Sisterhood Rising: Divine Feminine Leadership//Pirate Parrrty

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Veemkade 259

1019 CZ Amsterdam


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20th of may 2018// Odessa, Amsterdam//10.00-17.00

Pirrrate Edition! Become your own captain!

Divine feminine leadership//Taking charge of your own life.

We are gonna dive deep into the waters of our womb, to discover and re-activate our divine feminine leadership qualities. So to give our prayers some extra momentum, we are gonna board a boat and pray on the waters to how they carry us beyond!

Join this ship, before it sails! <3

Sunday the 20th of may 2018. Sisterhood Rising will board the boat of Odessa, to sink into our sisterly waters.

Together we will look into the topic of divine feminine leadership. How is it to use your feminine qualities to lead yourself and others in a harmonious way.

Most women have been taught how to teach and guide from a male perspective, which for sure has been helpful, yet it’s not fully what we are. We are NOT male leaders, we ARE female leaders and to use these qualities, is to know these qualities.

We will use simple, yet profound exercises to feel our inner leadership, boundaries and connection to our higher self. To start to move from our centre into true knowing and leading.


Want to learn more about how to lead as a women?

Want to learn how to become the leader of your own life?

Want to overcome fears and insecurities?

Want to make changes that set you in the right direction?

Want to get more insight into your personal life and the choices you make?

Want to set sail into a new horizon?

Want to have fun?

Want to learn about yourself in sacred sisterhood?


Are your ready to let go?

Are your ready to be venerable?

Are you ready to face your fears?

Are you ok with failure?

Are you willing to be open for change?

Are you willing to listen? To yourself and others?

Are you curious and open?



If you complain a lot.

See more problems, than solutions in your life.

Don't want to put in the work yourself, but expect others to do it for you.

If you are lazy.

If your fears are bigger than your desires to learn and expand.

Or if you have deep rooted trauma's, that need to be attended to first ( We can do a private sessions for this)

--> Then this might NOT be right for you NOW...

If you are ready.. get ready for this!

We will use the following techniques and tools?

Breathwork// Expression: Singing, Dance// Music// Bodywork //Meditation// Speech// Partner exercises

I won’t tell you yet how the day will unfold precisely... because that’s the magic of the day to come together. To be able to show up in the moment and hussle all the elements.. The elements are ready, don't worry!

I will however promise you to have a super sweet and juice program ready!

So I will only say this..

Morning: Making Space

Afternoon: Taking the lead!

Yes! Super excited to share these teachings with you!

What to bring?

Something for the alter

Something to offer to the waters

A yogamat & blanket and/or pillow

A waterbottle

A pen & Paper

A drum and/or rattle

An instrument if you like to make music

Investment in your divine self:

75 euro’s for full day event!

max 35 tickets will be sold!

This Journey will be guided by Jennifer Ann:

Jennifer Ann is female leader from NL/USA. She has the gift of song and ceremony and has been traveling and learning for the past 12 years in the arts, yoga, music, leadership, breathwork, communtity and women's topics. She is devoted to the healing of the collective feminine and believes all women has the ability to lead from their waters.

She will be your main facilitor on the journey and she is honored to guide you home.

Hari Om, Tat Sat



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Veemkade 259

1019 CZ Amsterdam


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