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Please note:July event location change below

1172 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94040

Mountain View, CA 94040

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July 26th-27th Women of Influence Conference 10-5 10-5 @ Techcode 1172 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94040

This is the 2nd annual conference and by all indications a favorite (we booked all 3 days in a matter of weeks in 2016). The audience as always will be both men and women business owners. Please note: All speakers (with the exception of event creator Tony Wilkins) will be a woman.

Day 1

9:30-10am- Check in

10-10:30 Tony Wilkins -Influential Networking and Selling- Learn the secrets to building influence without collecting cards.

10:30-11 Shannon Presson

11-11:30 Kimi Avary-3 Keys to Navigating Gender Harmony in Your Business

Being a Woman in Business is filled with excitement, intense focus, and the promise of great reward, but if your professional and personal relationships aren't going well, and you’re not addressing it, you could be slowing down the process or even being completely derailed before you achieve your dreams.

Because your relationships are the foundation of everything you do, it’s essential that you know how to successfully navigate them, especially in challenging times.

Chronic stress is caused by frustration and dissatisfaction and leads to low energy and poor results.

Are you ready to remove the roadblocks to achieving your dreams?

You'll learn:
  • How gender miscommunications get in the way of working together in harmony
  • How communication challenges take their toll on your body and sap your effectiveness
  • How the Art of Curiosity can immediately enhance your relationships

11:30-12 Randi Ragan-Sustainable From the Inside Out: Finding Heart and Spirit in the Business World

This presentation will draw upon the experience and perspective of an entrepreneur behind a purpose minded green business, and will address the question of how to bring consciousness, mindfulness, and self-care into every aspect of our work lives for maximum success. It offers inspiration for creating a more holistic engagement with self, family, community, and the world at large for a truly sustainable vision for the future.

12-1 Lunch

1-1:30 Briana Cavanaugh

1:30-2pm Julia Beauchamp

2pm-2:30 Katie Fitzpatrick

2:30-3 LaWanna Parker

3-3:30- Jennifer Jost-Rock your Finances

3:30-4 Caterina Rando-How to Cultivate Authentic Influence To Expand Your Fempire and Serve Your People

This session will share a few guiding principles to embrace to have massive impact while building a life-time supply of long-term happy clients. Caterina’s thought provoking program will show you a clear path to a fulfilling business.

You will discover:

• The equation for building massive influence that many professional miss

• The Fountain Formula that has your clients stay with you long-term

• How to make it very easy for new clients to say yes and get started with you to ensure much success.

Caterina Rando, serves women on a mission. She is a business mentor extraordinaire who specializes in showing speakers, coaches and infopreneurs how to thrive with their own trainings, events, group programs and retreats. She is the publisher of Thriving Women in Business Magazine and hosts masterminds, VIP days, two-day summits, training cruises and an annual luxury retreat for women entrepreneurs.

Day 2

9:30-10 Check in

10-10:30 Tony Wilkins-Making Money as a speaker-Learn the secrets to generating revenue by teaching what you know

10:30-11 Suzy Prudden

11-11:30 Sue Brooke -The Three Keys to Business Success- Sue A. Brooke

There are three key components to building the foundation for a successful business.
Without these three components, your business is doomed! Forbes magazine has confirmed that 96% of businesses will fail due to the lack of one or more of these key components.
Worse yet, you have to have them in the right order as well!

You will learn:

How to identify your most profitable market segment
How to effectively communicate your message to this market
How to drive targeted traffic to your converting offers
Mastering these 3 skills all but GUARANTEES your success in every business venture you enter into.

11:30-12 Susan Sheppard- Love with C L A S S !

What do you really want? What kind of life do you want? What kind of work do you want? What kind of a relationship are you seeking? Be Specific. Know what you really want.

12-1 Lunch

1-1:30 Sheri Coffelt-Grow Your Business With Personal Referrals

Talk Description:

Women are natural referrers. We share restaurant recommendations, trustworthy babysitters, and hairdressers. Yet as entrepreneurs, we often overlook this under-used marketing strategy.

In this information-packed session, you’ll discover…

  • The #1 reason personal referrals can be your most powerful source of business
  • How to use the five step Referral Generator Process to maximize your effectiveness in generating referrals
  • What you MUST know before you ever ask for your first referral
  • The one fatal mistake that will kill your ability to turn referrals into clients
  • And more!

If you’re just starting your business, or have been at it for a while and aren’t gaining traction, get ready to ramp up your referrals!

1:30-2 Jill Lublin

2-2:30 Geneva Fortson

2:30-3 Nicola Walker-Free Your Mind, Unleash Your Joy

Do you sometimes feel pressured, burdened and stressed? Discover simple ways to increase your energy and sharpen your intuitive skills. Increase your sense of ease,
joy and confidence so that you feel totally empowered and able to create whatever you want

You will:

§ Explore three steps you can take to get into your optimal state—so you can easily navigate any situation that comes up

§ Discover what to do when you get emotionally reactive and your stuff gets triggered

§ Practice a core intuitive skill you can use to make decisions and choices you can trust, especially when you feel conflicted

Walk away knowing how to become more clear, confident and naturally balanced while easily able to be productive. You will also know when to step out of your comfort zone to develop new behaviors that support true success. Create a business and a life you love.

3-3:30 Diana Morgan-Social Media Success Formula;How to Get Seen, Get Known & Get More Clients!

Have you been wanting to grow your business online? Or maybe you have already put your foot in the game but don’t know what’s next. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves lost or overwhelmed when trying to develop an online presence and reach their ideal clients. That is why Internet Marketing Expert, Diana Morgan created the Social Media Success Formula. She teaches you how to Unlock the Internet Marketing Code to get seen, get known and get clients!

During this talk you will:

Learn the first step to powerfully claiming your share of the internet real estate

Discover the missing link to your internet marketing success

Leave with an internet marketing strategy to position yourself as the expert in your field

Reach YOUR Target Marketing Simply, Effectively and Affordably, and get more clients!!

3:30-4 Tonya Tyus Parker -Empower the Unstoppable Entrepreneur in You.
How to....
1. Silence your mind and listen to your heart.
2. Uncover the Soul of your Business
3. Capture Ideas & Take Action.

4-4:30 Kelly Falardeau-You’re More Than Enough

You will learn:

  • Your value is not determined by how much money you make or don’t make
  • Your imperfect body makes you perfect enough
  • Your head drama can harm you or empower you

3 Traps That Keep Women Feeling Invisible, Ugly and Unloved

4:30-5 Ariel Lexina Adams

Sept 28th The Business Writer’s and Authors Conference 10-5

Whether you’re a blogger,author or journalist or just looking to market and share your work and ideas with the business community this conference is for you. Speakers include (more added soon)

Tony Wilkins

Nov. 9th Sales Strategies Summit 10-5

This conference is about generating more reveune and closing the sale. Simple as that.

Tony Wilkins

Dec. 12th Small Business Influential Networking Pitchfest 10-5

This is a bit different from anything else out there. This is an opportunity for small business owners to literally "pitch" and sell their ideas,products and services to their target audience. Small Business owners will have an opportunity to pitch their business and tell the audience what they need in order to grow their businesses. This is a chance to grow your prospect base thru reciprocal relationships. In other words come and tell the audience what you need and why people should do business with you. Each speaker will have 15 min to sell their product and services. This is for business owners and sales professionals in business for at least 2 years. A great opportunity to close out the year with some end of the year sales!!! Come sit in the audience and make great connections. Speakers include (more added soon)

Tony Wilkins

Want to reach more prospects? Sponsor an event...

Want to sponsor an event and get your name in front of hundreds of business owners? Sponsoring an event is a great way to reach more of your target audience and increase brand awareness and sales. Find out more here


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Date and Time



Please note:July event location change below

1172 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94040

Mountain View, CA 94040

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