Slift, You Said Strange, and Timothy Eerie in Orlando

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Slift, You Said Strange, and Timothy Eerie in Orlando


Slift, You Said Strange, and Timothy Eerie in Orlando at the Abbey

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The Abbey - Orlando 100 S. Eola Dr. Orlando, FL 32801

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  • Slift

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  • You Said Strange
  • Timothy Eerie

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About this event

A deafening mass of sonic magma, epic fuzz guitar flying over the fearsome

motorik machine of bass and drum. The fervent swayed hips and crazy energy

are resolutely garage, but the psychedelic music of 70's (kraut and space rock at

the top of line) is never far.

The three guys come from Toulouse, south of France, and their first EP Space is

The Key was released in June 2017 via Howlin Banana (fr) and Exag 'records (be).

Inspired by Alain Damasio's science fiction novels and the work of French

illustrator Pierre Ferrero, Space Is Key is ruthless. A raucous wall of sound and

energy that sets the trio up for nothing but greatness. Five Nervous tracks loaded

up with fuzz mayhem and maniac beats sharp enough to knock your head off

spinning with their hypnotic riffs. This is followed by an European tour.

In September 2018, they released La Planète Inexplorée, with the producer and

guru of the French garage, Lo Spider. The album is mastered by producer Jim

Diamond (The GO, Fleshtones, Sonics, White Stripes ..) king of the regretted

Ghetto recorder in Detroit.

Most of the album came from jams late at night, a lot of improvised material as

on stage, probably due to the group's obsession with the krautrock scene and

70's free jazz albums. The texts are sci fi derivations and it is intended to create

wormholes or to awaken an ice giant that has been sleeping for millennia on a

distant planet.

And finally, in February 2020, SLIFT releases a space odyssey about Titans:

UMMON. This double album is released with Vicious Circle Records (Lysistrata,

The Psychotic Monks, Shannon Wright) and Stolen Body Records for UK.

For sulfur guitar lovers, prog from beyond the grave and blip blup blop of old

synthesizers. Blitzkrieg fuzz and geyser Free. Bass escaping from the Minas

Morgül's dungeons, and Nostromo’s drums traveling at the speed of light.

Vicious solos and assassins bends. Acid krautrock and cosmic- comics jazz. There

are distant echoes and reveries, celestial choirs illuminating space. And r r e e p

p e e t t i i t t i i o o n n. Ancestral voices and ancient extraterrestrial rites. Abyssal

doom and apocalyptic noise.

There's chaos. And there's silence.