Sitting With Bodhi (Apr 20–May 17)

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Sitting With Bodhi (Apr 20–May 17)

It's very easy for our practice to go stale. Instead of our meditation being a vivid experience of awakening, it can devolve into a half-alive, humdrum habit.

I invite you to find spiritual nourishment by joining me, Bodhipaksa, for 28 days of meditation guidance.

There are no readings. It's all about doing meditation!

How Sitting With Bodhi Works

1. Daily meditations delivered by email

Every day you'll be sent a link to a new guided meditation, especially recorded for this event.

Each meditation provides a 10-minute lead-in to a particular way of approaching our experience.

  • First, set a timer and for as long as you want to sit — for example 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Second, start playing the meditation on your computer or mobile device. There is no closing bell; you are instead invited to continue with the practice.
  • Third, after the guidance has ended, continue to practice until the end of your chosen time period.

2. Live video conference sessions

There will also be two live video sessions. These will be on:

  • Wed, May 2, 8:00 PM – 8:45 PM US Eastern Time
  • Tue, May 15, 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM US Eastern Time

The sessions will be recorded for those who aren't able to participate.


The emphasis over the 28 days of Sitting With Bodhi will be on experiencing deep calmness. I'll be introducing a number of principles and techniques I've developed over the years that can radically slow down your thinking and put you in touch with a profound sense of inner peace.

Two Price Levels

There are two price levels for Sitting With Bodhi. [The lower level gives you access to streaming versions of the guided meditations, which will be available for one week after the end of the 28 days. NOTE: THIS OPTION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.] The higher level allows you to download the meditations, so that you have them available forever.

Participant Comments

In a test of Sitting With Bodhi run last year, participants made the following comments:

  • This was awesome. I could not only quiet my mind, focusing on the skin, but the sensations of my circulatory system at work as well. The heart beat, but also sensing arteries at work through the skin. This has been unique. Thank you Bodhi!
  • The introduction to this meditation was a masterpiece!
  • Sitting with Bodhi feels like “I am sitting with Bodhi.” It’s intimate, and primes the pump just enough for me to then “riff” off of the theme or tone Bodhi sets. I have a little digital timer that I start for 25m when I start the session. This has worked well for me…
  • This was my first meditation with Sitting With Bodhi and it’s my new favorite. The imagery resonated immediately and the timing was perfect. Beautifully done! I meditated for 30 minutes but then just continued after the bell for some time.
  • Your tone of voice always calms my mind, Bodhi. I do struggle to stay focused throughout intros at times but with these meditations as it is something new every time I seem to be staying much calmer and focused. Maybe the trick is because it is a different topic each day.
  • I really enjoy and value the daily feed of meditation guidance. It’s helping me progress.

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