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Six Week Virtual Manifesting Circle - Projects, Business, Ideas + Endeavors

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Is there an idea, calling, vision or transformation that you know you should bring into your life right now? Maybe you keep feeling or seeing something that you need to manifest for yourself, either for your physical self and surrounding environment, or a business, organization, book, venture or project that you want to birth or evolve. Perfect for passion projects, purpose/life work, businesses, creative or transformational endeavors, and ventures of all kinds!

Your circle will consist of less than a dozen other inspiring and eclectic individuals who will be joining you on this six week journey to co-create alongside each other. You receive a customized curriculum, individual pre and post course support calls and weekly group circle calls from which you can draw wisdom, feedback, accountability, courage and momentum. Along the way you will also gain valuable connections and resources, such as coursework, exercises and blueprints to holistically achieve your visions. Your end result is that you will have, in whatever form it is, grounded your vision and brought it to life (or evolved it from any stage), and sparked yourself savvy on the basics of how to grow, operate and sustain yourself and your creations over time. Beyond, you will connect to your unique and extraordinary powers of manifesting and master consciously creating your world. You will close this circle feeling fully equipped with lifelong tools and friendships.

Group calls will be held each Wendesday between July 12th and August 16th, from 7-9pm EST. Being present on the weekly groups calls is very important to this course, and they offer tremendous genuine support and momentum. During this incubator period of six weeks, we ask that you do your best to commit to participating in and receiving the activations and connections from these group calls. All other coursework is done virtually at your own pace. Weekly calls can be attended via mobile or computer device.


Week One: Gain Clarity + Focus:
We begin by coming together as a group to share our stories and endeavors. Then it’s all about getting clear, focused and organized by fully identifying and solidifying your vision, drawing up plans and needs, and building bridges to solutions, network and available resources. Self love and self-work roots this first week, as we work with exercises to clear blocks and make way for the new!

Week Two: Produce
Hone in on your unique and extraordinary skill set and inner voice, and strengthen how to communicate it across mediums. Then, hone in on the unique identity behind your mission, and how to amplify its voice and communicate its unique offerings over conversation, content, product, story and brand elements. Through this fun, creative process, you will become more deeply aligned with your true nature, aesthetic and ethos.

Week Three: Promote
Whatever you may be manifesting, it’s time to get you or it out there, practicing shine! You will learn about the tools, tips and outlets in communication, marketing, promoting, and connecting with others. Learn and exercise some of the most savvy and effective ways to share your skills, story or offering. At the end of the call, you will be paired into a “dream team” with another manifestor to be each others’ sounding board and accountability partner throughout this course.

Week Four: Fine Tune
We honor this crucial step of reflection and feedback to give way for opportunities to expand. Discover ways where you can make important tweaks or improvements. By giving this space to “fine tune”, you allow new solutions, resources and streams to flood in. Get back in touch with healthy cycles of receiving and giving, and melt blocks that may be preventing this.

Week Five: Sustain
Empower yourself to sustain beyond this six week circle by tapping into the tools and insight of growing, scaling and innovating. Become comfortable with and inspired by change, and confident in manifesting. Know how to call in what you need and how to be creative with resources that come up for you. Get comfortable with abundance, and dive into rituals of self-care, since sustaining yourself is vital before you can sustain anything else. Refresh in the wisdom and momentum that can last a lifetime!

Week Six: Celebrate
We close out our journey with celebration. Explore ways of bringing the joy of this emotion fully into your life and creations, so it becomes part of your daily rhythm. Celebrate the journey, what has transpired, your shifted mindset, and witness creating and attracting through a celebratory spirit. We end with a very special closing ceremony discussion.

You also receive:
Individual intro call and worksheets to get as clear as possible on your vision and goals.

Individual closing call, with resources and a deeper, more personalized discussion on how to sustain and grow.

Join us on this journey!
There are a limited number of spots available in this circle. Your investment covers the full cost of the program, including coursework/material.

Register early to save and benefit! You will receive more valuable support and coursework beforehand. After your registration is processed you will receive a welcome email with a few questions about you and your vision. We look forward to learning more about what you are brewing up!

For more info see Guided by Erin Ralph.

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