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Support a corporation’s CEO or leadership team member to develop the most disruptive and impactful women's cause program to serve its profit (business growth), people (internal talent), and planet (external women and society). The strategy will be rooted in the heritage, history and values of the company, aim to truly drive internal and external impact for women and align with the global goal of “gender equality” to be achieved by the year 2030 set by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The workshop will identify the specific women’s movement the company will own and the most effective spokespeople to represent it internally and externally.


Women's Empowerment & Leadership Expert, Claudia Chan, offers an exclusive coaching program with select socially conscious business leaders that want to truly impact progress for women within a specific women's movement, as a part of the SHE2030 macro-women’s movement. Her unique process aims to support the client to develop a long lasting, successful triple bottom line (people, profit, planet) based women’s empowerment program. The collaborative sessions leverage her expertise of today’s women’s empowerment landscape (current women’s issues/movements and the leaders/organizations invested in them) while integrating leadership development and personal growth to provide high level strategic counsel on the company's women's cause strategy.

Challenges with many CSR/corporate cause initiatives CC aims to solve:

  • Many initiatives are driven by quick marketing/PR objectives that eventually lose momentum...which need to be replaced by long term social impact objectives that can truly revolutionize a business
  • The most successful programs are those born out of the company’s heritage and history and its evolution to where it can truly make the most impact today - yet many corporate programs lack this alignment
  • Companies often do not walk their talk; they claim to empower women externally but are not necessarily invested in empowering women internally

Workshop Agenda:


  • Understand corporate background and history of engaging women internally and externally, business obstacles, and what has been successful to understand how to impact your audience in the most positive way.


  • What is the SPECIFIC difference/change the corporation wants to affect for women in 14 years by 2030 that make you the right organization to affect this change over anyone else.
  • Who: We will define the feminine archetype/profile of woman you want to help
  • What: We will define the SPECIFIC impact your women's cause program/empowerment will deliver to these women


  • How: We will define how to leverage the company’s network/platform, brand and corporate infrastructure to deliver this impact; what are the resources and attributes the company possesses that can deliver the empowerment in the most authentic, joyful and time and cost-effective way.
  • Visioning exercise through 2030 & what happens in Year 1 (2016) pivotal to the vision
  • Goals in brand awareness, press, sales, infrastructure and other relevant areas
  • Development of High Level Timeline for Positive Action of Resources & Execution
  • Review anything that may block this success and develop new strategies

Leadership & Business Benefits

  • Clarity of long term Vision-Mission-Impact
  • Clarity of 2016 Goals, Strategies & Timeline
  • Reinvigorated sense of leadership of the organization and its employees/key relationships

Personal Benefits

  • Increased energy, creativity & positivity
  • Shift into their highest empowered state of self a female leader
  • Unleashing of personal potential and impact in a specific women’s movement within the macro movement (the 4th wave is in full effect)


- $15,000 - 1 Day Workshop (6 hours in-person plus 1 hour lunch break; location is provided by the client or SHE GLOBL can rent a space in NYC for a $300 venue fee); homework may be provided by prior. Abbreviated custom versions of this work can be purchased as:
- A Half Day (3 hours in-person) for $8250
- A package of 6x 1-hour call sessions for $7500
- A package of 6x 1-hour call sessions for $4500
Payments processed via eventbrite incur an additional 3% credit card fee plus $9.95 eventbrite fee. To pay by check, contact your SHE account manager.

Post Retreat Delivery:

Claudia Chan will provide within a week+ of the retreat custom deliverables based on the client’s greatest needs discovered from the workshop and a final 1-Hour call to review.

  • A SHE2030 client summary and google document “workspace” that summarizes the day of discussions that client can execute on
  • Relevant introductions or resources

Personal leadership homework and skills to develop

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