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Do you have a son or daughter who is embracing or considering a gay identity?

Shattered Dreams/New Hope is a webinar series presented by Harvest USA to help parents and other family members learn how to understand these issues and find new ways of living biblically and compassionately with a teen or adult child who may be embracing this new identity.

Practical help is given from a solid Scriptural perspective.

Session Descriptions

  • Does God's Design for Sexuality Still Make Sense?

Understanding how God's design for sexuality is relevant in a world of sexual insanity.

  • The Need for A Better Approach

Why might your son or daughter struggle with same-sex issues? How does God break in to those circumstances and redeem them? How does God heal your own heart?

  • Reshaping Expectations Moving Toward your Son or Daughter

Developing biblical and realistic expectations for your relationship with your son or daughter - How you might move towards them in truth and love.

  • Safely Sharing Your Feelings, Fears and Hopes

The importance of bringing others in to support you - And ways to do it.

  • Concluding Thoughts and Questions

Summarizing What we have learned, leaving time to answer questions you may have.

Event Details

Location: Webinar series is online only, through Webex.
Date: Every Thursday, from October 19th - November 16th, 2017.

Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm, EST.

Cost: $50

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HAVE QUESTIONS? Contact event coordinator Brooke Delaney: brooke@harvestusa.org

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