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Stress makes you feel out of control. Begin to regain control and feel empowered using EFT_Tapping in this monthly, online coaching group.

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If you are reading this, then you are stressed about something, and you’d like to stop the stress, right?

Stress comes from your thoughts. If your brain is constantly yammering about all the stuff you need to get done, and the fears around the consequences if you don’t, or worrying about an uncertain future for yourself, your family, money, health or whatever it conjures up, then the stress persists.

Your brain is running your life and it’s not supposed to.

But if it never shuts up, what are you supposed to do? Distract yourself, numb down with a substance, work too hard to fill your days (which by the way, only adds more stress)? How do you control it?

Would you like to stop the incessant chatter and find yourself calmer and more at rest? Would you like to feel in control without adding more work to make it happen?

That would feel good, right? It would feel good to be in charge, to have more space and time, silence and peace.

What if you could deliberately undo the thoughts, memories and feelings that stress you out – so that they are not even there and they have no effect on you? Think about that for a moment. Let the vision of that reveal itself. How would that feel? Pretty good, right?

That is what Stop the Stress can help you achieve.

Those thoughts are there because, the way your brain is interpreting what is happening in the present, matches up with something from the past and it didn’t feel good then, so it doesn’t feel good now. You have developed a pattern of being triggered and feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, not good enough, sad, angry, resentful or some other negative emotion. These are based on limiting beliefs that run subconsciously.

To break that pattern, you have to do the inside work to change your outside world.

Stop the Stress will help you break those thought patterns.

In this monthly, online, group coaching session you will learn and experience the use of a powerful, alternative therapy known as EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, and it does exactly what it says. It quickly frees you from the negative thoughts and emotions, created from life’s unpleasant or traumatic earlier experiences that are triggering you now.

EFT is also known as Tapping because we use our fingertips to stimulate specific acupuncture meridian points (no needles!) which neutralizes negative thoughts and emotions. When negative thoughts are released, then you are able to make new choices and decisions that feel better and are empowering.

EFT_Tapping is fast, highly effective, painless and gets results faster than many other conventional and alternative therapies. It is one of the TOP STRESS REDUCTION TECHNIQUES in the world as over 100 clinical studies and published papers attest.

Does this sound too good to be true? Are doubts flooding your mind? Yes, I get it, and unfortunately this is a reason why some people don’t take advantage of these fantastic online coaching sessions!

EFT_Tapping is like green eggs and ham. You may not think that it can do what I claim, but it does and once you give it a try, you will understand what I am talking about. So please, give it a try, won’t you?

Yes, there is a cost, but what is it worth to you to Stop the Stress? If you are tired of the limits in your life and have been longing for an answer, could this be it? What is it worth to you to learn how to stop the mind-based chatter that is stifling your life?

How about just $25 dollars. I know your time and money is valuable. But, isn’t it worth $25 and 90 minutes of your time to give this a try and reap the rewards?

The rewards are:

  • Learning an easy to use, portable, do-it-yourself technique.
  • Immediate emotional relief and stress reduction.
  • Reduced feelings of overwhelm.
  • Insight into where the stress patterns originated.
  • Regaining control.
  • Feeling empowered.

And that is in just one session.

The ability to create a better life for yourself, improve relationships, be more productive, establish healthy habits, reach previously unattainable goals and live the transformation you’ve been longing for is possible now and Stop the Stress can help.

Just register today, right now. Commit to stopping your stress and begin to create the life you desire.

In wellness,


Christine Hunt

Life Wellness Coach

Hunt for Hope Wellness



Christine Hunt is a Life Wellness Coach and Certified EFT Coach. She specializes in helping her clients reduce stress, lose weight, kick addictions, relieve symptoms of chronic illness, pain, trauma and PTSD. She can even help you with a clutter problem. Using EFT_Tapping and other alternative methods, she achieves fast, long-lasting results without drugs, or the need for long-term therapy.


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