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Success + Soul Live

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The East Angel

670 South Anderson Street

Los Angeles, CA 90023

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BossBabe x Alyssa Nobriga Presents:

For the first time, we're bringing you an event that focuses on the practical: the sales, strategy and systems...

...and pairs that knowledge with the one thing that will decide whether you hit your goals or not: your mindset.

Most leaders and teachers out there only help you do the outer work. They focus on the business strategy, the step by step plans and maybe even the implementation...

But they’re completely leaving out the other half of the equation:

Your mindset.

Even with the world’s smartest business strategy in place, you’ll keep hitting the same internal blocks if your mindset is working against you….

If you don’t think you’re worthy of success and a higher income,

You won’t let yourself fully step into it.

And trust me, I know you might be thinking...

My mindset is good, I just need to know how.

We got you. We'll go there.

In fact, we're going to encourage you to create an even bigger vision and set your goals way higher than they are right now...

And we're going to show you the exact step-by-step practical strategies you need to make them all a reality.

But listen, if you don't pair it with the mindset work... the next level-up is going to be a hard reach for you.

If you don’t address the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, You’ll revert back to your ‘set point’ time and time again.

(You can think of it like the yo yo-effect in weight loss!)

...i.e. you're constantly chasing the next sale and feel like you can never see what it would look like to have a 7 figure business on autopilot, creating space to spend time on doing the things you love... instead of worrying where your next sale will come from.

So, if you want to expand into your full potential and claim the success, impact and income you truly want, then….

You can’t bring your limitations to

the next level with you.

You with me?

If you bring your overwhelm, your feelings of unworthiness and your fears with you, this is what I’ve seen happen time and time again (and know from my own experience):

You’ll keep working hard, hoping that one day it’ll be enough.

You’ll feel like a fraud and won’t allow yourself to claim the success or maintain it.

You’ll undercharge and overdeliver, totally exhausting yourself.

The list goes on.

That’s exactly what we'll help you overcome when you join us at Success & Soul LIVE! You’ll go deep with us, focusing on both the inner AND the outer work, because they are equally important elements of creating the soul-aligned success you deserve.

What's Included?

Success and Soul Live is a full two-day live event experience with Natalie, Danielle and Alyssa.

On The Agenda:

✅ Set your massive vision and goals for the rest of this year and beyond, then turn it into a strategic plan so you have specific steps to take towards achieving those goals.

✅ Uncover and work through the subconscious limiting beliefs you didn't know were holding you back from your next uplevel.

✅ See behind a multi-7 figure business sales and marketing strategy, to understand how to scale your revenue online with zero paid ads.

✅ Take a look under the hood of the BossBabe business and see how to set your systems up for automated success.

✅ Break free of your money blocks so you can have more fun creating your next level of income.

✅ Step into your authentic power so you can be the badass business woman you really are and confidently share your voice and gifts.

✅ Feel energized, inspired and motivated to move into action and follow-through.

✅ Become part of an uplifting sisterhood and build meaningful relationships where you feel inspired and supported by a community of like-minded women.


Who is this event for?

Success and Soul live welcomes female entrepreneurs from around the world who are ready to work on their own personal influence, brand, and success. This means YOU.

What if I don’t know anyone there, will I feel out of place?

We have curated an experience to make sure you are woven into the community whether you come with someone you know or by yourself. You’ll find it easy to connect with the other like-minded women as we’ve designed the whole experience to be fun, uplifting and inspiring. This is more than just a group of people at an event, it’s a supportive sisterhood where you are 100% welcome and accepted, no matter where you’re at.

Can I bring a friend

Our goal is to help as many people as possible, and get more recognition for female founders doing amazing things. Please invite your friends to share this powerful experience with you – just copy the link at the top of the page and send to them right now!

What is the dress code?

Whatever you feel good in, is perfect. Anything you feel inspired to wear that makes you feel like you, wear that! Casual chic is always a good option, as well as layers in case you get warm or cold.

What time is registration?

Registration begins at 8:00am and the event will start at 9am sharp. Be a good entrepreneur and be on time – how you do one thing is how you do everything.

What happens after I buy my ticket?

You'll receive a confirmation email and nearer the event we'll continue to send you all of the information you'll need. There's no need to print your ticket to bring along to the event as we'll have you on the guestlist. Please email us if you'd like to change the name on your ticket, as they're non refundable.

Is lunch provided?

We provide the experts, the experience, the strategy, and the growth. Lunch is not provided, but we will have drinks and snacks available. We encourage you to use this opportunity to network with other BossBabes you meet on the day. Bring your lunch ahead of time, find a breakout area and get to know your BossBabes! We always know there is so much value in you guys getting together to support and collaborate!

Is this an expense I can claim for through my business?

Your training and development is something that can usually be claimed as a business expense to write off against tax. We are not authorized to give legal or tax advice though, so please check with your accountant and lawyer to understand your expenses.

Can you really achieve epic transformation in just 2 days?

Yes, there is power in immersions, they accelerate your results. And, the in-person experience will support you in creating meaningful relationships which help you in maintaining your success.

If you want to really show up for yourself, then don’t resist or postpone what’s really important to YOU. There is always a transformation available on the other side of resistance, and if you show up with an open heart, you can have amazing breakthroughs and aha-moments in just 2 days.

What if I can’t keep up and everyone’s more advanced than me?

There will be women at all different levels and you are 100% welcome no matter where you’re at. Whether you’re more ‘advanced’ or not, we all have money blocks holding us back and we all need a support and clear strategy that allows us to bring our vision to life. Trust that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be and we will welcome you with open hearts.

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Date and Time


The East Angel

670 South Anderson Street

Los Angeles, CA 90023

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