Soul Food - Mindful Eating for Enhanced Awareness & Spiritual Growth

Soul Food - Mindful Eating for Enhanced Awareness & Spiritual Growth

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Our spiritual lives impact our relationship with food and the foods we eat affects our spiritual sensibilities. Enhance them with Soul Food

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Decades ago when I began my spiritual journey with Tantric studies, I learned that in spirituality, it was the tantra tradition that moved from the dualistic worldview of the ancient Hindu texts, of seeing matter and spirit separately, proclaiming that earthly desires should be renounced in the pursuit of enlightenment, to a non-dual idea of integration of body and spirit, to be in the world, not apart from it. Tantra was part of Hatha Yoga and its name is a Sanskrit term that means “to weave” or “loom”; actually weaving together previous traditions, that included the chakras, and seeing the body as a sacred temple for spirit.

This key concept would become one of my main pillars and truths. When it comes to our well-being, we are not just bodies with souls or souls within bodies but must look at the body and soul together as one. Food does not just fuel the body, but the soul as well. We need to bring back this Tantric concept into our daily lives and see the body, mind and soul as one. Also, our bodies need to be treated with love, kindness and respect; I have been guilty of not doing this in the past. We must see it as a Temple where magic can take place as it really does. Our bodies have an amazing capacity for self-healing and this was clear to me after living many years with a colleague of mine who lived in China for almost a decade and established one of the first Qi Gong centres in the country I lived in at the time. She introduced me to acupuncture and Qi Gong as well as breathwork, but also principles of Taoism & Ayurveda. I remember this fondly as a very harmonious spiritual growth period in my life which has really helped me in times of need.

But going back to spiritual nourishment, the ancient scholars who developed Tantra could be thus regarded as the world’s first nutritionists. They looked for a diet that could contribute to health of body and peace and mind, and determined that aged, stale, overcooked foods led to lethargy and laziness, while caffeine, hot spices, and even an excess of animal protein created a level of stimulation that was antagonistic to spiritual pursuits. These sages also developed practices that focused on eating healthy and nutritious foods in the right order. Avoiding toxins, gluten, bitter or excessive spicy foods are a prime thing that you need to learn during a tantric journey. Tantra also focuses on the way of eating so that the essence of the food can be extracted. As everyone’s bodies differ and have different needs, I combined all the above including Ayurveda with daily exercise and the Californian and Mediterranean way of life and foods; rich in anti-oxidants which help your body stay younger longer and boost the immune system. I also work with the chakras when cooking and with crystals!

Our spiritual lives DO impact our relationship with food, and the foods we eat DO affect our spiritual sensibilities. As a spiritual person and link to the Otherworld, I have always been aware of the importance of a healthy balanced diet and exercise; food influences our awareness and how we can access our subconscious.

All of this has helped me throughout my life and while I have been extremely healthy and followed a clean diet, it has helped manage an autoimmune disease I’ve had since childhood and the effects of long covid. While I am still recovering from this, until the pandemic I had not been ill in over 30 years with even a stomach ache (I am 46) and any injuries I've had doing sports I recovered very quickly. Due to a lack of information from medical practitioners I consulted and long covid clinics, I decided to go back to my roots and follow my intuition creating my own soul food system.

IMPORTANT: While this workshop is no substitute for medical treatment or advice, it is invaluable and will complement your life, helping you to live a healthier, more spiritual, and mindful life. Always consult a medical practitioner prior to any alternative healing remedies / methods.



Limited Places, small intimate group (5 max). Book today!

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Helena B. Scott and her work have been featured in: the Irish Independent, the Sunday Times, the Irish Writers Union, leading alternative history portal Ancient Origins, the Munster Express, the New Ross Standard, South East Radio, WLR (Saturday Café), Beat FM (Orla Rapple – Sunday Grill). See below:



Helena B. Scott is a writer, historian, psychic investigator, mental and light trance medium as well as wellness/ spirituality coach specialising in: secret history and the occult, sacred geography and energy (Tantric background), Gothic literature and art history, spirituality and the paranormal.

Through psychometry, the clairs, automatic writing, dowsing, tarot cards and light trance, Helena attempts to solve mysteries and investigations, uncovering events purposely omitted, buried by the veil of time and history. Past collaborations over two decades include police and crime-related investigations as well as psychical research in haunted historic properties with parapsychology academics / paranormal investigators. Her last published work (a factual revisionist account and interactive occult book on Ireland’s most haunted house), Loftus The Hall of Dreams features striking photography by Steve Meyler (New Scotland Yard’s Crime Academy former head of forensic photography). Much like a crime-scene investigation but written as a Gothic story, this unique work is supported by both historical and psychical research. Helena also provides podcasts and workshops on spirituality and the paranormal, while offering consultations in many aspects of the paranormal and the occult including property profiles/energy clearings and spirit communication.

Helena holds a diploma in psychic development and received training from leading UK spiritual wellness coaches and mediums including trance medium and psychic detective Tony Stockwell as well as the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Sciences and the London College of Psychic Studies (est. 1884), where she has been a member for many years. She is also a member of the legendary Ghost Club (est. 1862), the world’s oldest research association on paranormal phenomena. After living in many parts of the world, Helena has chosen to make Ireland her permanent home.

Soul Food - Mindful Eating for Enhanced Awareness & Spiritual Growth image
Soul Food - Mindful Eating for Enhanced Awareness & Spiritual Growth image
Soul Food - Mindful Eating for Enhanced Awareness & Spiritual Growth image
Soul Food - Mindful Eating for Enhanced Awareness & Spiritual Growth image
Soul Food - Mindful Eating for Enhanced Awareness & Spiritual Growth image
Soul Food - Mindful Eating for Enhanced Awareness & Spiritual Growth image

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