Sisters Healing CIrcle- Online Edition

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We are sisters, life coaches, and we love getting together to connect. It's a judgment-free zone where you can feel comfortable being real.

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Let's be honest - life is stressful.

We all have moments each day where we feel overwhelmed, worried, or anxious about something. And, if we don't have an outlet, this constant stress builds up. It can lead us to exhaustion, burn-out, and even illness.

Making time for self-care or developing a support system that gives us the space to do so isn't easy. But we certainly need it. Because when we're not flourishing, nothing else in our life can either.

Join us for a (free) workshop dedicated to practicing self-care and building a sustainable support system for ourselves.

During this session, you will:

1. Have the opportunity to give and receive support to/from a small group of women as we all practice holding space for each other.

2. Experience a guided EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) meditation. This is a simple and highly effective stress relief tool that can be applied in just about any situation.

About the Facilitators:

Hanaa and Meimuna Garad are the sister-team behind the Bold True Life blog, podcast, and coaching practice. They work with clients one-on-one, lead group coaching classes, and host workshops such as this one. You can find out more about their mission by visiting:

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