SOLD OUT - White Folks & Racial Justice Series Fall 2017 3-Part Series

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This workshop is SOLD OUT! If space opens up, we will open up registration again. Thank you!

This workshop is a space for white people committed to fighting racism and systems of white supremacy. The purpose is to deepen our understanding of the history and impact of racism and develop ways to unlearn and interrupt racism in our daily lives, within our institutions, and within our communities. This workshop also explores the prison industrial complex as inextricably bound with systems of white supremacy. In addition to discussing what we are fighting against, we will discuss and explore ideas and actions that create relationships, institutions, and communities rooted in the values of dignity, justice, and healing.

During the workshop, we will use engaging activities like story circles, video, and roleplays to learn about anti-racist freedom fighters & histories of resistance to racism. Light breakfast and lunch are included. Discounts and scholarships ARE available. Please email

*Please note: When you register below, you are registering for all 3 days.

Saturday, October 21, 2017 10am to 4pm | Exploring anti-racism frameworks, language & history

In this workshop, participants will strengthen an understanding of how identity, power and oppression interact and how one's own identity fits into systems of power and oppression. We will also examine the history of anti-black racism in the US and the roles and strategies of white anti-racist freedom fighters.

Saturday November 18, 2017 10am to 4pm | Building anti-racist practice at an interpersonal level

Building off of the first workshop, this session continues to unpack systems of privilege and power. We will discuss how systems of white supremacy impact our own lives and impact how we act in relationship with others. Using role plays, we will discuss how racism can show up between indivuduals and how we can interrupt. Special guest Maya Schenwar will lead a workshop on the prison industrial complex and abolition.

Saturday December 9th, 2017 10am to 4pm | Building anti-racist practice within social movement work

This final session will focus on developing anti-racist practice within our communities and institutions, as well as help us collectively identify the potential role of white anti-racist practices in movement building. We will explore history of resistance movements and how white anti-racists stood in solidarity with people of color in order to make connections to present-day strategies for anti-racist coalition building.


Why is this workshop just for people who identify as white?

We believe that it is important for white people do to their own work to identify and unlearn the lessons of white supremacy in order to act in ways that support social justice. We need to do our own anti-racism work within our selves, our families, and other white spaces (like our neighborhoods, religious institutions, workplaces, etc.). We believe that it is not the job of people of color to explain or teach us about racism.

Who is this workshop for?

We assume that participants have already done at least a little bit of exploration of systemic racism and white supremacy prior to the workshop. We assume that participants have a desire to push their own learning, to help others deepen their learning, and are committed to taking action. Therefore, this workshop is not for people who question whether systems of white supremacy exist.

Why does this workshop include exploration of the prison industrial complex and prison abolition?

We believe that the origins and perpetuation of the prison industrial complex is inextricably bound with white supremacy. Therefore, working toward a world without white supremacy must also be about working toward a world without the prison industrial complex.

Why are there different prices?

We offer this workshop on a sliding scale. When you pay once at any level you are signing up for all three workshops. Funds are used to pay for workshop expenses and any leftover funds support CFS's youth development and social justice education programming.

Do you have discounts and full scholarships?

Yes! Please email Naomi Milstein at to inquire.


WFRJ is developed and facilitated by a team: Jennifer Scism-Ash, Naomi Milstein, Maya Schenwar, Jennifer Viets, Kit Helaku and Irina Zadov.

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