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Receive a breath and notice the Earth beneath you. Notice your body noticing. Be curious, ask for consent. Is it possible that you—and the “you” is vast, it is the cosmos—is it possible that you and I can share this moment, teach each other what we need to know for the next yearly cycle of the Sun? Is it possible, do we have consent, to ask for guidance? Are you willing to teach? Are we willing to be taught? There is much we humans need to learn about asking and receiving. There is much we need to learn about living fully in this moment.

Let us dream into 2018 with this intention: To live fully in our moments, awake and aware of who is with us and the choices we face together, as we cultivate respectful relationships that can change the worlds. Astrologer, Teri Parsley Starnes, is offering an evening of inquiry into what the stars may tell us about our next year on this Earth, and to imagine how we might co-create with consensual intention.

Participants in Dreaming into 2018 will connect via Zoom* to contemplate personal and collective intention for the new year. Teri will share important planetary movements and transits for 2018. Participants will be invited to ask questions and share insights for the coming year. Participants do not need astrological expertise. Teri believes astrology is a tool for mindful magic. As activists and lovers, we come together to envision the magic we wish to cultivate for the next year.

*After you register, Zoom contact information will be sent to you. Through Zoom you can connect by phone, device, or computer.

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