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Dixie Academy Building

86 S. Main Street

St. George, UT 84770

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What if all those difficult relationship things were so simple to see and to speak about, that you could be sure? Sure of whether you are building or destroying it. nPACCA has a 6 week (excluding Thanksgiving week) Simplexity Workshop that is designed to simplify the complexities of relationships.

# 1 Whose Lane is it Anyway?

How often are you unsure of what is and isn't healthy in the way you act in, or even think about your relationships? What if it were as simple and easy as knowing the rules of the road? Being able to read the road signs and lines allows you to relax in your lane and move forward with confidence.

This first workshop gives you a clear view of where the line is between everything that is able to help and what only hurts your relationships.

# 2 The Wizard was I

Have you ever felt like there was someone behind the curtain making things happen in your life no matter what how you try? What if it were as simple and easy as learning how to look behind the curtain and finding that you are actually the Wizard? Most of the reoccurring patterns in our lives are simple a reflection of something that is going on within us.

This second workshop opens your eyes to all the ways we magically create things in the dynamics of our relationships. This gives you the ability to decide what to create.

# 3 The I ambiguity of Me

Have you noticed how how hard it is to be who, you are supposed to be, in all the different setting of your life? What if it were simple to find your way without pretending to be what is expected? Learning to be true to our True-Self in all situations starts with learning who we truly are. The challenge here is that most of us have lost our-selves in all the demands of others.

This third workshop asks two simple questions that gives you the way out from behind all the masks that we hide in.

# 4 What !? Compromise?

When life pulls us in different directions, something has to give. How and when to let it give is the question here. Have you ever been unable to let go, even when you knew it was the best thing?

What if it were so simple to come to the healthy compromise in every situation that you never had to argue with yourself or anyone else over it ever again? The Grand Compromise is always between Security and Freedom.

This fourth workshop shows you how to resolve the contest between our need to evolve and our need to be safe.

# 5 In Charge of the Charge in Me

Have you ever been so worked up over something that you said and did things that you later regretted?
What if it were simple to get at whatever is at the root of all those emotions that run us off the tracks? What if you could break it down to one simple thing that you could change? What would you do without all that regret to beat yourself up with? What if it were simple to forgive yourself?

This fifth workshop is all about you learning the ingredients to the emotions that move you.

# 6 Escaping the Paradoxes of Life

Ever been in a catch 22; damned if you do and damned if you don't? How about a chicken-egg quandary; what you need requires something that you could give, if only you had the thing you seek first? Or the Chinese finger trap; where the harder you struggle that harder it gets?

These are the three general types of paradoxes; circumstances of life that seem impossible to escape. What if it were simple to recognize them, and avoid them? What if it were simple to escape them, if ever you fell into one?

This sixth workshop illustrates all three types of paradox and gives you the escapes.

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Date and Time


Dixie Academy Building

86 S. Main Street

St. George, UT 84770

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