St Anthony Stake Youth Conference 2017 "Because of Joseph"

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Warm River

Warm River, ID 83420

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Please read ALL this information!

To the Youth and Youth Leaders of the St. Anthony Stake:

We are in the midst of planning a spectacular Youth Conference for the young women and young men of the St. Anthony stake, set for June 8-10th. There is much to do and to prepare. We feel it is important for ALL to arrive at conference ready for a wonderful experience and to be taught by the Spirit. As you begin your ward preparations for our 2017 Stake Youth Conference, we want to encourage all youth and leaders to follow these suggested guidelines. If all individuals prepare spiritually over the next few months, they will be better prepared to have a strengthening experience.

The Prophets and Apostles have counseled members of the Church to gain a strong testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the role he played in the Restoration of the Gospel. Our Youth Conference centers on this important need, as well as to help strengthen youth’s testimonies of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We, like Joseph Smith need to study, pray and ponder topics to help us better understand the Gospel and to understand the individual roles we fulfill in these last days.

Below is a list of recommended study topics that will help you prepare for this wonderful experience. Please set a goal to complete as many of these as you can before June 8th, so you are ready to receive what the Lord has in store for you.

These may be passed off individually or as ward. PLEASE use some of your mutual time to complete these as a group.


  • Watch Face to Face on March 4th with President Eyring and Elder Holland 11:00 am (or watch at a later time)
  • Read or listen to To Acquire Spiritual Guidance by Richard G Scott Oct 2009 Lds Conference
  • Read or listen to Your Four Minutes by (Bishop) Gary A Stevenson April 2014 Conference
  • Set a goal to read the New Era every month from cover to cover.
  • Set a goal to daily read your scriptures and to say your prayers.
  • Set a goal to have an extra fast, with a real purpose in your heart.
  • Learn how to index. Visit the Family History Center to learn how. It is easy and you can do it in your spare time J We will set a “Indexing Goal” for each ward to reach before Conference.

GAIN A TESTIMONY OF JOSEPH SMITH & BOOK of MORMON (these can all be found on )

  • Watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration
  • Read or Listen to Joseph Smith by Neil L Anderson Oct 2014 Conference
  • Read or watch The Prophet Joseph Smith by Lawrence E Corbridge April 2014 Conference
  • Read or Watch Joseph Smith-Prophet of the Restoration by Tad E Callister Oct 2009 Conference
  • Watch Mormon Message: The Book of Mormon: A Book with a Promise
  • Listen to BYU-I Devotional by Jason Kunzler “Millions shall know Brother Joseph Again.
  • Watch “Special witnesses Elder Christoffersen” (on Media Library)
  • Read the Incomparable Joseph Smith by Leon R Hartshorn New Era Jan 1972


  • Read or listen to Joseph Smith History. Found in the Pearl of Great Price
  • Watch Mormon Message : The Message of the Restoration
  • Watch Mormon Message : What the Restoration Means to Me: The Apostasy and the Restoration
  • Spend time on Search topics: Restoration, Joseph Smith, Testimony
  • Watch “Special witnesses President Monson” at the Book of Mormon pub site. (on
  • Watch “Special Witness- Elder Bednar” at the Susquehannah River ( media library)


MEMORIZE THESE HYMNS – Please learn them at home, at church and in Seminary.

  • A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief Hymn # 29
  • Joseph Smith’s First Prayer Hymn # 26
  • Praise to the Man Hymn # 27
  • We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet Hymn # 19


  • Apply James 1:5-6 in your life. Ask Heavenly Father your questions and wait patiently for His answers to come.
  • Gain a testimony of Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, and The Restoration through humble prayer and fasting.
  • Ask Heavenly Father how you fit into His Plan and pray for strength and courage to stand as a witness of Jesus Christ at all times.
  • Make your home life better by being a better disciple.
  • If you have your Patriarchal blessing, refer to it often as you prepare for Youth Conference.
  • If you don’t have your blessing, do some planning and research and set a goal to receive it when you are ready.

Be ready for a fun time!


Youth 14 and older, as well as leaders who are attending must register through the eventbrite link registration to be added to the list to attend Youth Conference. Parental & Medical Release forms MUST be given to ward Young Men and Young Women Leaders by this date.


Stake Leaders will be in attendance and it is required that 1 Young Women and 1 Young Men leader from each ward attend. Each ward will need to have 1 adult per 6 youth.

Parental Permission & Medical Release Slips

Each ward will need to collect and have parental permission slips for each youth attending from their prospective ward. If the youth and parents do not supply and sign the release form, that youth cannot attend Youth Conference. The Young Men & Young Women Leaders from their ward will keep those Permission Slips throughout the duration of Youth Conference. They will have the contact information to parents if a situation were to arise.

Allergies, especially to food need to be disclosed. Since Stake Leaders are supplying food to the youth, we must be aware of any food allergies to keep youth and other leaders safe. Any medical conditions that are a concern to parents are a concern to the Stake & Ward Leaders that are planning youth conference. Parents, please disclose information to keep your youth safe, and that we may know any important medical information to prevent any harmful situation. Youth may NOT share any medication with any other youth, even ibuprofen. Just don’t do it.

Medical & Parental Release Forms are found on the website below.


Leaders and youth are to meet at the St. Anthony Stake Center on Thursday, June 8th at 10:00. Ward leaders are responsible to transport their youth and supplies to the Youth Conference location.

We will be returning back to the St. Anthony Stake Center at approximately 12:00 noon on Saturday, June 10th.

Youth Conference Standards

Youth (and non member youth) that attend Youth Conference will be held to, For the Strength of Youth Standards. If non-member friends are going, they MUST be educated on what this entails. Fowl language, immodest dress, or bad behavior will result in immediate correction from leaders, depending on the severity possible dismissal.

Absolutely no drugs, alcohol, or harmful substances to be brought, that would be immediate dismissal.


*It could be muddy- so please pack accordingly. Don't bring your best.

General Equipment:


Journal and Pencil


Camera (no cell service)

Water Bottle

Camp Chair (you must have one!)


Sleeping bag


Extra blanket

Personal Items: NO SCENTED ITEMS!!



Unscented lotion/ deodorant


Bug spray

Wash cloth

Wipes, sanitizer, personal items

Personal medication

Clothing: (Church Standard Please)

Pioneer Clothing (for Friday)

Coat or jacket


Rain gear -we hope it doesn’t rain J

2 pairs of pants or jeans


Extra socks... they might get wet

Sturdy shoes (rainboots??)

No sandals or flip flops!


It might be cold, bring a hat & Gloves & Scarf just in case


You may bring snacks to add to your

Ward’s snack bucket, but you MAY

NOT have any food in your tent

You will be camping and sleeping

With your ward.

You must ride with your ward to

And from Youth Conference

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. WE WANT ALL YOUTH TO COME! Share this on Facebook or through email or other social media avenues!

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Date and Time


Warm River

Warm River, ID 83420

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