SocietyX : Practice of Stillness Meditation

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SocietyX : Practice of Stillness Meditation

Stillness Meditation

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About this event

Classes are now on SUNDAYS @ 11AM EST

About This Class

Stillness meditation is a part of the World of Awakening / Givin School Methodology and goes back from its Slavic roots to ancient India.

This practice is simple, but the energy it transmits has changed the lives of many and helped others awaken.

All interested in Awakening and moving deeper beyond Awakening are welcome to join.

Session structure:

10-minute short explanation of who we are and why.

30 minutes of meditation practice

Discussion and sharing until the end of the session.

What You Will Need

Attend and actively participate!

What You Will Learn

  • Stillness meditation
  • Mindfulness practices
  • What is Awakening?

About World of Awakening

When we live an ordinary life, over time we begin to understand that material values are not able to fully satisfy us, which ultimately leads to inner emptiness and meaninglessness. That's when the most people start asking themselves “Who am I?” and “What is the purpose of being?” and this is where the real search begins.

World of Awakening community was created to share the knowledge which allows you to answer these fundamental questions. This is done with the help of practices, discipline, inner work, and helping others do the same.

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