SOLUTIONS SUMMIT Better Sleep Energy Focus for Busy Leaders & Entrepreneurs

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SOLUTIONS SUMMIT Better Sleep Energy Focus for Busy Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Global Dream Makers' The SOLUTIONS SUMMIT: Better Sleep Energy Focus for Busy Leaders & Entrepreneurs with Baylan Megino

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Better Sleep * Energy * Focus

Health & Wellness for Busy Leaders and Entrepreneurs


Tucked into these 8 days will be information and solutions that could improve your health and wellness significantly.


We meet each weekday at 10am and 11am Pacific, from October 5th through October 14th.

And in case you miss the live sessions, registered ticket holders can access the replays for 72 hours.


REAL CHANGE Starts with NEW Perspectives and Approaches

- About You

- About Your People

- About Your Organization

- About Your Community

- About the World

- About the Future

Being a Leader Today Requires

the ability to navigate the tangible and intangible aspects of constantly shifting demands on individuals and on organizations.

BUT Busy People who Lead Stay Up at Night

figuring out solutions to problems like:

- Not enough sleep

- Exhaustion

- Overwhelm

- Anxiety

- Adrenal fatigue

- Workaholism

- Effects of staring at the computer screen

- Too much Exposure to blue lights

- Lack of focus

- Lack of energy or strength

- Nagging aches and pains

- Concern About Possible Health Problems

- Repeated Failures

- Anger or Resentment

- What The Future Will Be

and wondering if there's a better way to handle it all.

It's okay, you're not alone. Millions of us are looking for the same solutions.

That's why we have gathered expert speakers who offer solutions based on their personal life experiences on their journey.

They've Been There, Done That.

Now they are sharing so you can Live Better too.

From October 5th through 14th our speakers will

Share about their SOLUTIONS for

- More Energy

- More Strength

- Giving Our Brains a Rest

- Better Sleep

- Better Health

- Better Focus

- Stronger Immune System

- Better Digestion

- Better Resilience

- Making More Impact

- Improved Communication

and Better Relationships because More of YOU is showing up fully.

Join Us for these Powerful Talks!


10am PDT: WELCOME and Keynote

Baylan Megino, Founder, Global Dream Makers

11am PDT: "DISRUPTER Roundtable"

Moderated by Baylan Megino

Renee Reisch, "Power of Your Voice",

Tina De Luca of

Nicole Harvick, "The Power of Forgiveness",

Tamara L. Hunter, 1st Global Next Impactor, and

Antwaun Thompson, Coach T's Corner,


How to Find the Center of The Storm Of Your Life"

Brett Hill, The Mindful Coach

"Sculpt Your Body, Sculpt Your Brain"

New Paradigm for Personal Fitness

Batista Gremaud, Dr Fitness USA

" The Four Simple Steps To Living Your Purpose"

Robin O'Donovan, Life Purpose Coach

"Sleep Is Priceless - Pass It On!"

Tamara L. Hunter and

"Burnout: The Brain's Heart Attack - Overcoming the Six Contributing Factors of Burnout"

Pamela Cowan

"3 Ways to Create Your Impactful Life That Actually Work Using Your Hidden Power"

Elisa Card, Happy2Succeed Method

"Self-Healing for Health & Wellness'

Carolyn CJ Jones

"Power of Your Voice"

Renee Reisch

"Healthy, Pain-Free Bodies Improve Mobility and Performance"

Bobby Aldridge, BAMmetrics

"The Air I Breathe"

Monica Kahio

"Are Your Trash Cans Overflowing?"

Melissa Deally, Your Guided Health Journey

"The Martial INSTINCT Way"

Sanny Leviste

"@GetUNstuckNOW: How to Hallucinate.... Better!"

Paul Litwack, GetUNstuckNOW

"Life Long Living Dementia Free"

Alexi Bracey, Dementia Free Coach

"Financial Fitness"

Yvonne E. Gamble, Author of Financing Your Next Billion$$$

"You Are Your Solution for Optimum Wellbeing"

Gracienne Jean-Pierre


"Getting Your Financial House in Order: Financial Planning for Leaders and Entrepreneurs"

Helmut Garcia, Wealth Management Advisor


"Become A Manifesting Magnet with Your Dream Maker Matrix(tm)"

Baylan Megino

Are you Ready to Get Unstuck and Move Forward in Your Life?


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* Refocus on Your Health & Wellness to Serve your Purpose, Vision and Values for Your Life *

* Take New Directions

* Deepen Individually

* Strengthen Your Spirit-Mind-Body

* Bring All Parts of You Forward

* Navigate Change to Transform Your Life Experience

* Expand Your Health Perspectives to Empower Your Lifework.

Find How to Stop the Struggle

with your mind and body as our Summit Speakers share views and wisdom gleaned from life's many challenges, lessons gathered through Good Times and Bad, and successes with clients.

Join us in exploring ways that Spirit, Mind, Body and Purpose Converge and can be better expressed and experienced in your life every day.

For today's transformative times, access tools and information to lead with vision, purpose and integrity.

Elevate Your Life and Your Organization so both will Thrive and Prosper!


SOLUTIONS SUMMIT Better Sleep Energy Focus for Busy Leaders & Entrepreneurs image