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Sip, Swap, and Shop! - Clothing Swap + Holiday Swap!

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Vienna Community Center

120 Cherry St. SE

Vienna, VA 22180

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If you are not familiar with a clothing swap. Everyone brings gently love clothing that they no longer need or can wear, but are in excellent or good condition. I have hosted this event several times and everyone always brings quality merchandise to the swap. These are great socializing events, so come, swap and chat it up! We are also swapping holiday clothing and décor since most of us have up Fall & Thanksgiving andsoon to put up Winter and Christmas. Feel free to bring both.

Even though we are swapping items we still keep things classy, so it goes without saying to bring items that are Classic or Current (no 90's and beyond) gently used, Clean, in Good to Excellent used or unused condition. No Holes, Broken zippers, Stains etc.. There are No huge Ikea sized grab bags allowed for swapping. Items not swap will be either donated to charity or held over for future swaps.

There is a $5 entry (because their is a fee for the location space) and the clothing drop-off will be at 1:00p.m. to provide time for the sorting of items. Swappers will be allowed to enter and begin at 1:30pm. We ask that everyone bring a minimum of 5 items (there is no max.) to ensure that we have an abundant selection of clothing and accessories to choose from and to make things fair. If you don't have 5 items you would pay $5's or $1 for the no. of items that you do not have (ex. 4 items pay $1). This won't add to the swap inventory however, but it will make sure that everyone is a contributor to swap and not just grabbers only. So you will either pay on $5 (min) or $10 (max, if you have nothing to swap).

Swap and Shop-ers

There is a SHOP area (vendors and "Consign For A Day") where price points on items sold must be below retail value. If you have items that you just can't part with - without receiving some return on your investment? Items that are just too good to SWAP and you would rather have them SHOPPED (sell them). We have a SHOP sale section for those. It's like consigning for a day! There is a small % fee to consign. Please RSVP to register so that there is an accurate account of the number attendees to prepare for sips and eats. RSVP on via Facebook under the event if you plan to make payment at the door.Attendees can shop vendors until the swap opens at 1:30, and there will be raffles from the vendors and item giveaways. Check our Facebook link for updates!

Vendor space is available. Contact organizer for more information.

Also if you have hig-end designer brands we have a connection available to help you receive an return on that investment as well. Just message me in advance.


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What can/can't I bring to the event?

Please bring:
* Only fashion forward clothing and accessories (even if it's no longer your style it maybe for someone else, but let's stay withing current decades trends although some things are classics and always welcome.
* Clean garments and accessories only (ready to be worn)!
* Items with no stains or need of repair

Please DO NOT bring:
* Undergarments even if unworn
* Oversized IKEA type shopping bags, so there can be plenty to go around.

Do the SHOP items need to be specific brand names?

No. The items Do Not have to be any particular name brand. They do have to be items in like new or excellent to good condition (mid to high-end value) even if you decide to sell them at a low price. This is to prevent basic tees things of that nature ending up in this (Shop) area.

If the SHOP items do not sell, then would the left over items be expected to be given as charity or donated to the Sponsors/Vendors?
If the items do not sell then you can take them back with you. Shop items are to be priced at a price you determine and are returned if they do not sell, however you have the option to donate. There is a small percentage fee that Styled For You (the organizer) charges if the items sell, this is for providing the space, the attendees, the event and service in order for the items to be sold. Email info@styledforyou.com for specific details.

Is there a limit on the number of items brought in?
There is no limit on the items that can be brought in to be swapped, as long as they are in excellent or good conditions (used or unused), which will be confirmed in the sorting process.

Will there be a fitting room area provided?

What time would be your suggestion to come?
We suggest coming at 1:00pm to drop off items to be sorted for the swap, and 12:30pm if you have SHOP items to give yourself time to price "Consign For A Day" items.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
If you are a Vendor and would like to participate in the SHOP area of our event please feel free to call at 571-766-8055 or email info@styledforyou.com

What is the refund policy?

No refunds will be given. Tickets can be purchase at the event if space is available or as space becames available.

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Date and Time


Vienna Community Center

120 Cherry St. SE

Vienna, VA 22180

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