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SoCal TBA May Online Scientific Talk

南加州生技協會五月份線上活動, May online science talk- New developments on the diagnosis and therapy of prostate cancer using radiopharmaceuticals

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在癌症治療中,除了大家熟知的化療、標靶藥與現在當紅的免疫療法外,放射線療法也是被廣為使用,過往的放射線療法較難以精準定位到腫瘤,仍會造成周邊細胞一定程度的損傷。然而,近年在核醫影像藥物, ,開發上有了大幅的突破,能夠有效改善過去放射線療法的缺點, 並且達到所謂精準腫瘤科學 (Precision Oncology)。

結合高專一性的標靶與高敏感度的正子造影 (PET)技術,近年來美國藥品監督管理局FDA通過核醫影造影劑與治療劑針對PSMA於前列腺癌的診斷與治療,因此開啟了眾多新創公司針對前列腺特異性膜抗原 (PSMA) 標記開發不同的放射診斷治療 Theranostics 藥物開發的競賽。

SoCal TBA 本次榮幸邀請在加拿大溫哥華UBC 及 BC Cancer 擔任副教授兼資深研究員的林國賢博士 (Kuo-Shyan Lin) 主講。林博士擁有豐富的核醫影像藥物開發的經歷,並專精於前列腺特異性膜抗原 (PSMA) 影像對於前列腺内的腫瘤定位、治療分期和治療成果追蹤之研究。本次活動中他將分享自身在PSMA核醫藥物開發的歷程。


  • 核醫藥物和常見癌症藥物之區別
  • 目前前列腺特異性膜抗原標靶核醫藥物的優缺點
  • 如何開發下一代核醫藥物,以提高治療效果並降低毒性
  • 如果對於放射性療法最新研究發展有興趣的人千萬不要錯過本月份活動!會後也有Q&A+ Networking時間可以跟講者直接互動歐!


May 14, Saturday, 2022 at 5-6.10 pm (PST)

May 14, Saturday, 2022 at 8-9.10 pm (EST)

May 15, Sunday, 2022 at 8-9.10 am (Taiwan time)

Agenda (time in PST):

5 - 5:10 pm: Introduction

5:10 pm - 5:55 pm: Main talk

5:55 pm - Networking & Q&A

Speaker: Dr. Kuo-Shyan Lin, Associate Professor at University of British Columbia (UBC)

Speaker LinkedIn:

Event Lead: Tom S. Lo and Prisca Lin

Event lead LinkedIn: (Tom) (Prisca)

Speaker Bio

Dr. Kuo-Shyan Lin studied nuclear engineering and health physics at the National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu, Taiwan. He then undertook his doctoral and postdoctoral training in radiochemistry at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. After continuing his work as a Research Associate at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York, and then as an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Lin joined the BC Cancer, part of the Provincial Health Services Authority, (BC Cancer) in 2009, to set up the radiopharmaceutical development program at its newly established cyclotron facility.

He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology at UBC, and a Senior Scientist in the Department of Molecular Oncology at BC Cancer. He also heads the Radiochemistry Program at BC Cancer to develop novel radiopharmaceuticals for cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Dr. Lin's research focuses on developing novel radiopharmaceuticals for cancer diagnosis and therapy. The Lin lab is actively developing novel radiopharmaceuticals to improve cancer diagnosis and therapy. Current research efforts focus on (1) the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals targeting various potential markers expressed on cancer cell membranes; (2) the application of albumin binder to improve tumor uptake of radiotherapeutic agents; and (3) the application of cleavable linkers to reduce kidney uptake of peptide radiopharmaceuticals.

Dr. Kuo-Shyan Lin recently received Canadian Institutes of Health Research funding to design new radiopharmaceuticals to improve the management of clear cell renal cell carcinoma.

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