Sitting With Bodhi, Series One (Start anytime before July 31)

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Sitting With Bodhi, Series 1 (Start anytime before until July 31)

It's very easy for our practice to go stale. We get stuck. Instead of our meditation being a vivid experience of awakening, it can devolve into a half-alive, humdrum habit. Or maybe we even stop practicing.

Sitting With Bodhi is designed to help support your meditation practice. There are no readings. It's all about doing meditation, with a series of 42 guided meditation downloads. The focus in these meditations is learning to calm our restless minds and to bring a pervading sense of peace and calmness that we can bring into our daily lives.

Normally we'd charge $65 for this series, but we're offering a special early bird rate of $40 to anyone who enrolls by June 26.

How Sitting With Bodhi Works

42 meditations, delivered by email

Links to guided meditations, especially recorded for this event, will be sent to you in a series of 42 emails that are delivered at your pace.

Each meditation provides a 10-minute lead-in to a particular approach to meditating.

  • First, set a timer and for as long as you want to sit — for example 15, 20, or 30 minutes.
  • Second, start playing the meditation on your computer or mobile device. There is no closing bell; you are instead invited to continue with the practice.
  • Third, after the guidance has ended, continue to practice until the end of your chosen time period.

No pressure

Thanks to some kind of technological magic the next day's email won't be sent out to you until you've played the guided meditation in the previous day's email. So if you have a few busy days and aren't able to listen to the guided meditations there's no pressure! Emails will only arrive when you are ready for them! Isn't that great?

Download or Stream

The daily emails give you links both to streaming versions of the guided meditations and to MP3 files that you can download, so that you have them available forever.

Questions I've Been Asked

Q. Are you are able to return and revisit a meditation after you complete it?
A. Yes. You can download the meditations and listen to them as often as you want. The Youtube versions will probably be left up forever as well.

Q. I see that you don't get the next meditation via email until the previous one is completed. Do the meditations have to be completed by a certain time?
A. No. It doesn't matter how long you take to complete the series. You really can go at your own pace.

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