Shell On The Border (Hack Talks)

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1100 Garrison Avenue

Fort Smith, AR 72901

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During the 1800's in the American Wild West, there was a border town nicknamed “Hell on the Border.” It was on the edge of the frontier and it was full of justice seekers, outlaws, and frontiersmen eager to explore the great unknown.

Today, Fort Smith, Arkansas is on the edge of another frontier—the digital landscape. As hackers, we have the potential to be the lawmen, the lawless, or just the tech curious in this new landscape. We are the digital gunslingers and keyboard cowboys of this old fort town. We are the grey, black, and white hats of this new frontier and Shell on the Border is our proving ground.

Shell on the Border (SOTB) is a hacker’s conference spanning a two-day period featuring technical talks, a Capture-the-Flag (CTF) hacking competition, and an epic after party. Come out and meet people, learn something new, and level up your hacking skill set!

CTF Gameplay

This registration page is for those attending ONLY the free tech talks. Registered CTF teams need not register as their seats for the tech talks are already reserved.


Yessica Jones - Chief Information Officer for The State of Arkansas

We are honored to welcome the CIO for the State of Arkansas, Yessica Jones to speak on our State's work into a public cyber range to improve our informaion security readiness.

Dwayne Tucker

Introduction to Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT)

Learn about OSINT, understand how and why to use it in Cyber Security Engagements, and hear real world OSINT success stories. Resources available to help with OSINT.

Christopher Williams

Modern Threats to ICS and SCADA Environments

This discussion begins with an overview of historic threats and some definitions of ICS/SCADA terms for IT professionals. Then, it discusses the types of threat actors and defenses. It concludes with a live demonstration of attacking SCADA elements using Modbus and DNP3 protocols.

James Lowell

PowerShell To The People

Learn something new about PowerShell and provide new ideas and ways you can use it in your everyday infosec job.

Evan Wagner

Memory Analysis with Volatility Framework

Learn all about the memory analysis tool “Volatility Framework.” Discuss memory acquisition, supported formats, and how to select the correct OS build profiles. Learn how to write Yara rules and script out Volatility commands. Observe a demonstration of techniques used for responding to alerts and identifying malware and behavior from indicators.

Lauren Rainbolt

Docker in 20 minutes

A brief overview of what Docker is, an example of industry use, and a live demo for how to run a Docker container on your personal machine.

Dustin Noe

Vulnerability Discovery to Patch to CVE

Talk will highlight a DoS vulnerability recently found (with demo) and the process one must take to responsibly disclose. Demo format: Dustin just disclosed a vulnerability found in a security camera system. The vendor has acknowledged and patched on May 3rd.

Blake Townsend

Modern Active Directory Attacks

Pass the hash still works in 2019?! But for how much longer? A look at Active Directory attacks with a focus on 'Living off the Land' and staying undetected.

Hackers Welcome You

Regardless of your technical abilities, age, gender identification , or race the hacker community of Fort Smith, Arkansas welcomes you.

We are creating a culture of hackers, makers, and creators and want you to join us!

All you need is curiosity, a desire to learn, and an ability to think outside the box.

Hackers unite!

In addition to the technical talks there will be a series of exhibits displaying the culture. We invite you to learn and connect with the community. (Exhibits run AUG 23rd and AUG 24th)

Fab Lab Fort Smith

Fab Lab Fort Smith is a new non-profit organization setting up shop in our community. It is a place to learn everything from coding to woodworking to using tools like 3d printers to make your ideas a reality. They are premiering their Fort Smith debut at SOTB! Come see some 3d printers in action, solder a circuit board, or build and race a model boat! Find out more about them here.

Fab Lab

College of Lock-Picking

Have you ever wanted to learn to pick a lock? Now you can!

You will learn firsthand about the security intricacy of modern locks from the professionals. You will get hands on practice with real locks and picks. Find out more here.


Digital Art Collections

Have you ever wondered what the future of Art distribution could look like on the internet?

It’s being developed right here in Fort Smith by Sara Ridgley and Brandon Goldsmith! Come check out the art gallery being built on top of the Stellar Network. There will be a collection of art at the event. Find out more about their project here.


Sticker Swap

Because they’re awesome, we’ll have a table full of them, and we must tag all the things. Steal some, give some, swap some. #ShareTheLove #LaptopGraffiti

Bitcoin ATM

Need Bitcoin? Want to know how to set up a wallet and get started spending today? We got you covered.

Local Food Trucks

Sometimes you get hangery. Support these local taste bud heroes!

You are invited to hang out at the conclusion of the tech talks and cheer on the CTF teams into the next day as they hack the Fort!



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Date and Time



1100 Garrison Avenue

Fort Smith, AR 72901

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