Stop the... Limiting Beliefs that Keep ypu SIck, Tired, and in Pain.

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“Stop the Limiting Beliefs that Keep you Sick, Tired and In Pain.”

If you suffer from insecurity, low-self esteem, feelings of “I’m not good enough,” anxiety provoked thoughts about the future, anger issues of the past, fear of living the good life NOW. If any of these things ring true for you know that you are not alone. If you believe that your past equals your future, you're broken in any way shape or form, and you’re afraid to set some wildly important goals specific towards taking action towards a better life… then know that this message is for you.

Here’s why…

There is a way you can truly achieve everything in your life that’s holding you back from living your best self… while you dissolve these limiting beliefs around you like dust to go away, you’ll feel much better than you have ever felt before in your life with a calm, serene and powerful sense of surrender once you conquer them...

And you need to realize, there is zero cost to NOT dealing with this… It stays the same..

If You Don’t Do Something About It,

It Just Gets Much Worse...

What most people do when facing their concrete beliefs that keep them small and insignificant is they try to mask these symptoms… with bad-bad habits… (pick your habit) Not facing the direct truth is hiding from it… Digging for hours into social media… Eating comfort foods... doing everything else that doesn’t serve your higher version of who you really want to be….

But for most people, none of that works

  • The primary problem is caused by not believing in ourselves, playing that earworm story over and over inside of our heads - even though you think you are getting somewhere. The sad truth is you are not when you recycle those stories in your mind they continually keep you stuck at. (We need a mindset shift to set us free)

  • Bad habits keep you spinning in circles in a habit loop of self-destruction that keep you the same as you were in 2016, 17, 2018 as they aren’t as effective as long as you keep doing the same things over, and over that keep you in place ( This talk shows you ways to get free)

  • Most of the New Year Resolutions we make have already fell off the wayside, and slide us backward or somewhere even worse to where you were the year before, and then forget that you even set any vision for your future self at all.

  • And finally, worst of all is that you probably end up just giving up on every goal that you have ever set in your life with more embarrassment and shame then you had ever begun with when you fail to follow through...

And let’s talk about what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing all along? Nothing will happen and you go (mentally broke) with time, energy, enthusiasm and awareness for your one great life.

When people ask, you mutter something like “Life sucks and then you cry”. You lose total heart felt hope for your future, you give up totally on life because you “Think,” living a great life wasn’t meant for you, (it was meant for someone else), and you give up headlong a downward spiral, becoming more miserable with each passing day...

So Good News to Come...

How We Can Solve Your Future by Dealing With Your Past.

I’ve got an answer that works (Not only an answer but a changed outlook at the belief system that you set up for truth formed from your past that has kept you sick and in emotional, torturous pain with complacency in your current situation)

Here’s the story: I tried everything out there, read every book so I could learn how to get out of my own way, flew and drove to seminars all over the world investing, and took every online course there is, just like you searching for the truth outside of myself… (I’ll reveal the strong truth in my talk that will help set yourself free)

And then one day when I was at the bottom of my limiting beliefs system ladder, on the last rung of possible belief, my default mode of life kicked in. I went back to being the same. Suddenly, one day I realized what I was doing and I decided (at that moment) to invest the last of my hard-earned dollars in a Life Coach that changed my life forever. Three reasons why…

  1. He cared for my outcome

  2. I cared for my outcome (Really! Important to change)

  3. He provided me with difficult, steering questions that had me find my very own way... solution, to serve myself profoundly without judgment, critiscism, and fearin’ what’s to come…

These answers I dug deep into myself through reflection which I provided myself through my own solutions, which melted away these Limiting Beliefs like hot butter in a microwave and I felt better than I have ever felt in years prior, because I gave myself a chance to access my own true power of decision making, trusting myself implicitly, and then I took that chance to begin to chisel away the crap around me, to change my ways of thinking that were NOT serving me at all…

Just like you, I felt that there had to be a better way than this or I could just go again and hide from it which seemed to be a much easier choice at the time then to actually face the challenge of life head-on. I learned from my mentor that True change happens when you face life face first as the problems seemed to dissipate around me when I replaced them with real solutions…

YEARS LATER when I decided to became a Mindset Coach on my road to mastery...

The one thing that was a crucial element is I had an exceptional idea to serve people that desired to be served powerfully so I went on thinking:

“What if I worked with a small group of people over a weekend, no more than twenty five people… and I helped them over a 1-day mastermind workshop in Middletown, NY to get rid of these limiting beliefs that keep them sick, and help them begin to make their own road map to success on how to solve them by asking hard questions- the same questions that took me from mentally broke to fully challenging my unlimited potential by tapping into the power of these powerful questions with my own solutions that got me better results in advance, more clarity then ever before, more focused attention on what I want, more driven results towards chasing my excellence, more mindful with my own time, energy and enthusiasm, so I could share these gifts with you.”

And then I thought even further as I often have deep conversations with my self in deep reflection to my awareness of self...

“And then I sat their reflecting and imagining what if they walked out of my event after 2 days with a better outlook on their life, feeling better than they have ever felt before and KNEW.. that they were the changemakers of their own life by accepting full responsibility of these powerful solutions that we can bring together as a group in this intimate group setting about forging ahead with a new found love for life… and only had to invest a fraction of my normal fees for this event. I felt excited about this and wanted to share it with you”?

It Works For Most People, And It Will Work For You

Here’s what challenging Limiting Beliefs did for me… I started my own prosperous coaching business that coaches international guests in a group setting… It let me work with dream clients that I love to serve… And helped me build an international business that is growing which gives me the life of my dreams.

Finally, It’s Your Turn. Ready?

When you order your event ticket for Stopping Limiting Beliefs that Keep You Sick and in Pain, you’ll have immediate access to this event on the dates that you signed up for, a well-designed PDF pamphlet that will be the guide from the side to helping you through giving it to you that day of the event… and you will get coaching, personally by me in a Group setting with my directions, and then we will do fun exercises that will reach out to the crux of our truth by understanding our vulnerabilities my friends… Also, controlling our reactional state between stimulus and response by changing the way we view things by becoming ultimately self-aware...

  • You’ll understand Limiting Beliefs that are keeping you stuck

  • Watch and learn through LIVE coaching sessions

  • Empower and Inspire each other like you who wants to discover themselves powerfully

  • Fun exercises... That will get us to open up our hearts and minds to what is... possible

  • Healthy beverages and snacks will be served

  • Friendships may be created by you (Free, just your openness to connect)

It all comes as part of the Stopping Limiting Beliefs that Keep You Sick and In Pain event.

And if you are 100% safe to try this out as we are creating a safe environment here... Just move your self out of your comfort zone to see if it works for you. I’m asking you to change, challenge your minds facts and feelings in question to try something NEW, something more towards your best version of yourself that goes from..

Impossible to I am possible”

The alternative is you can stay home and do what you have always been doing which is the same thing. That is a choice.


It’s Decision Time WOOHOO!

Let’s Do This!

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go? Take a new action, and get a new result in a directional; change.

Finally, get a final solution to unlimited beliefs - the one belief system that could change your life forever - challenging your facts and feelings, your old belief system for a new, learning solutions to the beliefs that have kept you sick, and in pain - connect with other human beings having the same experience as you - imagine the life that you desire to live and know that you can do it by yourself with others here. Taking a chance will change you. Join us… all i sharing a human experience that you may never ever forget.

Which do you really want for yourself? Here’s what you do now… just send an email to “Ray@beyondfailuretoreachsuccess@gmail.com”, asking any questions about the event, we’ll have a personal conversation and determine if this is a good fit for you or just sign up because you already know it is… You feel it in your heart.

I have to say “I guarantee it will be life changing if you open up the chance to challenge yourself on a deeper level than you have ever imagined.”

Look forward to meeting you in person. Sending you all faith, courage, love, and action.

Warm regards,

Raymond J. Negron

Mindset Coach and Philosopher

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Date and Time


Workplace Club

280 New York 211

Middletown, NY 10940

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