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Smartphone School

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FMCA NW Area Rally 3700 Knox Butte Road East Albany, OR 97322

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Like a basic ‘Driver’s Ed’, this class will make sure you’re on the right track with your Android or iPhone smartphone. Can you put a call on hold? Do you know how to send a text message? This is a computer, do you know how to reboot it? How about email – are you able to send and receive email from all your accounts? Is your email synchronized with your computer? Check your settings: can you switch between using Wi-Fi and cell signal? How about making your phone a hotspot? Do you know how to check your bandwidth usage against your allotment?
Browsing the web: you can type or search by voice. Using your camera – do you know how to turn the flash off and on, or use the zoom?
Then there’s Apps! Do you know how to find, download, install and uninstall Apps? If we aren’t able to get to everything hands-on during class, don’t worry, you will receive a workbook with lots of references and tutorial videos to help you figure it out after class.

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