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Singing Weekend

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Oxley BizHub 1

69 Ubi Rd 1


Singapore, 408731


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Find Your Voice!

About this Event

Do you long to sing but believe you don’t have a good voice?

Are you shy about singing in front of other people?

Or perhaps you sing well, but no matter what you try, you can’t seem to better your voice?

Imagine yourself at a karaoke session with your family, friends or colleagues, and singing your favorite song. What if you had the confidence to sing it with feeling, to find joy and fun in using your voice? And instead of feeling awkward and shy, what if you are comfortable with your singing and expressing yourself through song?

If you want to level up your voice and express more of yourself authentically, this weekend workshop is for you!

Singing Weekend is a fun and interactive 2.5-day workshop designed for improving your singing and overall vocal expression. Whether you’re a total beginner, believe you can’t sing, or are already a professional performer, we’ve designed a variety of activities to develop your voice and help you express yourself authentically, so you may begin to discover your personal voice and unique singing style.

Our voices are the channel through which we share our thoughts and feelings with the world. With our voices we have the ability to make ourselves heard and understood, which allows us to connect with others. Through singing, you can gain the confidence to use your voice - not only for singing, but also for communication with your loved ones, colleagues and people who matter to you.

AND, you won’t be alone! Come have fun in a supportive space and meet new like-minded friends. :)

During these 2.5 days, you will:

  • Level up your singing from your current proficiency
  • Find confidence in expressing yourself authentically
  • Discover new songs that resonate with you
  • Connect to yourself and new friends through music and singing
  • Have fun and experience joy in self-expression

About Your Instructor

Kelvin is the founder of Executive Coach International & Live Your Mark and a professional coach since 1997. As a pioneer in the coaching field, he has contributed significantly to the growth of the coaching industry in Asia, and was the first person in Southeast Asia to become a Master Certified Coach, the highest possible certification in the field of professional coaching.

Throughout the years, Kelvin has focused his efforts on championing coaching, humanitarian campaigns and business innovation, with the last earning him a nomination for the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2009 for Excellence in Entrepreneurial Endeavour and Spirit. He was also a board member of Culture Project in New York City, and sponsored the 64th UN Day Concert in UN Headquarters in NYC, which paid tribute to the UN peacekeepers for their effort in maintaining international peace and security, as well as being involved in relief efforts in the 2010 Haiti Earthquake.

As a highly sought-after coaching specialist, Kelvin has worked with over 5,000 individuals directly and 15,000 people indirectly from Europe, China and many Southeast Asian countries. Through his developmental and transformational coaching, Live Your Mark is able to showcase its professional and life coaching services to the Singapore public and the region.

Singing Weekend Dates:

Fri 29 Nov, 7.30-10.30pm

Sat 30 Nov & Sun 1 Dec, 9am-6pm


Regular: $488

Early Bird (from 16 Sep - 15 Oct): $438

Super Early Bird (from now until 15 Sep): $388


69 Ubi Rd 1, Oxley Biz Hub, #09-28


This Singing Weekend is by RSVP only.

To confirm your spot, please RSVP to Shuying at 9813 9223.

Some questions you may have:

Q: How is this singing workshop different from others in the market?

A: Singing techniques are taught in many places, usually priced at $50-100 per hour for group classes, and higher for individual sessions. The majority of these singing instructors tend to focus heavily on vocal technique and training -- but singing is also about overcoming our psychological and emotional barriers to self-expression so we can be confident as ourselves. As trained life coaches and vocal instructors, we provide a holistic approach that can not only improve your voice, but also help you identify areas of development in your expression of yourself. With years of training as coaches, we can help you overcome barriers to your confidence and self-expression with more precision than a trainer skilled only in vocal technique and mechanics.

Q: Singing lessons and vocal training are only for professional singers or speakers.

A: Singing is for everyone, not just professional singers. Learning how to express ourselves yields tremendous benefits in all areas of our lives. At work, it allows us to present ourselves well and bring our ideas across, creating greater impact in our workplace. In our personal lives, it enables us to develop deep relationships with loved ones, helping us create love and understanding. Romantically, being able to express ourselves enables us to attract the right partner and present ourselves well in front of them.

Q: Can singing help me with my speaking?

A: Yes! We use our voices to say what we need to say. We use our voice to communicate and connect with people. Singing is about finding confidence to use our voice, to speak out, to come out of our shell to communicate with people and the external world.

When we learn to sing, we are training our ability to express ourselves through our voice, and that will improve your speaking ability as well. In fact, we’ve had past clients who used singing as an avenue to improve their public speaking and professional presentation abilities.

Q: I feel shy singing in front of strangers.

A: The class will be a supportive and fun environment for everyone to learn together. We come as strangers but leave as friends! Don’t worry if you are awkward or have stage fright. Everyone has similar concerns and anxieties, that’s why we have a group workshop so we can support one another through these fears. Many of us are shy, have fears of not being good enough, and have fears of judgment. What matters is that we are willing to work through them, and help create a safe space for others to work through these fears as well.

What previous participants have to say:

“I always thought I couldn’t sing. I’m always a bathroom singer. Now I know I can sing! It's so much fun!! It's a way to express yourself and at the end it is finding the voice in you.”

- Ying Lu, Sales Representative

“I found more courage in expressing my singing voice. Always thought that I’m a bad singer… During the workshop, we sing with wide range and many different types of songs and I gained the confidence to sing again! If you are shy to perform onstage or talk in public, it helps clear some of internal barriers you have and make you a more confident speaker. ”

- Yan Yi, Software Engineer

“I have fear of performance. I have stage fright and even though I can sing at my home but i feel so nervous when singing in front of people. It helps to deal with my fear of judgement and expressing myself in front of people. It's a good workshop for people who are unable to express themselves but really want to find their voice to express themselves.”

- Shuying, Civil Servant

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Date and Time


Oxley BizHub 1

69 Ubi Rd 1


Singapore, 408731


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