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*Please note: After you purchase you will be sent a call in number and after the live call the replay will go out please check your spam AND OR other folders ie promotions folder etc. because they often go there! They are always emailed out! xo


Welcome back and welcome HOME to your POWER!!! (This one has a giveaway as well! See below!)

If you're new, my online virtual circles are incredibly powerful!!! They always give you what you need, not what you *think* you need.


It's the first step to stepping into your actual power because when you do that you get out of your human constraints.

Every virtual circle has a different theme infused with it. I activate different vibrational codes each time.

This one is MY FAV because it's literally the easiest thing for me and I'm helping you activate it in yourself!

Aries FULL MOON will come in like a BOSS and help everyone STEP INTO YOUR POWER!!!!!!!!

You may not realize this but I wasn't always this confident. I didn't always go after what I wanted. I worked for this and now it comes naturally to me because it's who I am and it can be your vibration too!!

Let's go in and remove old energy, old beliefs, and ancestral lineage that you're carrying which is not your TRUTH.

I will activate the universal grid, bring in new codes, and help you step into your MOFO POWER!!!

CONFIDENCE, POWER, COURAGE it's allllll happening under this ARIES FULL MOON!

ps - This is a VIRTUAL circle, so you can be anywhere in the world! ;) And also do the replay as they are just as effective!

****PPS- GIVEAWAY!!! One lucky person is going to win a third eye necklace from Ceremony Meditation (Like the one I wear! :)

-------> As always, if you can't join us live a recording will be emailed to you RIGHT after the call so that you can enjoy it on your own time. (Half of the people do this and still feel the energy and healings! But it's always better to join live because you show up for your soul!)

* This is virtual so you can be anywhere in the world!


On this Virtual Moon Circle call we will:

  • Discuss the current energy and how you can use the STRONG Aries energy in your life

  • Do a Healing Session to on your old beliefs with your power

  • Do breathwork to help you balance the material and spiritual worlds

  • A grounding meditation that will connect you deeply with your soul to access your intuition.

  • Soul Connection Activity with their higher self

  • There will be mantras and suggestions on how to integrate this energy into daily life!

  • Listen to drum music to connect you into your body and open your channels!

  • And more, let's see what spirit brings, I like to leave some room for Magick!

Only $25 and if you can't make it live simply purchase and it will be emailed to you right after.


Please join me and several beautiful souls from around the world on:

  • Friday, September 27th

  • At 6:00 pm pst/ 7:00 mst / 8:00 pm cst/ 9:00 pm est

  • For approximately 60 minutes of connecting, learning, and healing.

*If you can’t make the live call no need to worry. Simply purchase a ticket to the event and the recording will automatically be emailed to you. Remember, energy is not limited to time and space so you can still harness the power of the rituals and learn about the energies on your own time.


What others said about the last call:

"I just cleansed my chakras in a new way and said to myself, "This literally is the most beautiful moment I have ever felt within my body" You got right through to where I needed the most help. I wept and felt such a tingling sensation throughout this call. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Danielle, for the soul that you are."- Aparna

"I would like to let you know how beautiful your SOULcial circle was this Sunday! I could hear/feel your soul guiding us and helping heal us. It felt so beautiful! I also felt like you were speaking to my soul during the call. The meditations you gave us literally helped me open my heart, third eye, and crown chakras so much! I even got a glimpse of what my soul truly wants for me in the next six months. It was also very helpful to know on a logic level of what is going on with the planets to know how it's affecting us on earth." - Annie

"The tears are flowing because your insight washed me with peace…a peace that I didn't know I needed." – Diana

"Holy shit! I finally just got to this call today. It's not a coincidence that's for sure. I'm on CH 1 in SoMM and doing your call today opened that area up even more for me. Love synchronicity! Absolutely loved the purple fire! It was crazy intense and electrifying" – Lissette

"I wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to trust my intuition and join last nights call. I waited until the moon was out to listen to the call. It was truly magical and I'm still buzzing today. I feel very connected and peaceful, which I sadly haven't felt in a long time. Thank you again for leading this incredible group experience. I'll definitely join the next." - Summer

"It was soul cleansing, they all are. I'm so very grateful that you offer these sessions to us. They're are very powerful and meaningful in my life. Helps me be more connected". Xoxo – Adriana

"Just listened to the replay! Wow, powerful circle. I felt so relaxed, I was right there in the guided space and let it all go. Thank you! Loved the format, the messages, the meditations, it was amazing. Thank you xoxo" - Kelley "

"Holy shit girl. No words, that call was awesome." – Veronica

"I am so grateful...that was powerful, intuitive, healing, a heavy hitter, a game changer. Thank you from my soul to your. Well worth more than you charged...and a big thank you for that as well." - Amie

"Wow. I wasn't able to do be on the live call yesterday BUT I just listened to it and am feeling full of tearful gratitude. It was beautiful and really, really well done. I absolutely loved it and I hope you are proud of what you were able to give and share. Thank you so so much!" – Lynn Reilly, Energy Healer

"I just simply adored the SOULcial Media call on Friday, thank you. This was incredible as good as a private session….it really resonated with me and for sure all the others I just know this. Thanks again everyone for sharing your time with me." - Maxine

"Great call Danielle! Thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from it. Looking forward to more in the future!" - Shari

"I loved the last call and already signed up for this one" - Mae


Why I created this energetic circle

There is valuable ancient wisdom that you can receive with the changing of seasons and transformative events such as eclipses. When you learn to apply that knowledge through ritual and teachings you can integrate the traditions and the natural cycles of the Universe into your modern day life.

That is where I come in. I help provide a bridge between the material and spiritual worlds in a practical, modern day approach! Let’s face it, you’re a modern material girl/guy living and dipping their toe into a spiritual world. I get it because it’s the story of my life! And for added bonus, (drumroll please…) I’m a master at making sense out of what feels like makes no sense! There is a reason for everything we just have to open ourselves up to the divine intelligence occurring around and within us – and we will do that together.

There is magic that happens when we connect with the Universal life force energy and bring it down to a practical level.

We will come together and create a sacred circle filled with music (just like in ancient drum circles) to help raise all our vibrations and ground and unite our heartbeats with the sacred rhythms of the universe. Remember, energy is not limited to space and time so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. We will all be uniting our energies together to create more than we can on our own. Intention is everything and we will raise the energy of the group so that we can manifest at a higher frequency.

You don’t need to know anything about astrology to jump on the call as I will explain everything in an easy to understand language that I am known for.


The only thing you will need is an open heart, curious mind, positive attitude, and a pen/paper nearby.

Note: This is not religious at all. This is about embracing your divine energy and syncing it up to the cycles of nature and the Universe. It’s about honoring and creating wholeness within yourself. This is meant for entertainment purposes only and by signing up through this website for the full moon circle you release Danielle Paige from any emotional or physical occurrences connected to this virtual circle.

Tickets are only $25 and the call will be recorded and emailed if you can’t make the day/time.

*All sales are final

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