Soul Central Awards International ShowCase

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1405 E Sunset Rd, Ste 200,

Las Vegas, NV 89119. (702) 897-5555.

Las Vegas, NV 89119

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ORDER YOUR TICKETS NOW - Limited Tickets Available

( Option 1 - $150 per person - Buffet +1 Bottle ) Access to V.I.P

( Option 2 - $75 per person -- No buffet + No drinks )

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The “Soul Central Awards - International ShowCase” will be held in Las Vegas at the The Royal Banquet Venue, on the 25th of May, 2019.

The Annual Awards show is launching and Will Premiere in Las Vegas on the 25th of May, 2019, at a V.I.P Venue starting from 7.00 pm - 12pm ET/PT Be aired LIVE Via Sponsors / Networks Location which will be announced soon.

This year we will be picking from a handful of nominees to get the 1st annual event launched in style.

So far we have a variety of inspirational and motivational characters from all walks of life and culture. Which will make this event truly memorable, historical and a ambience of global unity, through synergy..

More About the Awards
SCM “Soul Central Awards - International ShowCase” is an annual celebration that pays homage to arts and culture from across the globe. Aswell as Individuals that help inspire, motivate and help via example.

SCM “Soul Central Awards - International ShowCase”” will deliver some unforgettable performances, testimonies and tributes, honoring indies and legends that have, and continue to make arts and culture a global force united.

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To Apply for Media Credentials for the SCM “Soul Central Awards” Coming soon

See below for the complete list of SCM “Soul Central Awards”

2019 Official Nominees Submissions:
(Our Committee will have final decision after evaluating the nominees)
You can still nominate

(Some of the nominations)

Publication of the year
Book/Author of the Year

Best Online Site/App
Radio Station of the year
Tech Savvy of the Year

Unsung Heroes
Most Appreciated of the Year Award
Lifetime Achievement Award
Rising Stars

Artist of the Year
Indie Artist of the Year
DJ of the Year
Best Music Video
Indie Film Director of the Year

Best Fashion Designer
Fashion Icon - #Model Men / Women
Indie Cloth Brands

Non Profit of the Year
Fundraiser of the Year
Troll of the year
Magazine Ambassador of the Year


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*Note: SCM “Soul Central Magazine Awards” is a private event and tickets are limited for purchase to the public. Talent tickets are reserved for SCM “Soul Central Magazine Awards” show talent and nominees.
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Date and Time


1405 E Sunset Rd, Ste 200,

Las Vegas, NV 89119. (702) 897-5555.

Las Vegas, NV 89119

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