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4200 George J Bean Pkwy

Tampa, Florida 33607

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So you want to be a SIX-FIGURE speaker?

Then let's make that happen!

Do you have a desire to be a better speaker and learn how to be a great speaker? Do you have a MESSAGE to share?

This EVENT is for you! Come learn about speaking and watch some of the best speakers on the East Coast battle it out for Steve Sapato's SpeakerTalks Best Speaker Award!

This is your chance to learn from great speakers and great speaking coaches!

We will have unique and interesting speakers who are both innovative and influential, who are passionate about their ideas and are able to inform, inspire, surprise and delight audiences.

Ernie Davis and Steve Sapato, are great speaking coaches who will be teaching you from the stage how to become a great speaker. Plus as a bonus, we will have Paul Fink, The Maverick Millionaire sharing tips for your success.

Just a single one-hour session with any of these amazing presenters is worth the price of this ticket!! What are you waiting for?

Come learn from the best and the ONLY coaches putting on this type of event where we host speakers making headlines and wanting their own professional video to help them grow their speaking business.

Nowhere else will you get in-your-face professional training like this! This is a $1,200 value training and because we are incorporating it into the SpeakerTalks event you will receive 8 hours of great speaking training, be able to see fantastic speakers, have breakfast and lunch included at one of the nicest hotels in the Tampa area for only $500 for this TWO-DAY spectacular event! ($150 for fast-acting early on-boarders)

Book your ticket NOW!!! And not only get a fantastic price but I will give you two short courses valued at $25 each. StoryTelling & Signature Talks so you can jump-start your training for March!

Want to learn the tips for honing a speech into a great presentation? Learn how your words change your audience? Learn what it takes to be more effective and engage your audience? Learn how to market yourself and grow your speaking business?

Have you been to other events hoping to LEARN some great tips? Get some great advice? Make a CAREER changing decision by what you learn?

Then this event is for you.

Learn about the 25 areas that make a speech work and how you can learn to use them to book more speaking jobs! Here are just a FEW other areas! Don't fall for the big gurus claims. Come and get PERSONALLY coached. Be able to ask questions on topics like these...

My message can change the world, but what should I talk about and why?

  • We’ll have an introduction, complete two exercises and discuss a few things. Most importantly, we’ll solve the audience's problems…

    • I don’t know what to talk about

    • I don’t know what to say

    • Nobody is interested in what I have to say

How to remember your presentation without memorizing your presentation

  • We’re going to share with you a simple technique for remembering and delivering effective presentations. Most importantly, well solve the problems…

    • I’m not good at writing speeches

    • I can’t remember everything I wanted to say

    • I don’t want to use my notes

How to appeal to your audience and make them desperate for more

  • We’re going to share a few proven steps to help you elevate your delivery. We’ll solve the following problems…

    • I’m not really good at public speaking

    • I might be boring

    • People might fall asleep, and

    • This could go pretty poorly

How to become one of the top speakers of the next generation, 2020 and beyond

  • We’ll discuss the “changing of the guard” and the future of public speaking. We’ll address some newfound beliefs acquired over the last three sessions, most notably…

    • People might really like what I have to say

    • I could get paid to speak

    • I could quit my 9 to 5, and make a living speaking

All of this and much more when you decide to learn how you can be that speaker and start making great money speaking.

SpeakerTalks™ is the only platform where people get these types of results, stage time, audience, professional recording. They are excited and motivated to be their very best so you get to see the very best.

This is your event. Come and hear some of the best short speech topics presented by some of the best speakers in the nation. Each speech will have been crafted and honed so you will be highly entertained or enlightened.

What are you waiting for? 2 days of speakers and speaker training. 2 days of asking questions and getting REAL answers. 2 days of rubbing elbows with your workshop leaders and speaking experts. Buy that ticket NOW! You know it's worth three times what we are charging! If you get one single new gig from what you learn it would be worth it! And you will! Get your tickets now!

We will not be hiding from you. We are there to HELP you grow into a tremendous speaker. Have access to us all day both days! (well, when we are not working or on stage!) But eat lunch with us and ask us questions! Come early and eat breakfast with us and learn, learn, learn!) And we are not CHARGING you to eat with us like the GURUS!!! (ridiculous)


Can you tell I am serious about helping you succeed? This is not just a two-day and DONE kinda thing where you cannot reach us or hear from us again.

You are our legacy! The more people I can help achieve their life goals the more people will remember Steve Sapato. And that's all I can leave behind in my life.

Come join us and really become part of our SpeakerTalks family to help other speakers grow.

Isn't this what life should be like? People making a living helping you make a living? (Not being super rich - here's my mansion let me charge you an arm and a leg for my next event and then never talk to you again?)

Come get to know us. PERSONALLY! Come share your life with us and let us get to know you. Come. It will be worth it. I promise. Now click the ticket link and let's go.

If you are an event or meeting planner looking for some of the best speakers to present to your clients? Or a corporation or speakers bureau?

What is your company or organization looking for?

Get speakers bios and learn what their best topics are and how those speakers might ease your pressure as you plan your next event.

Get a FREE ticket and really learn who can be your next speaker.

Stop guessing if your speaker is good and start watching! Or just come to enjoy! Get your tickets now! Seating is extremely limited.

And meet last years attendees as many of them will be returning to learn even more about how to be great speakers. Mix and mingle and learn from them how you can change your career by adding a speaker reel to your host of tools to help you become visible.


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Date and Time



4200 George J Bean Pkwy

Tampa, Florida 33607

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Refund Policy

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Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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