SOL on Leap Day in Columbus, OH! - a Short Oneway Loop bicycle tour

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SOL on Leap Day in Columbus, OH! - a Short Oneway Loop bicycle tour

This tour will not happen again for 4 more years - don't miss it! To ride or not to ride - that is your option - Fun arcade spot.

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CycleNuts Tours in Columbus, Ohio Actual starting location revealed with your ticket purchase Columbus, OH 43111

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Short One-way Loop on Leap Day in Columbus, OH!

Event Organizer - Jef

Tour begins and ends at a contemporary, low-key spot offering craft beers, cocktails & classic pinball, arcade & video games. Tasty food options nearby (next door) and permitted to carry in.

14 mile route is 85% bikeway with CycleNuts' 50% downhill guarantee. With some kind of luck the weather may even resemble Winter - dress appropriately if riding. This event is for those riding and not riding. If not riding, take note that those riding will return at about 2:30 (just in case you wish to hang out and hear them spin tales of cycling adventures through the wintry mix).

Points of interest: Winter riding, Olentangy Trail, Lower Scioto Trail.

STARTing spot and tasty midway stop details revealed with your ticket. Watch the email address you have associated with CycleNuts for last minute changes, tour updates and helpful reminders.

IMPORTANT! CycleNuts tours are limited to 50 members. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by an attending registered adult member with a completed Minor Indemnity Agreement found at

In a nutshell - CycleNuts is an alternative cycle touring experience where seeing and socializing take emphasis over speed and (ugh!) sweat. Join along on bikeway touring adventures to destinations near and far as we strive for the

• Goal: to create bikeway touring opportunities for cyclists of all types to enjoy together

• Mission: to encourage casual cyclists and cyclists interested in casual cycling to tour together

• Vision: a united cycling community that tours together on bikeway adventures for the holistic benefit of all

What to expect - Casual social cycle touring where exercise is optional, everybody finishes together, and nobody is dropped, abandoned, or left to fend for their self (unless they wish to be). Anticipate a slow pace under 11 mph average with CycleNuts’ 50% downhill guarantee. Sweating is optional. Pictures, merriment, and other tourist activities heartily encouraged. Allow ample time for the nature of CycleNuts tours including

• Trail-side breaks

• Eating and drinking

• Picture taking and posing

• Pacing with the slowest riders

• Looking at cool stuff along the way

• And other sorts of tourist activities – as well as unforeseen detours, breakdowns, and delays of various sorts.

Helmets are not mandatory - CycleNuts tours give preference to bikeways - bicycle trails and protected bicycle lanes. Routes may include dedicated bicycle lanes on streets, bicycle ‘friendly’ streets, and of necessity, regular streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and unpaved trails. Darkness may be experienced on evening or early morning rides. Lights in good working order at all times on CycleNuts tours are a great idea – to be seen and to see!

SAG-free - CycleNuts tours, including travel and over-night accommodations, are self-supported with the slightest of guidance. SAG is not provided. Carpools and caravans are individual choices. Emergency road support – if necessary – may be a creative, collective group effort or you may need to fend for yourself. Be prepared with options.

Recommended Gear - A cycle (uni, bi, tri, tandem, E, recumbent, or cycle/trailer rig). Protective gear of your choice. ID. Front and rear lighting. Communication device. Spare tube. Patch kit. Air pump. Wrench kit. Cycle lock. Water. Energy bar. Funds for refreshment breaks and emergencies. Sun screen. Pest repellent.

Recommended Preparation – Pre-check (before you load that bike for transport to the starting spot) brakes, tire pressure, lights, and rideability. Consider what you are wearing on tour and what you may need for changing weather conditions.

Yes – CycleNuts tour year-round.

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