Shifting Shame, Releasing Fear ~ Melbourne
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Shifting Shame, Releasing Fear ~ Melbourne

Shifting Shame, Releasing Fear ~ Melbourne

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Ashtanga Yoga Center of Melbourne

Level 1, 110 - 112 Argyle St

Fitzroy, Victoria 3065


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Most of us aren’t aware of the shame that sits in our body. We call it something more socially acceptable. We say things like … “I feel embarrassed, confused, overwhelmed, unsure, stupid, silly, upset, hurt …”

And yet … what lies underneath these emotions is often a deep, painful, debilitating sense of shame, of somehow feeling wrong. Even though we may not call it that, our heart knows the deep ache of not feeling good enough, not having enough, not belonging, not being understood, not being seen, not being loved, not being free.

The worst part? The shame in our bodies has become so “normal”, we think there is no other way, and the cycle continues.

Shame exists in the areas we are most vulnerable

It could be that…

  • Your business is going incredibly well, but you feel lonely and ashamed because you don’t have a life partner. Or maybe you recently fell in love, but he was married. It happens sometimes.
  • You have a terrific family but you’ve lost yourself in being the wonderful wife and caring mother. You no longer know who you are or what you wish for outside of their lives.
  • You’ve boldly quit your job and have put everything on the line to pursue that creative start up, and it’s just not getting off the ground. You’re starting to seriously doubt yourself, your choices and your capabilities.
  • You work in a demanding job and for the first time ever you are experiencing anxiety and doubt and are concerned with what your colleagues think of you.
  • You’ve taken care of your health all your life, but for some reason your body doesn’t want to conceive a baby, or your chronic health issues simply will not go away.
  • You’ve done everything right, you’ve followed the plan with your career, friends, partnership and financial choices, yet that deep hole still exists. Life has become gray.

Shame itself isn’t the problem. Our relationship with it is.

Most of us don’t want to acknowledge our shame. We don't want to talk about it or feel it. We try to avoid it. Deny it. Keep it a secret. Or we even bypass it through yoga, affirmations, carefully-laid plans or a constant re-arranging of our lives, as we try to feel good.

The problem is when you constantly push the shame down, it slowly creeps into other areas of your life. The feeling of “being wrong”, “not being good enough” or “not lovable enough” spreads . You start to doubt yourself in areas you were once confident. You start to question who you are. Your values. Your decisions. Your self worth. It can become an endless spiral that keeps you spinning for days, months or even years on end.

Here’s the tricky part:

Your relationship to shame is often exactly what stops you from feeling the freedom to simply be who you are and from having what you truly want in your life. When you are ashamed of your shame, and you contract your body around it, keeping it hidden and frozen inside of you, you end up diminishing yourself and repelling away what you really want.

Releasing the fear of our shame

The only way we can shift shame is by feeling it and letting it move through our bodies.

(Take a moment to breathe and read that sentence again).

We can’t control the intensity of it, we can’t control how it wants to move through us, we can’t control when it comes, but we can learn to just be with it (even if it’s just for a few seconds). To breathe, stop hiding or pushing it down and let it be a part of us. If we can allow this to happen, it will move and our relationship with it will change.

To do so requires courage and guidance - because we are delving into the areas where we feel the most vulnerable.

The Shifting Shame, Releasing Fear Workshop is a safe space for you to explore and shift your shame through movement, breath, discussion and body-centered exercises.

You may be feeling your shame for the first time. Or maybe it’s an old wound you are very familiar with. Either way you are going to become intimate with your body, how you hold these deep emotions and how to release them as a physical flow of energy. You’ll learn that there is another way to deal with and experience shame.

Learn how to stop your body's default reaction to shame

In the workshop, you’ll learn to recognize how you repeatedly react to shame in your body – what situations in life trigger it, where you tense your muscles, how you breathe, what the feelings and sensations are that you’re trying to control, where your mind goes, how you behave in those moments where shame is triggered. And you’ll learn to stop it, as you wish, and let all the energy that you previously invested in being afraid of and hiding your shame, be set free to simply move you and move through you.

We created these default reactions when we were young, and the emotion of shame was bigger than us. Today, we have the maturity and ability to do something different. In our bodies, where the shame and our reaction to it co-exist.

This is a door, through which you can continuously explore your relationship to your body, your fear, your shame and yourself, until that old feeling of being wrong, simply has no space inside you anymore.

You’ll learn Embodied Movement and breathing techniques to

  • Get you moving, energized and in your body
  • Go beyond your normal movement habits and range
  • Unleash the vibrant energy of fear, as your body discovers new movement options
  • Move energy and transform emotions
  • Express your basic, physical essence as a woman, without holding back

There will be body-centered practices and discussion about

  • Body image, cultural expectations
  • Failures and mistakes
  • The chronic feeling that something is wrong with you
  • The nervousness/anxiousness/restlessness that you may experience regularly
  • Where you give up or exhaust yourself
  • Your history of shame and humiliation with peers, authority, men and other women
  • jealousy and comparison
  • rejection
  • unfulfilled wishes and promises
  • silently held opinions you hold of yourself
  • criticism and judgment from others
  • forgiveness and self-acceptance

When we release our fear of shame and the need to control it, and we learn how to move the physical, warm flow of it through our bodies, we change our relationship to it. We stop looking for that thing on the outside to fill the hole, heal the brokenness and somehow make us feel worthy, ok, seen, lovable. Rather, through our bodies, we find the courage to go meet shame and dive in, and this is what frees us from the inside out.

We heal. We embody our intuition, self-worth, sensitivity, intelligence, empathy and our relentless, feminine strength to navigate through life’s many challenges. By feeling and being our bodies, moving in unique ways, we set ourselves free.

My biggest wish for you is this…

...that as you shift your relationship to shame, you’ll thrive a bit more every single day, and that each time you choose to touch that deep spot inside of you and open your true nature to the world, the world will generously respond back. And in this way, you and your long-held dreams will no longer be separate. They’ll simply be you. Your future will be right there, ready for you to live it, and you’ll most certainly be more than ok.


What is the workshop schedule?

Saturday, Feb. 11th 9:30 - 1:00 pm

1:00 - 2:30 pm (Lunch)

2:30 - 6:00 pm

Sunday, Feb. 12th 9:30 - 1:00 pm

Several short breaks are scheduled throughout both days.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

To be confirmed.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

Towel and water bottle. Snacks will be provided.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes, as long as you contact me 48 hours prior to the workshop.

What is the cancellation policy?

1 month prior - Full refund

2 weeks prior - 50% refund

48 hours prior - able to transfer your spot to a friend

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Ashtanga Yoga Center of Melbourne

Level 1, 110 - 112 Argyle St

Fitzroy, Victoria 3065


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