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Shoup Park Garden House

400 University Avenue

Los Altos, CA 94022

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1. A Practical Approach for Conservative Investors

Rob Bernstein will share a well-tested portfolio strategy that seeks to provide long-term returns exceeding the overall market on a fraction of the risk. The discussion will provide tools to construct a low-volatility portfolio with minimal drawdowns, give you an exit strategy for when the market turns down, help you manage through the next bear market and give you confidence to invest money that has been sitting on the sidelines. You will walk away with tactical strategies that you can implement when you get back home.


  • How to measure investment risk

  • Why managing risk doesn’t mean giving up on returns; in fact, quite the opposite

  • Specific tools to help you manage your invest decision-making process

2. Managing Equity Risk in Uncertain Times

When market volatility spikes, it is crucial for individual investors to remove as much emotion as possible. However, this is not always an easy task. Should you sell and reduce risk exposure or hang in there for the ride. Rob Bernstein will share how you can use a weight-of-the evidence approach to manage your equity risk exposure. By using multiple indicators across multiple time frames, you will have more confidence in the overall direction of the market.


  • How to keep your equity risk exposure in line with overall market conditions

  • If it is a good time to invest new money or wait for a better buying opportunity

  • How to access the weight-of-the evidence indicators described in the presentation

Our speaker....

Rob Bernstein

President, RGB Capital Group LLC

Rob Bernstein is the president of RGB Capital Group LLC where he manages personal and client portfolios. Prior to starting RGB Capital Group, he was a consultant with Deloitte & Touche for over 11 years and served four years as chief information officer at Newland Communities, a real estate development company.

Bernstein has a B.A. in quantitative economics and decision sciences from the University of California, San Diego and an MBA in finance and accounting from William E. Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York.

In addition, Bernstein holds a Series 65 License, has a CPA license (retired), is the president of the AAII San Diego Chapter and serves on the board of the National Association of Active Investment Managers.


If you haven't been to the Garden House here is a photo of the interior...

You can take an interactive tour of the interior of the facility here.

You can take an interactive tour of the exterior here

Getting to the Garden House at Shoup Park

Below are a few maps with links to the Google maps -- starting with getting there from South San Jose...

Getting there from the east bay...

And from San Mateo...

And a close up once you get into the area...

and the layout of theinterior, parking and such...

We're webcasting this session live....

This season the chapter will be webcasting as many of our events "live" from our Shoup Park Garden House location as circumstances allow. We strongly encourage you to attend our events in-person if you're in the area and your schedule permits. (We love seeing and interacting with our members.) However, if you're out of area or your Saturday schedule can't afford the extra commute time, feel free to attend via webcast.

All participants will get the option to attend in person or remotely via the webcast -- the choice is yours!

  • If you're participating live at our Shoup Park Garden House location our speaker will be presenting live just as in the past.

  • If you're participating via webcast, you'll be able to interact with the speaker, ask questions, etc. via the webcast chat window. (Board members will ask your questions on your behalf.)

  • With the speaker's permission, we'll have copies of the speaker's slides available for download at our website before the event begins

  • After the event all participants -- live at Shoup Park or remote via webcast -- will get access to recording of a session.

We're working hard to allow our members the choice to particpate live or via webcast based on their needs. We hope this makes our events both more enjoyable and accessible to you.

-- The AAII-SV Chapter Board

OK, so how does this webcast thing work???

It's pretty simple, really...

  • You buy your ticket, you get an email confirming your purchase, and we log your email address.

  • On the Thursday before the event we send you an email with the link to the event and directions on how to log on to Zoom (our webcast tool). We'll repeat this email on Friday.

  • The morning of the event we'll send you the password to enter the event (you can enter starting at 8:30)

  • When you enter the webcast you'll see some of our slides on the screen. (BTW, we'll mute your audio and disable your camera so there aren't any distracting pictures, videos or sounds.)

  • You can ask questions at any time via your chat window. (You must use the Zoom applicaiton to use the chat window.) Your hard-working Board members will capture your questions and ask our speaker your questions.

  • That's it!!

For those eager-beavers who just have to study ahead and find out more....

Let us know if you have any questions!

More Information on the event...

  • If you haven't visited us in a while, You'll notice that we've lowered our pricing so early registration is $15 and late registration is $20

  • Students under 25 (with ID) enter Free. (No registration required, show ID at Registration Desk)

  • No refreshments (e.g., coffee) are provided -- plan accordingly.

  • To have a bit of fun, we raffle off investment books, event tickets and other items

  • If you are a 4Ever ticket holder or hold a Guest Pass we ask you to register by mailing your 4Ever ticket or Guest Pass in with the registration form. If you don't pre-register you can still bring your 4Ever ticket or event pass to the registration table -- but you're subject to space availability restrictions.

  • Our concierge table provides you with speaker and AAII-SV handouts, AAII information, a book swap area (bring a book, take a book), hand outs from past speakers, and other "good stuff". Better yet, there is always a Board member or two present where you can ask questions, provide event feedback, make suggestions, etc.


8:30 AM - Registration (The webcast will be up at this time)

8:40 AM - Chapter Business

8:55 AM - Chapter Announcements, Speaker Introduction

9:00 AM - First Presentation

10:15 AM - Break

10:30 AM - Second Presentation

11:45 AM - Q & A

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Date and Time


Shoup Park Garden House

400 University Avenue

Los Altos, CA 94022

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