Star Souls Workshop (December)

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Star Souls Workshop (December)

Awaken more fully to the special gifts, energies, and connections you brought with you into this Earthly lifetime

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  • 6 hours 15 minutes
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What is the purpose of the Star Soul’s workshop, as answered by the Beings of Light:

“Those who have deep connections to and gifts gained from other planetary, galactic, or dimensional lifetimes are one of the most powerful and currently under-utilized resources in the transformation of human consciousness, particularly during this time of Ascension. Star souls have been incarnating on Earth in greater and greater numbers in order to help humanity reach a critical threshold of vibration. Because these individuals can often struggle just to function in Earthly society and Earthly vibration, their tremendous gifts and luminous chords of energetic connection often go unacknowledged and unactualized. This workshop is meant to provide a nurturing and supportive environment in which participants can begin to open to and learn about these gifts and energies and begin the process of fully aligning with their Star Soul’s mission on Earth. So many of you long for ‘home,’ and yet, it is through you that ‘home’ is brought here to Earth.”

A few potential benefits of the Star souls workshop

- Learn why you volunteered and why you were chosen as one of the star souls who would incarnate on Earth at this pivotal time of planetary ascension and gain greater insight into your star soul’s purpose and mission on Earth

- Awaken more fully to the special gifts, energies, and connections you brought with you into this Earthly lifetime

- Through a profound experience of your true star soul nature, begin to awaken to greater peace, love, and joy in your daily life

A Between Lives Star Soul Regression

A Between Lives Star Soul Regression or BLSSR is a sacred experience in which you can be immersed in the energies of the other planetary/galactic/and dimensional realms that your Star Soul knows, as well as return to the non-physical interconnected realm your soul recognizes as your true home. This is your home between all types of incarnations and is where you experience and remember your identity as a part of the ultimate Source. A Between Lives Star Soul Regression is a powerful and potentially deeply healing way to gain an expanded awareness of the nature of your soul and a profound understanding of the plan for, and purpose of, your life here on Earth.

A Between Lives Star Soul Regression begins with some preliminary steps that are intended to help you relax deeply, and enter an expanded state of awareness. Rob will use his hypnosis skills to expertly guide you on a journey to reunite and reconnect with your Star Soul family. They will help you remember the lifetimes you had with them that are relevant to your current Earthly lifetime and mission. Then, they will escort you to the vibrational level of the Guides and Angels of the Many ‘I’s. These are the Guides and Angels of Interplanetary, Intergalactic, and InterdimensionaI Incarnation and Invocation. These are the extremely evolved, loving, and wise beings that oversee the lifetimes of souls that incarnate within different planetary and galactic worlds and/or invoke beingness in other dimensional realms (including non-physical realms.) The Guides and Angels of the Many ‘I’s have a deep understanding and awareness of the entire history of your soul as well as how it relates to and is embedded within the One or Unity Consciousness.

You will have the opportunity to feel the profound unconditional love and complete non-judgement that these enlightened beings feel for you. You can ask them any questions you have, including any questions about what you have experienced in your current lifetime and your soul’s plans around those experiences. As well, you can ask them for greater clarity regarding the highest vibrational plan your soul wishes to invoke moving forward in life. You will have the opportunity to be reborn into this Earthly lifetime in greater alignment with the divine blueprint for your purpose on Earth, and have the opportunity for the activation of those gifts, energies and connections your Star soul most wishes to embrace and embody in your current Earthly lifetime that have been held in a state of perfection for you within this divine blueprint.

Agenda (All times are US eastern and are approximate except for the 10 am start times):

9:45am-10am: pre-session Zoom troubleshooting (if needed)

10am-11am: meditation to begin opening to Star Soul energies and introduction to Star Souls

11am-11:10am: short break

11:10am-1pm: Between Lives Star Soul Regression

1pm-2:30pm: lunch and journaling break

2:30pm-3:30pm: discussion and sharing

Refund and cancellation policy: All sales final; no refunds. If you cancel at least five full days before the start of the workshop, you are welcome to participate in another online workshop. For cancellations made less than five full days before the start of the workshop, you will not be able to transfer your purchase to another workshop. When you register for the workshop, you agree to these terms.