Signature Bounties: Encrypted Token Portfolio App

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What is the Bounty?

$25,000 USD to create a secure and encrypted token portfolio application on top of Blockstack.


We've seen overwhelming inbound requests for a secure and private token portfolio manager, built on Blockstack, that can aid in investment decisions and monitor active positions. A broad portfolio management platform is also one possible first step towards more complex, decentralized financial tools for both personal and professional finance.


- 7:30am EST September 26th, 2017: Global Bounty is announced for $25k in partnership with bounty lead Compound VC and USV Partner Albert Wenger.
- 11:59pm EST December 1st, 2017: Bounty is closed and all projects must be submitted via SUBMISSION FORM
- December 6th, 2017: Winning project is announced.


The Blockstack Signature Fund, in partnership with Compound VC and Albert Wenger, is excited to announce a $25,000 USD bounty to the individual or team that successfully builds a token portfolio management application on top of Blockstack that meets the following requirements at a minimum:
  • Must be a decentralized application (user data is stored on the user’s data server only).
  • Must be a web app accessible via the Blockstack browser (mobile functionaly not yet enabled, rendered image above for illustrative purposes).
  • May use 3rd party services to pull in fiat and token data.
  • Must be able to pull in, display, and compare price, trading volume, and order book data for the following, at a minimum:
    • Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • Ethereum
    • Ethereum classic
    • Litecoin
    • Dash
    • Monero
    • Zcash
    • Ripple
  • Must include exchange rate data for the following fiat currencies, at a minimum:
    • USD
    • EUR
    • JPY
    • GBP
    • CHF
    • CAD
    • AUD
    • NZD
    • ZAR
    • CNY
  • Features, at a minimum:
    • Users must be able to input portfolio holdings manually.
    • Price, market trading/transaction volume, and order book present and historical data for all crypto and fiat currencies included in app.
      • This data must be viewable in both table graphical format with variable time scales.
    • User’s performance data for overall portfolio, and individual holdings, inputed by user, including transaction/withdrawal fees.
      • This data must be viewable in table and graphical format with variable time scales.

If you are looking to join an existing team working on the bounty check out the Github, or add your own that others can join by sending a pull request.

If you have any questions about the bounty, please submit them to our question form and we will get back to you shortly.

New to building on Blockstack? Complete the To Do Tutorial.

Judging Criteria
  • How thoroughly have the submission requirements been met, completed, or exceeded?
  • Is the application creative, original, and functional?
  • Is the application easy to use, based on the following considerations:
    • User onboarding and adoption
    • User navigation inside of app
    • Inputting and migrating of portfolio data
    • Viewing data, both in table form and graphically, for a single currency
    • Creating list views for multiple currencies

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