Sounding Circles Sunday: Creating  Cohesiveness & Community through Voice

Sounding Circles Sunday: Creating Cohesiveness & Community through Voice

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    Sounding Circles are facilitated events offering the invitation to connect with your deeper self and community through vocalized sound.

    About this event

    We gather weekly on Zoom to connect through sound with our global family. The purpose of this virtual meetup is to come into cohesiveness with one another in a circle of support as well as provide an opportunity to practice self-care using your own intrinsic healing tool: your voice. These sessions utilize the Zoom platform as a means to focus our collective, but the true invitation is to listen acoustically within your own space and energetically feel the group presence and resonance across all distance.

    We will initially check in briefly on audio/video/chat. Next, we will turn off the audio while Sounding Circles founder and energy facilitator Joule L'Adara will lead the group into a mindfulness practice to drop into the body and connect with one-another in sonic circle. The sound meditation is a preparatory step to allow you to feel comfortable enough to engage in deeper self work within the support of community. Joule will then guide the group through a series of vocal invitations to widen your permissions and vocal possibilities. After the sounding concludes, we will bring back our audio/video/chat and share through words to articulate and ground our experience into memory.

    We endeavor to provide a "brave space" where all people are welcomed and encouraged to show up just how they are with whatever they are feeling. This is a place to experience your whole self, to feel comfortable enough to express emotions ranging from joy, to grief, to fear, to sacred rage. We invite in the holy fool in us to play in order to reach depth with levity, and we hold space for all the dissonances within us to be emitted out without forcing them to resolve.

    These sessions are free to all to participate in. You do not need to have and "singing" ability - but singers are encouraged to join. Sessions are not recorded at this time so that you are encouraged to attend live and feel supported to share freely.

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