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Summer Edtech Open House, Showcase, and Reception

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281 Summer Street

Flr. 2

Boston, MA 02210

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Refund Policy

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Welcome to the LearnLaunch Summer Showcase!

The Summer Showcase is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, educators, and community members to come together to explore the latest innovations in education technology. LearnLaunch Institute will host a showcase that will feature over 30 companies, including graduates from the LearnLaunch Accelerator and other companies from the broader Boston education community. There will be pitches, demos, opportunities to play with and give feedback on edtech tools, and plenty of time for meaningful conversations with colleagues who care about education innovation at this fun and inspiring reception in Boston's Innovation District.

Last year's Summer Showcase hosted 31 edtech companies and 136 educators and community members. This year, we are once again delighted to partner with the November Learning Building Learning Communities conference, which brings over 700 educators and education professionals to Boston each summer.


Can my company participate?

Yes! Companies interested in showcasing must register, have a product that is in demo stage or beyond, be under a million dollars in revenue, and be willing to receive direct feedback from attendees. Only 30 companies will be able to participate due to space.

Who will be there?

Educators interested in new edtech innovations, entrepreneurs building edtech companies, those seeking to grow and connect with developers in the edtech space, and community members simply wanting to know more about the future of education are all welcome to attend.


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

  • Open House - Come early spend more time with the companies! Open to all.

6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

  • Showcase Begins - Hear one minute pitches by showcasing companies!

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

  • Product Demoing + Showcasing + Networking - This is your time to play with the newest products, network with other education innovators, and maybe even spark the next great idea.

Participating companies

3Dux/design. http://www.3duxdesign.com

We created the next generation architecture set for young designers. This award-winning highly engaging building set blends geometry and engineering concepts with design thinking, open-ended play and creative repurposing. Our vision is to inspire children across the globe to become thinkers, makers and innovators.

BlocksCAD. https://www.blockscad3d.com/

The BlocksCAD 3D modeling software fills a critical need for teachers in elementary and middle schools seeking ways to leverage engaging 3D printers with teaching math and coding fundamentals. In classrooms and afterschool programs around the country, we have shown that students who engage in activities using BlocksCAD have improved attitudes towards math, engineering, and computational thinking. Some students, when presented with an alternative instructional approach through BlocksCAD, to specific topics, have also indicated a deeper understanding of geometry, algebra and computer science concepts.

We sell annual subscriptions to BlocksCAD Premium software, which gives a teacher the power to manage his or her class as well as additional curriculum and student experiences to effectively make use of the software. We also provide online courses for teachers looking to use BlocksCAD in their classroom.

CollegeAI. https://collegeai.com

CollegeAI is a personalized, AI-assisted college recommendation and resource platform for high-school students. The CollegeAI engine analyzes a student profile and outputs scores and personalized reasons why the student might like or dislike each college in the United States.

CollegeReady. https://chalktalk.academy

CollegeReady is a tech-enabled supplemental curriculum that helps improve student learning outcomes in ELA and Math, as measured by higher scores in state assessments and standardized exams. Our score improvements are 2-5x the US national average in less than a third of the time.


Ed is the first smart learning platform, powered by A.I. and designed to foster active, engaged and collaborative learning.

Educated Socially. https://www.startengine.com/edso-inc

Educated Socially is taking education and social networking — and blending them together. It is a peer-to-peer learning solution that is based on instinctive human behavior. As technology evolves in our world and social media becomes ever prominent, Educated Socially believes that social media can become a tool to advance, rather than hinder, education. With Educated Socially, students will be able to share knowledge, ideas, and experience for mutual benefit, all on a digital platform.

Emotuit. https://www.emotuit.com/

Emotuit's software utilizes the built-in computer cameras and machine learning to infer students’ emotions and level of engagement. We then aggregate this information and present it in an easy-to-use dashboard to educators, which allows them to quickly identify any problematic aspects of their educational materials.

Empow Studio. https://empow.me/

Empow Studio offers Talent Box, a K-12 Project-Based Learning platform with how-to instruction, portfolios, and achievement badges.

Forward F1rst. www.forwardfirst.com/

Forward F1rst is working to empower first generation college students and close the first generation graduation gap by providing first generation college students with the information they need to succeed. Today, 3.4 million first generation college students are enrolled in 4-year colleges but 1.5 million of them will never make it to graduation. We know first generation college students have what it takes to graduate - we’re gritty, persistent, and resilient. We also know firsthand how hard it can be to get the information needed to successfully navigate through college when you can’t turn to family for informed support. That’s why we reach first generation college students with the tool they use every day--their cellphone--and use texts to connect them to the resources and on-campus support they need to succeed. Our approach is informed by behavioral science research reporting positive effects of low-cost, tech interventions on student outcomes.

FriendlyU. http://friendlyu.com

The FriendlyU platform and program give student candidates and colleges the tools and insights to find the "right fit" by leveraging the current college students. Candidates discover, connect, and discern before they commit. This process yields a successful online to on-campus student transition and generates unique data and engagement opportunities for colleges specific to their candidate pool.

Gaido. http://gaido.app/

Gaido is a virtual career counselor that provides market-driven skills guidance through machine learning to college students before they enter the job market so they are prepared to land their ideal job by graduation.

GoPeer. https://gopeer.org

GoPeer is an intelligent platform that connects K-12 students with vetted college undergraduates for in-person tutoring lessons.

LearnBolt. http://www.learnbolt.com

LearnBolt is a workforce productivity and training platform that changes the way businesses collect, organize, and share knowledge to meet the needs of today's “Now” information age.

Majorwise. https://getmajorwise.com/

Majorwise enables high schools to build amazing work-based learning programs to connect their students with local opportunities and prepare them for their future. Majorwise helps students find local internships, volunteering, and job shadows, then helps the school track and manage the entire process so students can receive credit. We are a full solution to meeting work-based learning requirements.

MentorWorks. http://www.mentorworks.io/

MentorWorks is changing how students get financing for their education as well as successful career pathways. Through Income Share Agreements and a technology-enhanced mentorship program, MentorWorks seeks to solve this problem.

Moveo Activate. http://moveoactivate.com/

Moveo Activate is an educational AR platform that engages children's body and mind.

Realism. https://realism.io/

Realism is 3-d science education platform that uses machine learning to create virtual science labs for secondary school students. Realism is educational through inquiry-driven real-world labs while fun through its game structure like in Minecraft and fortnite. Our NGSS aligned labs help teachers adopt new standards and move towards technology-based learning of the future.

Skylight Games. www.lyriko.com

Skylight Games inspires a love of learning through play

STEMgem. http://www.stemgem.com

STEMgem provides device toolkits that bring the social impact of innovation to STEM education. Students can create custom smart devices for their sport, to conduct scientific experiments, learn how to code and create their own app. STEMgem is a must-have for any school makerspace, and boosts student engagement in science, computer science and even math class. Using STEMgem in class, MIT studies measured a 45% increase in STEM motivation and consistently high student engagement. An inner-city 9-year old girl came up with standard deviation by herself while creating her own fitbit. Creations can be shared on our online community. STEMgem also offers NGSS-compatible curricula and our kit offers the best value for money in terms of scientific sensors. We won Harvard’s President’s Innovation Challenge (High-Tech Track) and MIT’s IDEAS Global Challenge in 2018 and were finalists at the MIT 100k.

The ReadRead. http://TheReadRead.com

Developed at the Harvard i-lab, The Read Read is the first device that allows students to independently learn and practice phonics using manipulative-based, best practice instruction. Piloted under the guidance of Dr. David Rose, the creator of UDL, The Read Read has been used as a braille teaching device at the Perkins School for the Blind, where students classified as 'non-readers' were able to read for the first time using the device.

Topical Storm. https://www.topicalstorm.com/

Topical Storm uses Socratic questioning to help students think of ideas to write about and encourage them to think more deeply.

WritingAssistant. https://www.writing-assistant.com/

WritingAssistant is the most powerful online writing improvement tool in the world. With a comprehensive linguistics engine and a patented proprietary technology, this advanced writing analyzer uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to flags errors, offers suggestions, and learns from every text it encounters. Writing Assistant will have three levels: – Level 1: provides an instant analysis of grammatical and syntactical errors – Level 2: offers assistance on the quality of writing including coherence metrics – Level 3: work with users interactively help them think, develop and write their document.

...and more signing up every minute. Stay tuned for the full list!

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Date and Time



281 Summer Street

Flr. 2

Boston, MA 02210

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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