Stop-Wasting-Handshakes!!! 8 Week Virtual Boot Camp
Stop-Wasting-Handshakes!!! 8 Week Virtual Boot Camp

Stop-Wasting-Handshakes!!! 8 Week Virtual Boot Camp

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Virtual Training (Teleconference) from...

6500 Riverplace Blvd

Building 7, Suite 250

Austin, Tx 78730

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How many people do you meet each week? How about in the upcoming holidays?

How many of those people will remember you the next time they need your product or service?

How many people have you met in the past that didn't-even-think-about-you when they bought what you sell from someone else?

Stop doing that! Stop meeting people and not even knowing how to properly follow-thru with them so they at least consider calling you about selling their house, or getting an insurance quote, or a new roof, a new car, a car repaired, a mortgage loan, etc, etc, etc.


Join me 1 hour a week for 8 weeks for a virtual bootcamp and drop the excuse "I don't know how to follow-up with people," "I don't think following-up matters," "I don't want to bother people."


Register now and STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

This is FREE TRAINING. I won't be trying to sell you anything though I'll likely have a couple of guest speakers. They'll have something you're welcome to buy if you want. But this isn't a free lead-in to another program.


8 Weeks, one hour a week. Depending upon my availability, I'll have some additional calls and/or webinars to support some ideas that WILL come out during these 8 hours.

This is about down-and-dirty-nothing-fancy-get-it-done-processes to get you on the right-track to end 2016 strong and start 2017 with more momentum than you've ever started a year before.

Maybe not though. Maybe you have started really strong before. But how'd you finish the first quarter? Did you run out of steam. There's a reason most of us run out of steam and I want to help you STOP running out of steam.

Let me say again, "there's nothing fancy" about what I'll be teaching you. Except......I'm a process guy and the process I teach is something that works for me...a HIGH "D/I" type A personality that struggles with processes. I'm a task-oriented extrovert. One of my best students is a "I/S" people-oriented introvert. He's a loan officer and went from 4-6 prequals / 2 closings a month to over 30 prequals and 12 closings a month in 8 months.

You'll hear from others on these calls that have also increased their business 300-1,000% in one year. A couple of people have gone from ZERO to 6 figure income in less than a year.

This isn't all theory, it's tried and tested processes and I want to add YOU to my list of people I've helped reach new heights in their business.

Part of this training is tying what you're doing and how you're doing it to the why you're doing it. Actually, the WHY matters before the what and how. And that's why the One Page Sales and Marketing Plan with Purpose/Why. The WHY changes the what and how. Without getting a grip on the WHY you're hitting the streets everyday, WHY you're selling the product, WHY you're going to a networking event, why you're doing anyting....without knowing why, you're wasting a large part of your time.

Depending upon what you're selling, over 90% of the people you meet every week won't need your product in the next 12 months. Yet over 80% of sales are made by people that follow-through/up at least 8 times. And.......less that 20% of people follow-through/up TWICE!

80% of sales are made by sales people that follow-through 8 or more times! And only 20% follow-through 2 times?

Because we have to meet 100 people to have 10 prospects, many sales people grow weary. Maybe that's why over 80% of sales people don't follow-through/up even 2 times?

Thus, the rewards go to those sales people that keep moving through their process to follow-through, follow-through, follow-through, follow-through, follow-through, follow-through, follow-through, follow-through, follow-through, follow-through and follow-through so that the people (leads) he met have a better chance of becoming prospects who have a better chance of becoming clients.

I keep saying "process." Do you have a process?

A process takes time to implement. You don't follow-through with people you meet 8+ times in a few days, or even a few weeks. It might a few months. And it's in ways that builds relationships.

A good follow-through doesn't include COMMISSION BREATH! It's not about selling.

It's about processes designed as marketing strategies that allows you, the salesperson, to be ready when the "trigger" appears.

Do you have a process?

You will have a process that works for you if you start AND finish this training.

Register, take 8 Hours over the next 2 1/2 months and finish/start strong.

I say 2 1/2 months because we'll take some breaks during the holidays. BUT......that's when you'll be meeting new people. Right?

And you'll then know how to stay engaged with them over the coming weeks, months and years and be TOP-OF-THEIR-MIND.

Have a great day and I hope you're on the call with me.

Danny Smith

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Date and Time


Virtual Training (Teleconference) from...

6500 Riverplace Blvd

Building 7, Suite 250

Austin, Tx 78730

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