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Strategies for Increasing Franchisees’ Unit Revenue & Profit

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Sheraton Suites Houston Near The Galleria

2400 West Loop South

Houston, TX 77027

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Benefit of This Seminar:

This seminar is designed for individuals and teams who are primarily responsible for helping franchisees achieve one of their primary goals: increase revenue and profit.

New products can result in increased revenue. Controlling costs can increase profit. But the greatest driver of increasing revenue comes from creating and retaining very satisfied, frequent user, promoter customers. This is true for all businesses, B2B & B2C.

Today, most franchisees are focused on increasing revenue and profits. But, there is a better way of getting there. That better way is by creating feelings within each customer, every time, resulting in their becoming more loyal and more frequent users of your Brand. This seminar gives practical “how to” strategies and tactics participants can use immediately.

The key is to constantly work at understanding what customer’s value, designing experiences to deliver that value, and having team members execute the experiences.

The seminar provides participants with practical ways of measuring customer and team member perceptions of your Brand.

Think how much more revenue and profit you could make if:

1. More first time customers were retained and became frequent users
2. Existing customers came in more frequently
3. A high percentage of customers influenced their friends and families to do business with you
4. Your team members were committed to creating the best experiences for your customers
5. Your team members loved to work in your business and thought it was a great place to work.

This seminar will help you help your franchisees to create great customer experiences that drive revenue and profits.

What if you, like past attendees, after attending this seminar, could help franchisees increase customer retention by 10%, average ticket by 10%, and frequency by 10%.

Assumptions [make your own] make the seminar worth attending
1. Number of new customers per 12 month period, per location = 1,000
2. New Customer Annual Retention currently, per location = 50%
3. Average new customer ticket currently, per location = $32.00
4. Annual new customer frequency, per location = 6 visits
5. 1,000 X 50% X $32.00 X 6 = $96,000 per location.

Participants will leave the seminar with specific action items they can implement immediately on how to increase retention, average ticket, and customer frequency.


Morning Sessions

The Evolution of our Culture & Economy

  • Going from “Selling Stuff” to “Helping People Buy”

  • What is your only sustainable competitive advantage

  • How to transform a culture

  • What is the Experience Economy

  • How do feelings drive unit economics

• Understand the Keys to creating and retaining customers

  • How to Get More New Customers

  • How to Retain More of Your New Customers

  • How to Retain More of Your Existing Customers

  • How to Build Frequency with Customers

  • How To Ensure Customers Are Very Satisfied

  • How to Create a “Great Place to Work”

  • How to Reduce Team Member Turnover

  • How to Increase Team Member Satisfaction

  • How to Get Customers to Recommend You

Afternoon Sessions

• How your Culture is your Customer Experience

  • Who are your customers

  • What do they value

  • How do you enhance what they value

  • How do you select and onboard customer-centric team members

  • How do you lead and manage a team member and customer-centric culture

• Profit & Growth Process

  • What are the six stages of the Customer’s Experience

  • How to use Customer Journey Mapping

  • How to create a Great Place to Work for team members

  • How to create a Great Place to Shop & Spend Money for customers

  • Understanding what needs to be measured and how to measure it

• Wrap-up & Evaluations

Seminar Leaders:

Bob Gappa: Founder and CEO of Management 2000 has 35 years in helping individuals and companies develop personal skills and systems for improving their abilities as effective consultants, coaches and mentors. Bob has been a franchisee of several concepts which brings another dimension to this seminar.

Andrew Erskine: A Vice President of Management 2000. Andy joined Management 2000 because he is an expert at developing successful marketing strategies and tactics involving; websites, SEO, digital marketing, public relations, Social Media, etc. and has helped many Brands improve their results in increasing the number of qualified leads clicking through on their websites. Andy has worked for several franchise Brands and brings a unique perspective from a team member’s view.

Fees Include:
• Morning Continental Breakfast
• Morning and afternoon refreshments
• A gourmet lunch
• Seminar materials designed by our experts to enhance your learning and the take away value of the day and include useful aids to increase Franchisees' Unit Revenue and Profit.
• The ability to call our seminar leaders after the seminar if you have questions on how to use the materials and content covered during the session.

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Sheraton Suites Houston Near The Galleria

2400 West Loop South

Houston, TX 77027

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