Special December Intimate Tantra Gathering & Intro to Conscious Touch Lab
$45 – $80
Special December Intimate Tantra Gathering & Intro to Conscious Touch Lab

Special December Intimate Tantra Gathering & Intro to Conscious Touch Lab

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Watertown Center For Healing Arts

17 Spring St

Watertown, MA 02472

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You are invited to take time out of the hectic holiday season to slow down and be nourished in community.

During this special year-end event you will have the opportunity to:

  • Be guided through a series of intimacy-building exercises to build trust, connection and community

  • Come home to yourself

  • Forge more personal connections with others in the local tantra community

  • Be welcomed and honored just as you are

  • Be seen, heard and accepted

  • Experience a sense of belonging

  • Reflect on the year that is coming to a close and set intentions for the year to come

  • Give and receive nourishing, non-sexual touch

It’s astounding how quickly intimacy can be established and how safe we can feel with people we’ve just met when we choose to open and share vulnerably and authentically.

“Brynn has some kind of ineffable gift of bringing people together that feels so safe. The evening was magical.”

“Brynn created and held the space with skillfully designed yet simple exercises where we all got to experience ourselves, as well as her, as the magicians and alchemists we truly are.”

“I left feeling so uplifted. Everyone looked buoyant by the end, with bright eyes and smiling hearts. I don't know how Brynn does it, but she's able to create a reverential and profoundly connected community in a few short hours.”

You are invited to get deeply nourished. Practice staying true to yourself by expressing your desires, preferences, and boundaries in real time as you ask for exactly what you want and only provide what you can say yes to with a joyfull heart.

What would it be like if ...

  • There was a safe place you could receive nurturing touch which wasn't going to lead to sex.
  • You didn't have to worry about performance or doing it right.
  • You were accepted and cherished, just as you are.
  • You were present in your body, self-connected, allowing yourself to follow the inner compass of your pleasure (within the context of agreed upon consent).

What possibilities might this open for you in your being and in your life?

“It was one of the best meetups I ever attended. The atmosphere safe, open and inviting. Blessings may we all find that space to be free with our words and hearts. Come drink freely of the waters. Thank you Brynn.”

Pleasure heals. It may occur to you as a luxury, not a necessity. And yet when we take the time to fill our nourishment tanks, we have more to give to the world around us. It is not only an act of self-care, but a means of empowerment towards letting our light shine more brightly in the dark and taking emboldened action.

In a safe, sacred and supportive non-sexual environment, you will be given a framework and guided through a progressive series of exercises to practice key principles of authentic relating. Developing these skills increases your capacity for greater freedom to be your true self and to connect more intimately and pleasurably with others.

The second half of the evening, you will be led through an exploration of various modalities of touch to expand your touch repertoire based on consensual agreement -- giving and receiving nurturing, non-sexual touch. Perhaps you will discover new ways of receiving pleasure! You will practice asking for what you want - an essential skill to receiving the nourishment you desire – and setting boundaries around what feels good while both giving and receiving – another essential skill which allows you to show up fully in your power and pleasure and forge authentic, nourishing connections.

“Brynn is a master in creating a powerful and deep experience - for the new and experienced alike. I truly enjoyed this workshop and took a lot home to practice and think about.”


• Feeling safe and sensual in your own skin.

• Exploring what you want and need, and giving yourself permission to ask for and receive it with increasing ease and gratitude.

• Experiencing the relief and delight in not having to second guess what someone else really wants.

• Being present in your body – feeling trust, safety, connection, pleasure, and delight.

• Feeling more connected, appreciated and cherished.

• Being your authentic self and experiencing deeper intimacy and more freedom, playfulness, nourishment and fulfillment than ever before.

“Brynn is amazing in creating a trusting space for people with all different experience. I had a memorable, tender experience and I appreciate everyone’s presence and energy which made it possible. thank you.”

Evolve your Conscious Intimacy skill set:

  • Self connection
  • Asking for what you want (without attachment to getting it)
  • Being open to nourishment and connection in unimagined ways (opening to the unknown)
  • Celebrating and honoring each other's empowerment (speaking their truth)
  • Reframing 'no' from rejection to a bold act of intimacy, which creates greater trust
  • Inviting magic
  • Exploring the energetics of touch
  • Letting go of story
  • Being present in the moment
  • Awakening your senses to increased delight
  • Exploring with curiosity and playfulness
  • Relinquishing the need to take care of or please others
  • Taking responsibility for your experience
  • Opening to receive more deeply
  • Releasing attachment
  • Quieting the mind
  • Opening your heart
  • Taking in the nourishment that is available
  • Tapping into your innate innocence and joy
  • Experiencing authentic intimacy and connection
  • Being satiated with gratitude

"This was a fantastic workshop! I can't wait for the next one!"

I am particularly wanting to support women in becoming more empowered in the exploration of their pleasure. To this end, I am extending a special discount to single women for this event.

Women, invite your girlfriends to join you for a nourishing night out!

Connect with other conscious singles and couples interested in heart-centered connection, authenticity, spirituality, intimacy, personal growth, and sacred sexuality!

Tickets: $45/solo female; $50/solo male; $80/couple/pair.


Tickets for singles are gender balanced. Solo men, you will be put on a wait list when you register. When a woman registers to balance you out, you will be notified that a space has opened up for you.

Tickets are available for couples of any gender/orientation and for gender balanced pairs. Couples may do all the exercises together if they wish.

(Save trees. No need to print your ticket, if you paid, you will be on the guest list.)

About your facilitator:

Brynn Bishop, Founder of Conscious Intimacy, is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator and Intimacy Coach. Her mission is to empower people to create authentic, loving, pleasurable relationships with themselves and others. She specializes in helping people re-wire their nervous systems towards greater connection & pleasure.

Brynn’s unique approach weaves together cutting edge Somatic Psychology, Healthy Attachment Re-Patterning and Trauma Resolution with Taoist and Tantric Healing Arts and Awakening practices - providing the most effective methods of healing, transformation and empowerment. She is available for Individual and Couples Intimacy Coaching and Healing Sessions in Arlington, MA and via phone and video conference.

Discover more at www.conscious-intimacy.com

Curious about Individual or Couples' Intimacy Coaching? Schedule a Complimentary Phone Consult.


What is the dress code?

Casual and comfortable. Wear something you feel good in, that is not too binding so you can breathe and move freely. You may want to consider wearing shorts/skirt and a short sleeve shirt/top with spaghetti straps if you would like the skin on your legs and arms exposed.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

There is a large parking lot behind the building which is free after 6pm.

If you are coming by public transit, the Watertown Center bus hub is just around the corner on Main at Mt Auburn St. Check mbta.com or google maps for routes.

What should I bring?

  • A water bottle
  • Optional finger food to share

*Image "In the Name of Love" by Hari Luahlhati, harilualhati.yolasite.com

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Date and Time


Watertown Center For Healing Arts

17 Spring St

Watertown, MA 02472

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