Showing up for Liberation: Practices and Strategies for Social Justice
Showing up for Liberation: Practices and Strategies for Social Justice

Showing up for Liberation: Practices and Strategies for Social Justice

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You are invited to breathe, to step into your body, to imagine, and to be connected in your changemaking work.

The instinct to sacrifice body, self, mental & physical health in the course of building real change is a result of how structural oppression sits in the body. For example:

  • Patriarchy allows little room for process or connection

  • Classism encourages the martyring of physical health

  • White Supremacy promotes isolation of any/all mental health needs

As a changemaker, you have a responsibility to your psyche, spirit and body. Your whole self must be cared for, not sidelined until “after the work is done”. We want to keep you in great shape, making meaningful social change for the long haul.

Showing up for Liberation is a national, online event for changemakers, community builders, leaders and visionaries who have ever experienced any of the following:

  • Overwhelmed by what you are called to do in the world

  • Humiliation from not being able to maintain a breakneck speed

  • Worn down by demands of work, family and community

  • Frustrated by relationships and organizations that don’t “walk the talk”

  • Imposter syndrome, worried whether you’re equipped to make the change you seek

  • Surprise physical, emotional health symptoms after years in your field

  • Hungry for freedom, connection and celebration in your organizing, advocacy, educational or healing work

How we are working isn’t matching up with what we’re working for. Through decades of healing, movement and consulting work both in the U.S. and internationally, I have tracked diverse solutions and found this: It is possible to interrupt the way oppression sits in the body and goes on to weaken changemaking work, when changemakers match practice with action.

As a healer and movement builder, my life’s work is guiding others in how to interrupt systems of oppression inside of our bodies, our organizations and the world.

I developed this Online Training for you: the changemakers, the educators, the healers, the community builders, the leaders, the visionaries and the artists, so that we may each stay in the work for the long haul --offering the world your best thoughts and actions.

Join me in my new, national online training:

Showing up for Liberation: Practices and Strategies for Social Justice

You will learn:

  • How systems of oppression are showing up in your body

  • How to interrupt oppression passing through from you into the work

  • Why you feel overwhelmed

  • Warning signals that your personal well being has become compromised

  • Techniques to interrupt overwhelm and burnout

  • Simple spiritual practices to incorporate into daily life

  • Practices pioneered in spiritual, healing and social justice communities globally

  • The important role of love

  • The 5 points of practice for strengthening your resilience and ability to show up for liberation long-term

And best of all, you'll be connected to changemakers across the world--learning not only from our coursework, but practices for liberation from each other as well!

Participants will receive two breakthrough frameworks illustrating the challenge and response, authored by me:

  • The Challenge: “How Systems of Oppression De-Center Liberation”

  • The Response: “5 Points of Practice: Liberatory Leadership model”

  • Plus a bonus free copy of the “Practice Showing up Guidebook”

Learning materials included in workshop fee.

Fee: $35

Please consider paying it forward so that I may provide more accessible workshops and trainings like this one.

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