Summer Youth Baseball Camp: Kansas City MO

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8700 NW River Park Dr

8700 Northwest River Park Drive

Parkville, MO 64152

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MISSION OF THIS CAMP: Developing character traits in young ballplayers with a confidence-building, teammate oriented baseball camp.

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Ages 6-9: 830am-3pm (Early & Late Pick Up Available)

Ages 10-12: 830am-3pm (Early & Late Pick Up Available)

LOCATION: Park University Baseball Field

What’s included?

Four-Day Skills & Confidence Camp

Age-Based Divisions

American Baseball Camps T-Shirt

Award for Best Teammate of the Day

Extremely Knowledgeable Coaches Dedicated to Building Confidence in Players

Detailed Video Analysis on Each Hitter & Pitcher ($100 Value!) Offered

Offensive Drill Series

Defensive Drill Series

Pitching Drill Series

Catching Drill Series

20+ Hours of Quality & Focused Reps

Confidence Builders – HR Derby, Dunk Tank*, Obstacle Course*, Slip n Slide Baseball – Massive plastic sheeting, pools for bases.. c’mon where was this when we were kids!

*Dunk Tanks & Obstacle Courses are for eligible camps*


AGES 6-9

Drills & Competitions Used by the Pros.

Intermediate fundamental training in Hitting, Infield, Outfield, Pitching, & Catching. (Those that don’t pitch or catch will get extra work in the first three areas)

Detailed Hitting Video Evaluations in Week 1 (Add On), which are improved upon weeks 2, 3, & 4.

Hitting Emphasis – Balance, staying through the baseball, and proper swing efficiency & mechanics.

Infield Emphasis – Soft hands, efficient & quick feet, and proper routes to the baseball.

Outfield Emphasis – Read steps, efficient & quick routes, difficult catches.

Pitching Emphasis – Proper ways to throw a baseball, proper mechanics, accuracy.

Catching Emphasis – Receiving baseball, blocking, and pop-times.

AGES 10-12

Drills & Competitions Used by the Pros.

Intermediate-Advanced fundamental training in Hitting, Infield, Outfield, Pitching, & Catching. (Those that don’t pitch or catch will get extra work in the first three areas)

Detailed Hitting Video Evaluations in Week 1 (Add On), which are improved upon weeks 2, 3, & 4.

Hitting Emphasis – Balance, generating power with legs, finding the slot, and proper swing efficiency & mechanics.

Infield Emphasis – Quick/Soft hands, proper routes to the baseball, and lots of repetition.

Outfield Emphasis – Read steps, efficient & quick routes, Speed training & difficult catches.

Pitching Emphasis – Learning the chess match with the hitter, finishing pitches & velocity training, repeatable mechanics.

Catching Emphasis – Receiving the baseball, blocking, and pop-times.


7:30 – 8:30 AM: Pre-Check in For Working Parents

8:30 AM: Check-In

8:40 AM: Dynamic Warm Up (Same Dynamic Stretches the Pros Do)

8:50 AM: Throwing Program (Arm Strength & Accuracy)

9:00 AM: Flat Ground Bullpens for Pitchers

9:15 AM: Cut & Relay Races

9:40 AM: Water Break

9:50 AM: Hitting/Infield/Outfield Drill Work

10:40 AM: Pitching Accuracy Dunk Tank

11:00 AM: Lunch (Must Pack Your Own Lunch)

11:55 AM: Water Break

11:30 AM: Home Run Derby

12:00 PM: Hitting/Pitching/Catching Drill Series

12:40 PM: Water Break

12:50 PM: Hitting Competition

1:10 PM: Pitching Accuracy Dunk Tank

1:35 PM: Snack & Water Break

1:45 PM: Slip n’ Slide Baseball (The Highlight of Your Child’s Summer)

2:50 PM: Best Teammate Prize Award Ceremony (Good Teammates Play Longer, Make More Friends, & Have More Confidence)

3:00 PM: End of 1st Day

3:00 – 3:10 PM: Pickup

3:10 – 4:30 PM: Late Pickup for Working Parents


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February 8, 2019, Kansas City, Missouri– American Baseball Camps (American Baseball Camp) is back in the Kansas City, Missouri. American Baseball Camps COO Fred Speck is accompanied by numerous top of line coaches in the kansas city area.

The emphasis of this camp; Developing character traits in young ballplayers with a confidence-building, teammate oriented, self-esteem building baseball program over 4 days. We want to challenge ballplayers in all facets of being a baseball player including being coachable, being a good teammate, talking to coaches and umpires correctly, appreciating the sacrifice of parents and understanding the benefits of working hard

Coaching is highlighted by American Baseball Camps best: Fred Speck is the Chief Operating Officer of American Baseball Camps. Fred set numerous collegiate hitting records with a career filled with .300 or greater season in college and professional baseball. Fred will be accompanied by a plethora of local college players and coaches. Fred has run academies, coached youth, coached camps, coached college, coached everybody. We are very lucky to have Fred running this camp this summer!

ABC Summer Camps will be offering pro-grade video evaluations (add-on)  with recommendations & pro-grade drills & competitions (included) designed to take strides in a young player's baseball career.

Sessions are available now for players of all skill levels. Early registration discounts are available now – an introductory rate of $179.99 will be placed on the camp and it will rise to $199.99 on April 1st. Camps are tailored for serious little league, high school, and travel team players throughout the Wichita area.

A one-time registration fee grants every player premium instruction in every facet of their game, whether it be: infield, outfield, pitching, catching, or hitting. If your player plays any of these positions, he will get premium instruction in each area!  If you would like us to focus on one area in particular, please check that box when you customize your camp!

This year's program is an opportunity for players from Kansas City, Overland, Lees's Summit and Lawrence areas to get better and learn the game from great coaches.The four-day instruction program is led by local and non-local professional and high-end Coaches through American Baseball Camps. Get better & gain confidence in baseball, whether you are on a travel team or high school team already or aspire to be on one.

Our expert coaches will help you gain an edge on the competition as you train to a higher level through the summer months. Space is limited by a low player-coach ratio. Sign up now at https://americanbaseballcamps.com/product/kansas-city-missouri-summer-baseball-camp/


What if the weather is bad?

In the case of inclement weather Friday would be a makeup day, and in rare cases of multiple rain out days Saturday and Sunday afternoon would be used as well. For kids in weekend tournaments that weekend, we would issue comparable admission into another camp. For additional inclement weather questions please contact us at americanbaseballcamps@gmail.com

What should my camper wear?

Baseball pants work, but they’ll be most comfortable in athletic shorts. We provide the camp t-shirt.

What baseball equipment should we bring?

All baseball equipment. Catchers make sure to bring your gear.

Who does the coaching?

American Baseball Camps hires and trains high school and/or college coaches from your local area. That’s the biggest advantage of the program. While most local youth and travel team coaches have some knowledge of baseball, this is a chance for young players to get actionable instruction and tips from our approved and trained American Baseball Camps Coaches. We ensure quality by issuing post-camp surveys to parents, providing each location with our weekly program, additional equipment, and extensive staff training.

Can girls come?

Of course, anybody interested in baseball will get a lot better and have a ton of fun at this camp! Remember, we separate players based on age and general skill level for the best camp experience.

Do your coaches undergo background checks?

Yes, every coach that represents American Baseball Camps undergoes a background & security check.

Can we pick up early or drop off late?

Yes, at each of our camps early and late drop off are offered for a fee of $5 per day for early drop-off and $5 per day for late pickup.

How does lunchtime work?

Please pack your child’s lunch and snacks we will not be providing them at camp. However, we will be providing ample time in the shade to eat lunch and have a snack. Your kid will also receive many water breaks and we encourage you to pack plenty of water. We always provide water at camps, but just in case on a hot summer day, we prefer you to pack water as well.

What if my kid is new to baseball? Will he/she enjoy the camp?

Absolutely! American Baseball Camps are all about positive energy and being a good teammate. When ballplayers are good teammates they encourage each other and pick each other up, which makes new ballplayers much more comfortable. On top of that, our hand-picked coaching staff is trained to train each kid at their ability level – not their age level – leaving many kids feeling encouraged and confidence in their own improvement throughout the camp.

What if my kid is an expert baseball player? Will he/she enjoy the camp?

Our premium camp formula and volume-based reps give each and every ballplayer a bump in their game. American Baseball Camps is a place where a good ballplayer can get 6 hours of focused reps in a dream baseball environment.

What is your refund policy?

Cancellations outside of a month of camp will receive a refund minus a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations inside a month of the camp will receive a credit toward our next winter/summer camp near you – we do this because our camps are popular and fill up quickly, so if your spot is reserved we more than likely turned another kid away. If a pre-camp injury prevents a player from attending, we will refund your money upon receipt of a doctor’s explanation.

What is your coach-to-player ratio?

American Baseball Camps maintains an 8 to 1 player-to-coach ratio at our camps. Last second signups may slightly skew the ratio, but this will not compromise the integrity of the camp or the quality of instruction. We go out of our way to get you the best possible instruction in your area.

What precautions are taken for allergies?

At sign up we prompt parents to list their child’s allergies so that we can tailor a plan for each camp. Kids are not allowed to share foods and instructors aid to the allergies listed at sign up.

For more information visit the American Baseball Camps Home Page.

For any other questions please email us at americanbaseballcamps@gmail.com

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Date and Time


8700 NW River Park Dr

8700 Northwest River Park Drive

Parkville, MO 64152

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