGATE, UMP, USM, MIHRM, SIME DARBY, GEORGE Kent Malaysia Berhad, TM, SILVERLAKE, FMM, PTPTN, JUSCO, OHARA JAPAN, AIA, QNET Group, MLM, MCIS ZURICH, ING and SUNRISE INSTITUTE.

Executive Summary

Learning & Managing brain frequency
Activating power of sub-conscious mind
Harvesting law of attraction
Goal achievement become more realistic
Increase leads, sales, repeat clients
Master Telepathy Skills
Clients bring clients

A practical technique that will moderate inner brain frequency which will be able to take charge of your sub-conscious & unconscious mind. Achieving personal excellences that will have direct impact of your sales & revenue.

Designed for salesperson and sales managers from various size of company whom are looking for:
$ New turning point in your current stagnant market
$ Mastering effective sales strategy for new sales person
$ Building long-term customer loyalty.
$ Consistently hit quota and shorten their sales cycle.

The 7 Secrets Rhythm techniques
Enhance skills to handle rejection
Building long term business relationship
Tracing client’s intention within 19 seconds?
Becoming effective networker
Respond rather than re-act

Increase in sales
Reduce sales cycle time
Increase margins
Continuous improvement
Synergized and focused

Ability to achieve new and higher business goals.
Maximizing creativity power.
Enhancing focus and memory.
Calmness with higher alertness.
Demonstrating higher capacity in

Increase productivity
Effective decision making
Problem solving
Customer care
Listening skills
Communication pattern

82% of salesperson fail to follow a selling process that matches the decision making process of the buyer.
99% of salesperson fail to sent the right call objectives.
86% of salesperson ask the wrong questions.
95% of salesperson talk too much and listen too little.
62% of salesperson fail to ask for commitment.
The 7 Secrets Rhythm, Hidden Secrets of Sales Psychology is the perfect solution

Sales & Related Competency To Be Cover In Training
The Will to SALES
Strong Commitment for Sales Success
Strong Desire for Sales Success
Good Outlook
Take Responsibility

No Need for Approval
Supportive Buy Cycle
Comfortable Talking about Money
Controls Emotions
Supportive Beliefs
Rejection Proof
Tactical of SALES
Hunting Skills
Posturing Skills
Consultative Sales Skills
Qualifying Skills
Presentation Skills
Closing Skills
Relationship Building Skills
System and Strategy for SALES
Milestone-Centric Sales Process

CRM Savvy
Goal Orientated
Mastering of Social Selling Tools
Conversion from Leads to Clients for SALES
Search Leads

Create Leads
Calls Daily
Email Daily
Drive Through/Appointment
Submitting Quote/Proposal
Qualify Sales Pipe line
Obtain Purchase Order/LO

Some Global Testimony

Excellent workshop conducted by Elan. Each sales staff improved sales from average staff whom can only recruit 5 students but after T7SR training they are now recruiting 25 students monthly. ROI on training minimum each Sales staff improved 150% to 400% in recruiting. Their communication skills sharpen. They able to accept Lincoln's University Sales Goal Setting. I already recommended to LUC organize the T7SR Career Advancement and Entrepreneurship for our students for better CGPA and excellent in performing in industry after they graduate.
Rino Razman Vun, Director of Sales, LINCOLN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE

As experience top management personal I have attended various training in Malaysia and global. By experience I found T7SR is extraordinary and different from all other courses. Very advance training yet presented in simple manner by great psychologist Elan which it’s usual for daily personal life as well corporate environment. My realization is Personal Effectiveness is not highest level yet without leveraging INTRINSIC value via T7SR techniques. I have strong confident to further excel in Personal Effectiveness and Sales Development Competencies. Every essence he have his international practical experience which makes me/others to get deep understanding and he made me practice how to get prepared body posture, thought and mind frequency within 69 seconds before make calls to win the conversation smoothly towards mutual benefits.
Mr. Tan Chong Beng, QC Senior Manager, Sunchirin Industries (M) Berhad, Automobile

Sunchirin Industries (Malaysia) Berhad were seeking a new unique training solution almost globally we found and finalized T7SR inventor by Elan himself won the highest score. T7SR is best tool with each competency matching solution practically & scientifically Rewiring the Brain and he deliver more than expected. When I & HR team meet Elan my analyst is true and I immediately confirm to offer this extraordinary training for all top management GM & Managers. Elan is an excellence researcher, writer, speaker in Brain, Thought, Mind, Emotion, Natural Health, Organization Behavior Enhancement and Global Industry Expert. After the workshop through feedback by most of you we have obtain truly remarkable essence for our personal and corporate growth. It’s worth to spend valuable investment & time. We will begin our tune version of SOP with T7SR checklist to be implemented in Sunchirin. Elan you made it happen! We roll out full T7SR training for all staffs globally.
Mr. Siah Chong Yong, COO & Executive Director, Sunchirin Industries (M) Berhad, Automobile

While searching for staff development training, I received T7SR, Rewiring the Brain course content. At first I feel weird but the moment I search and read, hear, watch all T7SR & it’s related research testimony from various global industry experts I trusted by feeling that this workshop going to out of box. Elan have more then 3 decades of experience where the 2 days of T7SR with such deep knowledge just a small dot of his whole huge master information. We learn advance psychology, law of vibration & attraction, brain frequency and corporate competency which higher value then gold or diamond. I officially recommend to everyone especially all MEPS staff including CEO to attend the Elan’s workshop T7SR, RTB.
Mr. Azman Mohd Sagap, Network Engineering Administrator, Malaysian Electronic Payment System Sdn Bhd (MEPS)

2 Days Public Private Partnership conference organized by UEBERLEAP Academy in Malaysia and we had 2 days speaker Elanggovan Thanggavilo, as well visiting speaker YBhg Tan Sri Dr. Sulaiman. Both speaker score great feedback personal attribute. Elan have quick research ability and He is good in Knowledge of subject matter, High Engagement with audience and Good arrangement for Content of the workshop. While visiting to PPP base company such as Prasarana Malaysia Bhd, BRT and Undersecretary of Government Procurement Division ePerolehan of the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia Elan made contribution of sharp question to maximize each presentation Q&A and details of PPP.

Mr. Mohamad, Senior Leader & Top Ranking, UEBERLEAP Academy Malaysia, Economic and Business Foundation (T) Ltd, Tanzania President Office Delegates.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone truly committed to investing in themselves and improving their intrinsic flow towards excellence entrepreneurship. Rewiring The Brain via The 7 Secrets Rhythm is practical for every individual. The seminar covering holistic method towards entire business process. Elan is an energetic and vibrant entrepreneur as well the world’s foremost expert on mind frequency.
Prof. Dr. Azahari Othman, Fellow of OXCELL, Oxford, UK.

Founder & Master Coach of 8ELQ (Emotional Love Quotient) of Self Development.

T7SR Peak Performance conducted to launch our new Business targets for 2015 and to take leap in performance and delivery. The programme motivated our staff to perform better and was very good and encouraging. There was marked improvement in the work performance of all staff and it achieved our objectives of the programme. We highly recommend Elan's T7SR intrinsic corporate training for your company.
Mr. Are, President, MIHRM

Elan’s Presentation is Good and Knowledge Excellent. Workshop meets expectation and very interesting for the whole day of workshop. The knowledge is excellent and should offer 2 full day’s workshop. We all admire the positiveness of the trainer, Elan. It’s different from what ever corporate training we have attended. The 7 Secrets Rhythm for Corporate is the Intrinsic Brain Training fully practical to be applying for immediate advantages. Benefit for individual and company. Thank you to BERNAMA as well T7SR and founder Elan to giving opportunity to explore such a unique programme. We are organizing more training for BERNAMA. We also wanted to extend this training to our children as batch to provide your VGENIUST module for students.
Syed Khedher Ismail Alqudsy Senior Manager, BERNAMA Excellent Centre

Exclusive session from Elan via The 7 Secrets Rhythm Hidden Secrets of Sales Psychology was power pack. Our staff vibrate higher altitude on Sales KPI targets. Awesome training. We would like to recommend to you and your corporate.
Training Manager, Al-Rajhi Bank Malaysia

“Its great workshop flow with unique approach towards moderating conscious, mind, for corporate goals”

Dr. Henry Yeoh, Director, KW Group Sdn Bhd. ISCEA Malaysia Advisory Board Member at International Supply Chain Education Alliance
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Shah Alam

Shah Alam, Selangor


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