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Shifting to Habit-Based Learning (Online Learning Series)

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We have too much to think about it and hit decision fatigue quickly. While traditional training is a strong presence in our organisational structure, it is also a pre-defined set of information to acquire with a goal to apply back to the work environment. Even the individuals most open to change, however, cannot simply transform behaviours immediately.

Even the best workshops that are delivered in a single instance are not sufficient to achieve full learning potential. There is the additional constraint that individuals typically only have 20-30 minutes per week of dedicated learning capacity. As such, learning should be based on demand driven by a sense of shared purpose.

Organisations must respond quickly to competition. The only strategy for long-term success is a continuous learning culture throughout the organisation. This means fully integrated team learning in daily work; short, focused bursts of learning that combines discovery and experience through experimentation and sharing.

Let us help learning become as natural as breathing!

  • Session 1 - Learning in Short, Focused Bursts

  • Session 2 - Building the Learning Habits

  • Session 3 - Aligning Learning Needs with Actions

  • Session 4 - Measuring the Right Things

Registration Process

Registering with us ensures you a space in our next offering; once we achieve a range of 6-10 registrants, we will directly coordinate the best 4 or 5 week block for everybody to attend.

NOTE: Please disregard the start date and time as stated by this invitation because we will transfer all registrants into a new event for the block of time collaboratively determined.

What you can Expect!

  • Maximum 10 participants

  • Collaborative environment

  • Experimentation to practice between the weekly 1-hour sessions

  • Applicable practices from each session

  • An ability to systemically practice shifting to habit-based learning for your team!

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