Start a business and get clients immediately [Oklahoma City Virtual Event]
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Start a business and get clients immediately [Oklahoma City Virtual Event]

Start a business and get clients immediately [Oklahoma City Virtual Event]

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Oklahoma City

Online Webinar From Anywhere With Fast Internet

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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***This is an online event*** Your link will be emailed to you for the webinar

Tai Lopez Vs Neil Patel Vs Grant Cardone Vs Gary Vaynerchuk Vs Kris Daniel Gonsalves.

We are about to reveal how the best marketers in the world run their businesses and invest.

And How A 23 Year Old Rebel Started A Digital Marketing Business (Unbox Marketing Inc.) From His Bedroom In His Parent's House And Took It From Canada To The United States While Making Better Investments Than Most 'So-Called' Investment Gurus!

Are you an entrepreneur or investor that has dreamed about making money while you sleep?

Warren Buffett (the third richest man in the world) said, “ If you don’t learn how to make MONEY while you SLEEP, you will work until the day that you DIE.”

Ever since I heard that FACT, it has haunted me because I knew that working a 9-5 and being in small business would leave me working till the day I died!

So I quit my amazing job right before I was getting a promotion and a pay raise. Everyone thought I was CRAZY.....because I left a well-paid job to pursue a business and investing career at such a young age.

I took all of my savings and I went ALL IN!

And I heard crickets…......

I tried cold calling, networking, handing out business cards….none of it worked.

I was running out of money and I felt humiliated, depressed and I was meeting with clients that wasted my time and did not even look at my proposals that I spent hours on.

I worked 12-15 hours a day and I earned less than a teenager at Wendy’s.

Instead of quitting like what EVERYONE was telling me to do…..I committed to learning from several mentors in business and investing.

I read 150 books in a year and attended over 300 online and in class seminars…..I was obsessed with finding the ONE THING to make me successful!

After listening to a lot of advice from business gurus and investment gurus….I learned that most of them were lying. They were telling people to do CRAZY things in business but they would never actually do it themselves. Stuff like cold calling, mindless blogging and working one on one with clients. They were even telling people that houses, cars, and 401ks were investments....this is absolute madness.

I was angry and I knew there had to be a better way.......people were being lied too!

So I started testing out a theory for a better method....something that was fool proof and unbreakable.

I had a few failed attempts and a lot of criticism...can you imagine a mad scientist marketer/investor...the very mention of it sounds crazy!

But one day I figure it out, I got a conversion and then another one…...and then another one. I got so many conversions using classifieds that I scaled it up using Facebook.

I also found the right people to make investments with that were not trying to steal my money but who had my best interests in mind!

I had the Eureka (aha moment) and my life was never going to be the same.

I was able to scale my business up and get clients from anywhere at any price! I had cracked the code.

My first client that I showed this too became a millionaire shortly after I showed her the system and she had to stop marketing because there were too many clients coming in for her to handle!

When I saw clients come in while I slept not only for me but for my clients.....I was so happy that I wanted to just run out and tell the world!!!!

There is nothing more satisfying in teaching people how to succeed while loving what you do!

I don’t want to spend my life helping only the rich get richer. Which is why I created a Free Webinar to help out every entrepreneur and investor succeed.

It's called,”How to start a profitable 7 figure business/investment portfolio and get your $6,000- $50,000 customers while you sleep”

Register here for free, there are limited seats due to the high demand, I’m sorry if you are not able to get in.

This training will show you how to focus on the things that will grow your business and get high-value customers.

The training will be taken off soon as the demand is too high to meet and I do have to focus on high paying clients of my own.

Register if you want access to the truth about business and investing.

Stay strong,


CEO of Unbox Marketing Inc.

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Date and Time


Oklahoma City

Online Webinar From Anywhere With Fast Internet

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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