Speak up for your business - 1 day speaker training for women
£97 – £120
Speak up for your business - 1 day speaker training for women

Speak up for your business - 1 day speaker training for women

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Lancaster Hall Hotel

35 Craven Terrace

Lancaster Gate


W2 3EL

United Kingdom

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Speak Up For Your BUSINESS – public speaker training for women entrepreneurs and women who want to get ahead at work

•  Are your elevator pitches boring and forgettable?

• Do you need to present for work or business but you’re not sure how to structure your ideas?

• Is your voice high pitched and trembly, getting in the way of your credibility?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Speak Up For Your BUSINESS is for you!

In this one-day intermediate speaker training for women entrepreneurs and business people you’ll learn a 7-step technique to create a compelling speech that will persuade others to buy into you and your ideas. Even if you are new to public speaking, you will still find value in attending.

People with great communication and presentation skills tend to:

•  Earn more money

• Have more productive work relationships

• Get promoted more rapidly

All women are welcome and we particularly encourage those who are naturally quiet, shy or introverted. We know that you don’t often push yourselves forward into the limelight but it’s time for you to get those brilliant, creative ideas out into the world!

Our gentle approach will instill you with confidence so that even after you leave the event, you can continue to spread your wings and fly.

For more info and video testimonials, check out sholakaye.com


Tap into a rich, strong engaging voice using powerful vocal exercises

Create an elevator pitch that encourages real engagement

Tell inspirational stories that draw in your listeners

Persuade and inspire with inclusive language

A seven step process to create a powerful presentation

Basics of powerpoint and slide creation/usage

Plus 2 incredibly valuable bonuses:

BONUS 1 – 15 minute 1-to-1 Skype discovery session with Shola! Shola will answer follow-up questions during your 1-to-1 session. Alternatively, if you have video footage of you speaking to a group, Shola will review it and give you an analysis of your strengths and any areas that require more attention.

BONUS 2 – come to a DIVA evening session of your choice, deliver your 60 second elevator pitch to the group, and receive valuable feedback!

At Speak Up Like A DIVA we try to give EVERYONE a chance to speak to the entire group. As a graduate of one of our 1-day programs you can not only participate in the speaker challenge of the evening, but you can also bring your own prepared speech and deliver it to the group. You are guaranteed a warm reception and constructive feedback!

ABOUT Speak Up Like A DIVA:

This is a group for women – especially the naturally quiet ones – who want to speak up and be heard.

Gain confidence and work on your public speaking, presentations and voice skills

Improve your business networking, present better at work and overcome shyness

Work on your voice to increase projection and oomph!

Speak Up Like A Diva is a combination of public speaker training and confidence building. It will soon get you speaking up, speaking out and being heard!


Hi, as a self-confessed introvert I know what it’s like to have nerves and stage fright. I used to hate speaking in front of a group. Years ago I even got fired from a job because I didn’t speak up during meetings. One day I knew I had to take the bull by the horns and deal with my fears. Eventually I had the courage to become a professional singer. Over the years, as both a speaker and an international vocalist, I’ve performed and spoken in front of tens of thousands of people. I'm now an award winning speaker. A far cry from the shy and frightened woman who would sit in meetings hating every moment of it.

If I can do it, so can you! Take the first step by coming to one of our events. They’re fun, friendly, gentle and encouraging. Presentation skills are SO valuable in today’s society. Whether you want to get ahead at work, be more assertive during conversations, or deliver your personal message to the world, you owe it to yourself to be the best communicator you can be. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about giving yourself the freedom to be YOU.


Shola is an award-winning speaker, and award-winning teacher and an NLP coach. She has a PGCE from Oxford University and has been teaching and training in companies, colleges and schools for more than a decade. With an unusual background as both a singer and a speaker, Shola uses her wealth of experience to bring out the best in her trainees. She’s an intuitive instructor with a knack for giving people the right amount of information to get the job done, without overwhelming them. She’s a member of the Professional Speakers Association, the Women Speakers Association and Toastmasters International.

If you'd like a free public speaking e-book with some specific advice for quiet girls, please sign up here: http://sholakaye.com/ebook-sign-up-page/

No spam - I promise you!

Finally, here's the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/speakuplikeadiva

If public speaking for quiet girls interests you, please like the FB page so we can keep in touch with you or, just download the useful e-book. 

And if you'd like to help us tailor these meetings to YOU then please take just a minute to fill out this super quick survey - no email address required!


Look forward to meeting you!

Shola x

FEEDBACK from previous meetings and events:

"I’m sure you will be happy to hear, I am finding I’m much more readily up for engaging in conversation with people at work, usually one to one. Generally feeling less anxious about speaking up, which is quite a revelation. I even spoke to somebody in the company that I’ve hardly spoken to in nearly 10 years of being there, although, she is usually on a different floor.

I also enjoyed meeting the other women who were at the meeting, including yourself of course. Such a wonderful venue too, I’m glad the next one is at the same place."

"It was great to know that many women are in the same situation as myself. I feel positive that I will develop my confide

nce and public speaking"

"Thank you for hosting the event last night. It was very rewarding and refreshing to be amongst like-minded women with a personal goal towards self-development. I’ve already told so many colleagues about your event who want to attend the next one."

"Thank you Shola for the precious & priceless gift yesterday! I have spent thousands of pounds & countless hours learning & training! Never before have I had a coaching session so precisely & perfectly made to fit the job in hand! That one short session got me through a very challenging speech & will serve me for the rest of my life!" Lena Julie Porter

"Shola offered our startups a fantastic workshop exploring the art of presenting confidently which really showed at the demo day pitches at the end of our cohort.

Her experience as a singer was invaluable and showed how skills can be easily transferred across into the business world. The workshop was highly engaging and the startups came out full of energy, a new found confidence and had vastly improved their pitch" Rishi Chowdhury

"Shola was the opening and closing speaker at our event and tailored her speech to cater for needs of the audience. She is a brilliant speaker.

An absolute professional, she was very easy to work with and her style is an entertaining combination of high energy, humorous tales and warm authenticity. There was a powerful take home message behind every story she shared and our attendees were fully engaged from the first moment. I look forward to inviting Shola back to other events here at Lloyds." Sarita Yadav

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Date and Time

Lancaster Hall Hotel

35 Craven Terrace

Lancaster Gate


W2 3EL

United Kingdom

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