Soul Full Reflections: A Full Moon Yoga, Yoga Nidra + Sound Bath Journey

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Soul Full Reflections: A Full Moon Yoga, Yoga Nidra + Sound Bath Journey

❉ RELAX ❉ RELEASE ❉ REFLECT ❉ REJUVENATE ❉ with Yoga followed by Yoga Nidra + a Sound Bath focusing on letting go led by @SoulFullBrooke !

By Brooke Baudot Bergeron and Christina Geiger

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Thursday, April 6 · 6 - 8pm CDT


Christina's Therapeutic Touch 2260 Carey Street #STE4 Slidell, LA 70458

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About this event

  • 2 hours
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A 45-minute Yoga Flow followed by Yoga Nidra + a Sound Bath where you will be guided into a deep meditation as you relax and release what no longer serves you while attuning to the Quartz singing bowls.

This event is a time to turn the senses inward and reflect each month. What is holding you back from your highest and greatest good? How can you become the best version of yourself?

Soul Full Reflections is an opportunity to release old patterns and create new beginnings for yourself, setting you down the path of your own personal destiny!


Address: Christina’s Therapeutic Touch - 2260 Carey St STE4, Slidell, LA 70458

* *The building is on the corner of Robert St and Carey St. The entrance is technically on Robert St. You will see a sign for Christina's Therapeutic Touch over the door and know you are at the right place!**

Ticket Pricing:

Early Bird - $44

Door Price - $55


Vinyasa Yoga Flow.

A beginner-friendly Vinyasa Yoga Flow.

All bodies, genders, and abilities are welcome!

Yoga Nidra + Sound Bath.

A beautiful blend of Yoga Nidra + Sound Healing where we relax deeply in a guided meditation as we attune to the beautiful vibrations of singing bowls. Yoga Nidra is also known as, “yogic sleep.” During Yoga Nidra, you will enter a calming state that triggers a relaxation response, naturally reducing stress in the body and mind. The practice creates physical and mental activities that change brain waves to release emotional tension, slow down the nervous system, and allow muscles to relax.

How does Yoga Nidra work?

While falling asleep, brain waves begin moving from thoughtful beta waves, pass through the stages of alpha waves, then theta waves, and finally enter the slowest frequency of sleep - delta waves. Yoga Nidra guides practitioners into a state of relaxation between the alpha and theta state. This allows us to lie in deep relaxation between waking and sleeping. This state calms the autonomic nervous system that regulates the body's processes that take place without a conscious effort. In addition, it puts the parasympathetic nervous system into a deeper resting state. By calming the nervous system, this guided meditation deeply benefits the brain and body.

Yoga Nidra Benefits:

✦ Improves thought patterns.✦ Reduces stress. ✦ Enhances cognitive memory + performance. ✦Improves mindfulness.✦ Diminishes symptoms of anxiety + depression. ✦ Helps treat chronic pain. ✦ Reduces PTSD. ✦ Improves sleep + insomnia. ✦ Improves self-esteem + confidence. ✦ Lowers blood pressure. ✦ Enhances creativity. ✦ Strengthens immune system. ✦ Recharges vital energy. ✦ Balances the nervous system. ✦ Strengthens the endocrine system. ✦ Improves mindfulness. ✦ Improves self-esteem + confidence.

What to bring with you:

‣ Water to keep hydrated!

‣ Yoga mat. If you don’t have a yoga mat, we will have some available for use for a $3 rental fee.

‣ Eye mask. Using an eye mask or small towel to put over your eyes will help you relax deeper.

‣ Pillow or bolster for under your knees for added comfort during Yoga Nidra. This is optional, but very nice to have for lower back support.

‣ Yourself and a smile! 😊


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About Brooke:

Brooke has been teaching yoga and practicing meditation for 10 years. During this time, she founded a yoga studio in New Orleans, assisted in many yoga teacher-trainings, and taught countless workshops. Brooke finds these practices to be essential for her own well-being and is extremely passionate about sharing them with others to assist in finding balance and harmony within mind, body, and spirit. Now certified in Holographic Sound Healing, she creates a unique sound bath - blending together Yoga Nidra and sacred sound while using singing bowls to induce a profound state of relaxation. Using this blend of sound, we are able to go much deeper into meditation and enter a state conducive to deep reflection and subsequent healing. Brooke refers to herself as an 'enthusiast of all things living' - a reflection of her deep love for nature, animals, connecting with other people, and this magical thing we call the human experience.

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