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1745 Folsom st

San Francisco, Ca 94103

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If ever there were a male human hormone to achieve "rockstar" status, definitely by a unanimous decision it would testosterone. You can say it has a reputation. It's become a code word for manliness, masculinity, attractiveness but more importantly, drive & confidence. It's also become a code word for meat head jocks. Certain behaviors and personality qualities commonly considered exclusively male behaviors such as competitiveness, stoicism, aggressiveness, ambitiousness, egotism, and thrill seeking are routinely associated with testosterone. Although this might be true to a certain extent these behaviors and personalities can all have positive and negative results for any man.

Never has a hormone become so deeply ingrained in our vocabulary and become so closely associated whether correctly or incorrectly (mostly incorrectly) with male behavior. Loud, hardcore music is advertised as "testosterized" action-packed movies are promoted as ''testosterone-fueled.'' On one episode of Friends, Pheobe accused Joey of being "testosteroney'' for not wanting to call a woman back after their first date.

For years, athletes, longevity experts and health-conscious men have looked into ways to optimize natural testosterone production.

One of the things that have gained quite some interest, has been nutritional methods to raise bodily hormone levels. And it has been already well-proven that total caloric intake, dietary fat intake, protein intake, and carbohydrate intake can all significantly impact the natural production rate of androgens (male hormones).


1. Low libido

Although some men will notice their libido decreases as they get older, the most significant and obvious sign of low testosterone is a sudden decline in sex drive.

2. Extra weight

Carrying extra pounds can affect testosterone because fat cells convert testosterone to estrogen, which decreases circulating testosterone.

3. Fatigue, Constantly Tired

If you’re exhausted by lunchtime, crash on the couch after work and find it challenging to get motivated to do anything, low testosterone could be zapping your energy.

4. Sleep problems

Men with low testosterone can experience insomnia but it’s also associated with obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep disorder which affects more than 18 million Americans and can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and problems with mood and memory.

5. Inability to Focus & Concentrate

Since testosterone is responsible for focus, if the hormone is low, you can experience brain fog, have trouble concentrating and even have cognitive performance problems.


  • Effective ways to lower estrogen levels

  • How metabolism and T are connected (and how to increase both)

  • 30 foods that boost T-levels naturally

  • Foods that lower T quite significantly

  • Estrogen-blocking foods, herbs, and supplements

  • Principles of preparing simple fast recipes

  • How to test for T-levels without a blood test.

  • T effects on the brain, drive & confidence.

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1745 Folsom st

San Francisco, Ca 94103

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