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Survival Shelters FL

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8220 Moncrieff Rd West

Jacksonville, FL 61079

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During the SIGMA 3 shelters course in Florida you will learn a plethora of varying techniques for surviving in your local area and how you build primitive shelters to stay dry and warm. The swampy areas of Florida can be intimidating and if you were to get caught out overnight then these are must have skills to survive. Not only will we cover some swamp based skills but we will also cover the basic survival shelters you will need to know in other environments as well. You will also be taught several tarp setups as well as how to hang a hammock and why it is the preferred survival shelter for our area.

Shelter is the first priority in survival for a lot of reasons, most people that die in the wilderness do so due to exposure to the elements. Shelter is the single most important survival skill to have when it comes to being able to survive in harsh environments.

Joel Graves our Lvl 3 Instructor will be running this class and he has been trained at the highest level by not only our military but our SIGMA 3 cadre as well. He has done numerous combat tours with SEAL teams and has spent years in the woods perfecting his bushcraft skills. We are honored to have him as part of our team and lead instructor in Florida!

Survival Tools Required: (* Notes Required Items)

-Small Backpack*

-Poncho or Rain Gear *

-Outdoor Durable Clothing *

-Outdoor boots *

-Quality Fixed blade knife *

-Quality folding saw *

-Flashlight and or Headlamp Bright good quality Optional

-Leather work gloves optional


-Multi-tool optional

- Notepad and pencil for note taking (waterproof is best) *

- Canteen *

- Overnight Camping Gear if you camp out

- Food & initial water *

*Food and Water Required: Water will be provided but please be prepared and food is your own choice. We recommend quick field expedient meals such as MRE's or camp food. They can quickly be made at our primitive camps and won't slow down the learning process. You will have access to your vehicle if you feel you want a cooler however you may not be able to bring it to your camp. (no plastic convenient store water bottles please, they break)

*Gear options: We have found that brands such as Gerber do not hold up. Quality tools will not only speed up your learning and limit frustration but also not break in the field and you will have them for a long time. We have see broken tools consistently at every camp so please be mindful when making your selections.

If you are planning on taking several classes the Sigma3 Level 1 kit was made for your convenience and contains all the gear you will need. You may purchase gear anywhere however the kit and proper gear is available at or the local Jacksonville store.

Location: Eats Your Yard Jax farm. 8220 Moncrieff Rd West. We are their guests so please respect their land

Accommodations: You will be able to camp out and sleep in your shelter overnight once it is built or be at camp by 8am both days. We highly suggest camping in your shelter Saturday. Or you can tent camp on the property as well.

Date and Time



8220 Moncrieff Rd West

Jacksonville, FL 61079

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