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  • AdWerx


    AdWerx currently provides local online advertising to real estate agents and brokers. We help increase brand awareness with local prospects who are "in-the-market" for real estate through behavioral targeting and retargeting.

    The CEO of AdWerx, Jed Carlson, is a proud graduate of the Fuqua MBA program along with VP of Product, Nick Sehn, and Director of Sales and Business Development, Brian Alvo.

    AdWerx is looking for people who thrive on collaborative teams where everyone works on everything, and everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas across all levels of the organization. We can provide you the excitement of a fast-moving and adaptive startup environment coupled with the stability, compensation and benefits of a larger organization. Please visit for current openings.

    Full-time: Programming, Sales/Business Development, Marketing
    Interns: Programming, Sales/Business Development,

  • AnyCloud

    AnyCloudDurham - American Underground

    AnyCloud provides grand unification of your email, social, and cloud accounts, all in one amazing place. Easily comprehend your entire online footprint plus all the content that's been shared with you, simply collected and merged into a singular view of each friend across Dropbox, Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, and many, many more.

    Brian Jenkins, AnyCloud's co-founder and CEO, graduated from Duke University with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science and earned his MBA from the University of California Berkeley. Brian is an entrepreneur who has worked in VC-backed Silicon Valley startups for the past 20 years as a marketing and product management executive and is now back in Durham at the American Underground.

    AnyCloud is looking for developers and designers to continue our focus on providing user joy. AnyCloud's meta services involves some of the latest technologies for front-end, back-end, and mobile environments.

    Full-Time: Programming
    Interns: Programming, Design

  • ArchiveSocial

    ArchiveSocialDurham - American Underground, The Startup Factory

    ArchiveSocial safely takes away legal & compliance pain so that businesses can better leverage social media. Today, ArchiveSocial provides the industry’s leading technology for capturing and preserving business-grade records of social media activity. Our customers are spread across the world, but If you live in North Carolina, your city and county are most likely using ArchiveSocial today to ensure government transparency. Our other customers include financial firms and major governments such as San Francisco, Orlando, Austin, the State of North Carolina, and US National Archives. ArchiveSocial has been selected for several entrepreneurial grants and investments include the NC IDEA grant, The Startup Factory, and Code for America. We are located in the American Underground in downtown Durham with an office overlooking Main St.

    We are seeking a rockstar software engineer who is ready to take on significant ownership and help carry the future of our product as our 3rd software engineer. You must be well-versed in Java and web technologies. Experience with cloud infrastructure (e.g. AWS) and big data is a huge plus. More information about this position is available on our website:

    Full-time: Programming, Sales/Business Development

  • Complion

    Complion, Inc. Durham - American Underground

    Complion’s mission is to transform the way clinical trial regulatory documentation is created and maintained, thus fostering greater regulatory compliance, better protection of human subjects, and easier cross- and intra-institutional collaboration. By re-engineering cumbersome compliance processes, we seek to unleash medical innovators to better focus on advancements that improve patient outcomes and enhance the reputations of institutions and investigators.

    Complion is located in the American Underground and is interested in assisting in the improvement of how research is conducted at Academic Medical Centers such as Duke.

    We are recruiting for the following positions: Marketing Operations Associate, Business Development Associate and Technical Operations Associate

    Interns: Programming, Sales/Business Development, Marketing

  • CrowdTunes

    CrowdTunes Durham - American Underground

    CrowdTunes is a best in breed music management solution. CrowdTunes combines the best music with smart phone enabled bidding platform that empowers patrons with the ability to affect the atmosphere by bidding on the music they want to hear. We provide a turnkey, legal music solution to venues that can be setup in less than five minutes and improves the establishment’s bottom line through increased sales to a more engaged customer.

    A double Dukie (Trinity '08, Fuqua '14 - Lee Kornfeld), single Dukie (Pratt, '16 - Davis Gossage) and want-to-be double Dukie (Fuqua '14 - Brandon Magsamen) walk into a bar...two years later CrowdTunes emerges. We launched the idea at Duke in Fall of 2012 and have been growing it ever since with the help and support of various programs at Duke. We have won funding through the Duke Startup Challenge, Duke SIP program and the Melissa and Doug Foundation which all had a dramatic effect on our trajectory and success.

    We're looking for:
    Marketing Wizard - Use the dark arts to help us increase customer engagement, revenue and overall awesomeness.
    Neat Freak (Quality Control) - We have a lot of products coming out - can you break them?
    Beautifier - Do you know design? We need you.
    (Product)Maker - iOS, Android, Web developers needed.
    (Rain)Maker - Can you sell shoes to a snake?"

    Full-time: Programming, Engineering (other than programming), Sales/Business Development, Design
    Interns: Programming, Marketing, Design

  • Cumulus Networks

    Cumulus Networks San Francisco/Bay Area, Branch Office in Cary

    Cumulus Networks, engages in making networks invisible for Internet scale applications. As a leader in the OpenNetworking arena, Cumulus aims to be the platform of choice for agile and scalable computer networks.

    Cumulus is looking for individuals that embrace the devops philosophy. This method stresses communication, collaboration, integration, automation and measurement cooperation between software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals.

    Full-time: Programming, Engineering (other than programming)
    Interns: Programming, Engineering (other than programming)

  • Device Magic

    Device Magic Raleigh - American Underground

    Device Magic makes it easy to create and distribute mobile forms to teams and devices… and saves the world from paperwork, one customer at a time. Our online web-based custom form builder makes it easy to create mobile forms that collect exactly the data you need—then connect a smartphone (iPhone, Android, or Blackberry) or tablet (iOS or Android) to fill out your mobile forms & send the data you collect to the destination of your choice: Dropbox, your inbox, Google Drive and many more.

    We're looking for Sales, Marketing, & Developers primarily, though we'd also consider other positions depending on student interest.

    Full-time: Programming, Engineering (other than programming), Sales/Business Development
    Interns: Programming, Engineering (other than programming), Sales/Business Development, Product Management, Marketing, Design

  • Duke Medi: Project Vibes

    Duke Medi: Project Vibes Durham - American Underground

    Our mission is to introduce the world to the benefits of biofeedback and brainwave monitoring by creating top of the line wireless headphones. We believe headphones are the perfect opportunity in the wearables market because all consumers have already adopted them in some form. We aim nothing short of creating the most attractive and innovative pair of headphones in the market, unleashing the possibilities of personal AI.

    Our company is a Duke-based Startup composed of three undergraduates studying neuroscience, philosophy, and electrical and computer engineering We are members of the DuHatch incubator on campus, and have been involved in the American Underground campus in downtown Durham's booming startup scene. We believe Duke to be a perfect environment for us to connect with high level ideas and intelligent and passionate entrepreneurs, leading to a great product and successful product.

    We are looking for interns and full-time students and graduate students with aptitudes in electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, neuroscience, biodesign, product design. We are currently in the process of developing hardware and software applications, with a focus on head gear in the short-term.

    Full-time: Programming, Engineering (other than programming), Product Management, Design
    Interns: Programming, Engineering (other than programming), Product Management, Design

  • Gridiron Capital

    Gridiron Capital, LLC New Canaan, CT

    At Gridiron Capital, our name stands for strong leadership with a clear vision, teamwork and relentless execution. With these underlying principles, we work in partnership with management teams and founders to build market-leading businesses and create value for our customers, employees, managers, and investors. Gridiron works in collaboration with management teams to establish a shared vision and specific strategies for each unique situation. We share with our portfolio companies a common objective of successful growth, and together seek to transform challenges into opportunities.

    Tom Burger, one of Gridiron's co-founders and managing partners graduated from Pratt in 1988 as did Joe Saldutti, a managing director of Gridiron. Scott Harrison, Gridiron's managing director and Chief Operating Officer also graduated from Duke University. Our firm has previously hired summer interns from Duke's Fuqua School of Business and we have participated in joint panels and forums run by Fuqua and ACG. Gridiron Capital was awarded the "North Carolina deal of the year" by ACG at this forum for our investment in ESP Energy Intelligence based in the RTP area.

    Gridiron Capital recruits depending on specific needs at our portfolio companies that become available across the country at their specific locations. The leadership teams at our various companies often seek smart, hard-working interns that can work as part of a team on specific growth initiatives and projects. In the past these have included the assessment of new product development, entry into new market segments, supply and purchasing and other initiatives. The projects are normally tailored so that a summer intern can play a meaningful role and see the results of the project during their time involved. Gridiron Capital does not recruit for full time positions frequently but as opportunities arise at Gridiron or in our portfolio companies we can make appropriate profiles available.

    Interns: Finance, Sales/Business Development, Product Management, Marketing

  • Guidebook

    Guidebook Raleigh - American Underground

    "At Guidebook, we don’t think it should be expensive or difficult for organizations to connect with their audiences on their mobile devices. More and more people are relying on their smartphones and tablets for information about what’s going on, and how to get the most out of the experience once they get there. Forward-thinking organizations have realized this, and are trying to make the transition, but it can be a daunting task to create an app from scratch. Guidebook makes it simple and inexpensive to go mobile.

    We are currently in contract negotiation with multiple offices at Duke to create an all-encompassing mobile campus solution.

    Potential internship and full-time opportunities in sales, customer service, and campus programming.

    Full-time: Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Design
    Interns: Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Design

  • Hydralife

    Hydralife Durham - American Underground

    Hydralife's mission is to secure clean water access for all people across the globe. Our solution is to create a consumer product and brand that starts with a high quality reusable water bottle, using a built in advanced carbon nano filter for superior quality. The consumer simply fills up the bottle with a source of unfiltered water, tap water in most use cases, and then carries around the bottle ready to drink clean and crisp tasting filtered water wherever they are. Our value lies in providing people with a simple, beautiful way to have convenient clean water on the go, while showing their support for a social cause, a better environment and healthier living. For each bottle sold, Hydralife will pledge to give 10-20 people clean water for a year, through a combination of our in-house solution systems, and partner organization.

    Brandon Sassouni is currently a senior at Duke, and started the venture this year. He is partnering with a nano carbon filtration producer here in the Triangle to ensure the product is of the highest quality, and working with a great industrial designer whom I went abroad with in Australia. My friend Max Joseph, a super-senior, is also a part of the venture and helping with videography and multimedia.

    We are a very visually oriented company, and our brand is the most important thing in being able to make this movement an effective one. We are looking to add additional creatives, looking to join a fun team, with an exciting product, and really make a significant impact on the lives of people who need it most. The following roles are available: Videographer, Blogger, Social Media Marketing, Business Development / Partner Outreach, Graphic Designer

    Full-time: Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Design
    Interns: Sales/Business Development, Product Management, Marketing, Design

  • Latta Partners

    Latta Partners Charlotte, NC

    We are an IT consulting shop that helps big companies innovate like smaller firms and smaller firms scale like big companies. We provide turn key solutions that span the entire SDLC, from product management to use cases to full stack development.

    One of our founders, John Espey, graduated from the Fuqua WEMBA program in 2009.

    We are looking for employees who can lead a project team, sell projects, and dig down into the technical details of building software products for both Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies.

    Full-time: Programming, Sales/Business Development, Design
    Interns: Programming, Design

  • LuckyDiem

    LuckyDiem New York City

    LuckyDiem is preparing to release LDLocal, a reimagined mobile search app that enables small businesses to launch powerful promotions within minutes with integrated gaming, savings and loyalty points.

    Andrew Landis, Founder/CEO of LuckyDiem, is a Duke Trinity '89 alum.

    Engineering/coders and marketing positions are available.

    Full-time: Programming, Product Management
    Interns: Programming, Sales/Business Development, Product Management, Marketing, Design

  • Movable Ink

    Movable Ink New York City

    Movable Ink is changing the way marketers connect with their consumers. Movable Ink’s mission is to enable brands to market in the moment with real-time, personalized digital content delivered at massive scale. agileEMAIL, Movable Ink’s flagship agile marketing solution, empowers marketers to optimize, target, and personalize emails at the moment of open. Movable Ink has offices in New York City and London, and powers over 190 Fortune 1000 brands including Ebay, Airbnb, Bass Pro Shops, and Finish Line.

    Ali Byrd, CFO of Movable Ink, is a Duke alum.

    We are growing our Marketing team with Sales Development Representatives. Their primary goal as a Sales Development Representative is to fill our pipeline with qualified leads for our Sales team.

    Full-time: Programming, Engineering (other than programming), Sales/Business Development, Product Management, Marketing, Finance, Design
    Interns: Engineering (other than programming), Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Finance

  • Neuro+

    Neuro+ Durham - American Underground

    Neuro+ makes brain-computer interface software for EEG systems. Our latest product is a brain-controlled video game that treats ADHD by training users to focus with neurofeedback, biofeedback, and cognitive training exercises.

    Founder and CEO Jake Stauch attended Duke as an undergrad, and 2nd employee Pratheek Menon graduated from the M.Eng. program in 2013.

    We are looking for:
    Marketing Intern: Manage and build online marketing campaigns targeting customers with ADHD - including but not limited to AdWords, social media, and blogs.
    iOS / Web Engineering Intern: Assist in the design and development of mobile brain-training games and supporting web app.

    Interns: Programming, Sales/Business Development, Marketing

  • Neuro+

    Nicotrax Raleigh - American Underground, HQ Raleigh

    Nicotrax will bring smokers a more effective way to quit smoking by helping them find the best way to quit for them. Our solution to this problem comes in the form of a connected smart cigarette case. We have developed hardware that monitors the user's habits by automatically detecting the removal of cigarettes from the case, and then recording this data through a companion Smartphone application. This app gives us the opportunity to analyze our users' habits and coach them through the process of kicking the habit for good. Our solution also takes the individual needs of users into account by allowing the user to customize their experience in a way that fits them, and automatically adapts to ongoing habits to ensure success.

    Duke has been critical in our development process. We have had the opportunity to not only work with the Research department (Duke's Center for Smoking Cessation) but also in working with Daniel Egger in the data analytics program. We also have worked with a variety of individuals involved within the startup space at Duke and within the general RTP area.

    Currently we are looking for both iOS and Android software developers as well as students strong in data analytics, business development, behavioral psychology, and marketing. Students we are interested in speaking to have a passion for wearable technology, data driven solutions, and health initiative based technology. In helping smokers quit, any additional experience within the smoking or cessation industry is also an added plus. We want students who have the passion to make a difference in smokers lives.

    Interns: Programming, Sales/Business Development, Finance

  • Queue Software

    Queue Software Raleigh - HQ Raleigh, American Underground, First Flight Ventures

    We’re developing what we believe is going to be the future of software development: simple yet sophisticated automated programming for mobile applications. Our technology automates all the programming required to build and deploy customized mobile apps. Users input the specifications using our drag and drop interface. Once complete, our tech intelligently designs the structure of the system and then writes all the code - in seconds.

    We have a Duke student on our team, Chinmay Patwardhan, and we're local! We also have UNC and NC State grads on our team and love recruiting local talent.

    We are looking for candidates qualified in: Front End Development - Javascript heavy, Back End Development - Java/Scala heavy, Mobile Development

    Full-time: Programming, Engineering (other than programming)

  • ReverbNation

    ReverbNation Durham

    Since 2006, ReverbNation has helped emerging musicians build their careers. Artists like Imagine Dragons, Kacey Musgraves and Alabama Shakes started on our site. We’ve connected millions more to venues, festivals, brands, publishers, labels, and the fans themselves. Our powerful career management and online marketing tools, combined with rapidly growing A&R capabilities and broad industry relationships offer emerging Artists from around the world access to the global music industry.Although we have satellite offices in New York and Los Angeles, we’re headquartered in the center of Durham, NC.

    ReverbNation was co-founded in 2006 by a Fuqua MBA graduate, Jed Carlson. We have always been proud to call Durham home.

    Come work for a music company that has been voted one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ in the Triangle for 3 years running! We are looking for individuals who thrive on collaborative teams where everyone works on everything, and everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas across all levels of the organization. You will experience the excitement of a fast moving and adaptive start-up environment but with the stability, compensation and benefits of a successful company. Please visit for current openings.

    Full-time: Programming, Sales/Business Development, Marketing,
    Interns: Programming, Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Finance

  • RocketBolt

    RocketBoltRaleigh/Durham and San Francisco

    RocketBolt provides real-time insights for marketing and sales teams on the leads coming to their websites. We can alert a company to the opportunity of a good lead, and give them relevant information which will help them engage with that lead in the most effective way. This allows the sales teams to get leads which are the highest-quality and most ready to convert. One initial target market is business-to-business companies, but we also see applications in business-to-consumer, and even government, non-profits, and higher education.

    One of the cofounders, Aaron Dinin, is a 2005 graduate of Duke. Head of Customer Success Andy Roth has two degrees from Duke Law, graduating in 2011 with his JD and 2012 with an LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, Aaron and Andy met at a 2013 DukeGEN event similar to StartupConnect.

    We'll be looking for interns to handle our social media, as well as fill business development positions such as sales and marketing. But we'd also love to talk to developers and designers. Basically, we'd like to talk to anyone who's interested in working for a fun startup. We can figure out the skill sets, the job training, and the positions later!

    Full-time: Programming, Sales/Business Development, Product Management, Marketing, Finance, Design
    Interns: Programmming, Sales/Business Development, Product Management, Marketing

  • Shoeboxed

    Shoeboxed Durham - American Underground

    Mobile & online expense tracking & bookkeeping for over 900k small businesses and individuals.

    Founder and CEO Taylor Mingos is Duke alum who started the company started while a student.

    We're looking for growth hacking/data nerds and engineers.

    Full-time: Programming, Marketing, Design
    Interns: Programming, Marketing, Design

  • Spots

    Spots Boston

    Spots aims to be Waze meets Yelp: an app that would allow users to see what's happening in their city at their favorite businesses live. We are taking the power of real-time crowdsourced information off the highway and putting it into the destination.

    Half our company are Duke grads, Chris Muto in 2013 and Deo Fagnisse in 2014.

    We have a variety of tech and business positions available, anywhere form big data analysis/engineering to app development to marketing and product managing. The most important parts are engagement, adaptability, enthusiasm, and hustle.

    Full-time: Programming, Marketing, Product Management, Design

  • TransLoc

    TransLoc Durham - American Underground, The Startup Factory

    "Since 2004 TransLoc has been the industry leader in innovation, providing live GPS tracking and management solutions to mass transit systems and creating the industry’s first native mobile apps. As recognition of its leadership in rider-facing transit technology, TransLoc was honored by the White House as a Champion of Change in 2013. In the next ten years, TransLoc is focused on two key issues: making transit more widely available and compelling to use. To accomplish those goals, TransLoc is developing new and better ways for transit agencies to break down these barriers and respond to their riders’ needs.

    Since 2012, TransLoc has helped millions of riders on Duke buses know when the bus was coming so they could cram in five more minutes of studying--or sleeping--before heading to the bus stop. We've also provided critical operational data to Duke Parking and Transportation to improve the efficiency of the buses, meaning less frustrated riders. Josh Cohen, Director of Strategy and Partnerships for TransLoc, is a Fuqua graduate (B '07) and continues to mentor Duke students interested in entrepreneurship through the Melissa and Doug Entrepreneurs program. Just please don't hold it against him that he went to UNC as an undergrad.

    TransLoc has several open roles in both business and technology roles and plans to continue to expand the team. Specific job descriptions are posted on the website and on AngelList and are updated frequently. Ideal candidates are comfortable taking initiative, have a can-do attitude, possess high integrity and respect for others, and are extremely passionate about solving big problems that affect millions of people.

    Full-time: Programming
    Interns: Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Finance

  • Venture for America

    Venture for AmericaNationwide

    Venture for America is a fellowship program for recent grads who want to learn how to build a business while making an impact. VFA Fellows get training and join a startup in an emerging US city, where they live and work for two years at one of our hundreds of partner companies. They learn hands-on what it takes to build a company, while getting the mentorship, network, and ongoing support to prepare themselves to become successful entrepreneurs. Our goal is to spark job growth in cities that need it by sending our top-talent to help grow the businesses that will make it happen.

    Did it start with our VP of Corporate Development, Mike Tarullo (Trinity '07), one of our first Fellows, Chelsea Koglmeier (Sanford '12), or did it really start to snowball when VFA Campus Ambassadors and 2013 Fellows Shilpi Kumar (Trinity '13) and Jack Farrell (Trinity '13) came on board? The debate continues, but one thing is for sure: Duke has become the number one pipeline of talent for the Venture for America Fellowship. Connor Moore, Duke '15, will represent VFA at StartupConnect.

    Seniors and recent grads from all majors are welcome to apply. We value academic success, extracurricular involvement and leadership, professional experience, startup-relevant skills, a passion for building businesses, and alignment with our mission to revitalize struggling economies.

    Full-time: Programming, Engineering, Sales/Business Development, Product Management, Marketing, Finance, Design
    Interns: Marketing

  • Virtue Event Planning & Consulting, Inc.

    Virtue Event Planning & Consulting, Inc. Durham - American Underground

    Virtue Event Planning & Consulting, Inc. is an award winning Event Planning & Design Firm located in Durham, NC. Serving areas from New York, New York to South Florida. Virtue specializes in strategic and logistical planning for events ranging from weddings to large music festivals.

    We are seeking applicants for our Rockstar internship program, specifically seeking applicants that are interested in Administration, Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Virtue is seeking applicants with some graphic design experience, well versed in managing social media platforms and a people person. Virtue also wants an opportunity to collaborate with interns on creating opportunities to expand utilizing technology and e-commerce initiatives related to Special Events.

    Interns: Sales/Business Development, Product Management, Marketing, Design

  • Windsor Circle

    Windsor CircleDurham - American Underground

    Windsor Circle's Retention Automation Platform helps online retailers keep, and get more from, their existing customers through data-driven, personalized and automated customer retention programs.

    Windsor Circle is actively engaged with the entrepreneurial departments from both Duke and UNC. We have worked with Duke students through internships and have Duke alumni on the team. Two of the founders, including Matthew Williamson, attended both undergraduate and MBA schools at UNC.

    Full-time: Programming, Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Design
    Interns: Programming, Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Design

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