Sitting With Bodhi: Mindfulness of the Body

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Sitting With Bodhi: Mindfulness of the Body

The Buddha said that the entire cosmos is to be found within this fathom-long body. Mindfulness of the body is therefore where we must begin if we want to learn to live in harmony with ourselves and the world.

This course starts April 18. You can enroll anytime up until May 12.

This series of 28 meditation downloads helps you to experience yourself in a more grounded and centered way. But as well as developing calmness through the body we'll also explore how to experience our full aliveness, so that we tap into the body's capacity for pleasure and vitality. Eventually this can transform our entire sense of who we are, so that the body is no longer just a solid object that gets us from point A to point B, but a vital source of energy and joy that gets us from unmindfulness to spiritual awakeness.

  • A 28-Session Online Meditation Course
  • Enroll anytime until March 30
  • You control the pace of the emails
  • Take as long as you want to complete

In Sitting With Bodhi there are daily guided meditations, each prefaced by a two- to three-minute introduction. It's all about doing meditation. Each email will contain just a brief overview of the practice for that day.

How Sitting With Bodhi Works

You'll be sent 28 emails, each of which contains a link to a new guided meditation, especially recorded for this event.

Each meditation provides a 10-minute lead-in to a particular way of approaching our experience. This series will focus on meditations that allow us to develop radical calmness, peace, and tranquillity.

  1. Set a timer and for as long as you want to sit — for example 15, 20, or 30 minutes (12 minutes minimum is recommended).
  2. Start playing the meditation on your computer or mobile device.
  3. At the end of the recording you are invited to continue with the practice until the end of your chosen time period.

The next email won't be sent out to you until you've clicked a special link in the current one. So if you have a busy day and aren't able to listen to the guided meditation, or if you want to stick with one meditation for a while, there's no pressure! The next email will only arrive when you are ready for it!

Join Bodhipaksa for a Live Meditation on Zoom

There will be a live 30-minute guided meditation, led by Bodhipaksa, on Saturday, May 4 at 2:00 PM US Eastern Time. Download this file to your computer to add the event to your calendar. (A link to the Zoom meeting will be sent to participants nearer the time.)

Download or Stream

The daily emails give you links both to streaming versions of the guided meditations and to MP3 files that you can download, so that you have them available forever.

Questions I've Been Asked

Q. Am I able to return and revisit a meditation after I complete it?
A. Yes. You can download the meditations and listen to them as often as you want. The Youtube versions will probably be left up forever as well.

Q. Do the meditations have to be completed within the course dates?
A. No. There is no end date for the course, and it doesn't matter how long you take to complete the series. You really can go at your own pace.

Q. Do I have to do previous series of Sitting With Bodhi before I do later ones?
A. No, this is series V of Sitting with Bodhi, but like the previous ones it's a stand-alone series and there are no prerequisites.

What Previous Participants Have Said

In an anonymous survey of Sitting With Bodhi participants, 92% said that they wanted to continue with the series in the future. Here are some of the comments that participants made:

  • "I learned more in the first 10 meditations than in the last 6 months. So many new ways to explore. My sitting is now so much interesting, with focus...i am excited about each sitting....i have one comment....Thank you Bodhi!"
  • "Really enjoying the breadth of the course instruction and the accessibility of it. Starting with an intention of at least 10mins a day makes it easy to sit, and then sit for longer."
  • "The meditations have helped my practice become more consistent, thank you."
  • "I'm really enjoying the meditations. Thank you Bodhi for all your gentle guidance."
  • "Thank you!! For all the work you’ve put into this. This course and knowing a new meditation will arrive each day has got me to my cushion again daily, which is such a relief and a joy."
  • "really useful, grounding me into quiet stillness at a time when a lot of change is happening "out there" in my life. I love the feeling of connection in the community group, too. Thank you Bodhipaksa."
  • "I appreciate having the daily reminder - I use the recording to start my sit, and then continue as my time allows. While I appreciate the many longer emails that Bodhi has provided in other courses, these are perfect just to get my "tush on the cush."
  • "This series is proving really helpful in encouraging a daily practice. The (apparently) simple format is not daunting, and I find myself looking forward to sitting each morning."
  • "I am really enjoying the course. I do the meditation for 20 minutes each morning (as I have meditated each day since your course last year on developing a regular practice, for which I thank you) and I am finding that it is reinvigorating and helping to develop my practice. I can only say "thank you."
  • "I always find a little deeper awareness, a little more calmness, and lots of wonderful techniques to use in my unguided meditation. And I LOVE your voice!"


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